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We have been writing like a MOFO!!! \o/ And it feels good!

Back during the end of December, tried writing and posting a chapter a day for murdery mystery, The 12 Days of Murder. It was supposed to be a one-off, but the universe was so much fun that I'm gearing up do do another one, this time for Golden Week, 29 April through 5 May. ... Although less of a body count this time... ~_~

But in preperation, doing short fics for various holidays between. It helps that they figured out whose POV goes where. Japanese Holidays are from Kuroba's POV, Western Holidays are from Hakuba, which make a certain amount of sense.

Links are embedded in the fic if people have questions on things. Or, yanno, just ask.

3 Feb - Setsubun
Oni Out! Happiness In! The day before spring in Japan.

8 April - Easter Sunday
Rabbits don't poop eggs-?
This one was a bit tricky, since our headcannon for the series had Baaya as either Jewish or Roman Catholic, so I polled people to see which she should be. Either way meant research into customs, which is fun!

27 Jan - Down the Rabbit Hole
-Posted to Tumblr, since it's short and non-sensical. And follows a story not posted yet. *sighs* Oh, linear thinking, why must you be so hard?!

Thanks to [personal profile] winterjameson introducing me to Comment_fic, have also been doing lots of Phineas and Ferb general short fics. Trying to figure out how to post them to Archive of our Own, either seperately or as a collection, since they're under 1,000 words each.

Other than that, after almost three months and a two-week break, we're almost caught up on One Piece anime. Mmm.... One Piece.... Why isnt there more fic with Iceburg and Paulie?
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Happy Lurker Day!!! For the Lurkers, a Quick Meme!

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!)
4. Do 10 5 of these, then post.

-Due to time constraints (I'm ready to fall asleep) am only doing 5 instead of 10. But wanted to say thank you to all the readers and lurkers for your support over the years. So, a mis-mash of fandoms!

Magic Kaito - Lift me up by Moby )

Yu-Gi-Oh! - We used to be Friends by the Dandy Warhols )

Burton's Alice in Wonderland - La la la la la LA! by Boy Eats Drum Machine )

Green Hornet - Take me to the riot by Stars )

Kateyo Hitman Reborn! - You're a Wolf by Sea Wolf )

I've been meaning to say it, so a very belated and grateful Thank You to the Anon who gave us the Austrlian and New Zealand relief gifts!! We smile every time I see them!


May. 10th, 2009 04:09 pm
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... Lilo and Stitch fanfic. Go figure. Posted at our Dreamwidth account, because it does that cool crosspost thing, even if it takes a little bit to figure it out. Mo'i Wahine 1, 2, 3, 4.
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For Lazuisong. Will trade pr0n for DreamWidth codes.

Lure the devil in the deep blue sea )

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So met a couple of anime fans at work today, who run a xxxHolic lj comm. Got to talking about characters and on the way home a crack plunnie popped out. This is for them ^__^

VERY rough, no beta.

Small Holic crack ficlet - Cat got your tongue? )

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Until I can get over to our InJ account:

Small Detective Conan Fic - VERY Rough Draft )

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So life in the state of Icka is currently boring. Watched a sick Xan Monday and Tuesday, helped a sick Xan's Mum around the house on Wednesday and job hunted yesterday. Polling is being held for Baron and Baroness tomorrow.

Finally hit that Estrella is coming up and I can't not go. Between already promising to work Security The Watch at night and hopefully becoming a Brother in the Great Dark Horde, I've gotta go. And thus, flailing.

-Anyone need any house/petsitting before Estrella? @_@;; Or any part-time work? Gem Show?

In the meantime, it is now the middle of January and we've been supposed to be working on [livejournal.com profile] fic_off and actually finishing Gordian Knot, The Grey Agency or the Beauty and the Beast fic.
What have we been doing instead?

... New Fandoms )
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Just a note to people on MSN. Usually we're quite free, happy and willing to talk to people. Reguardless if we know you personally or not.
However, if the little tag is up that says 'Busy', it means that there's generally five other things going on (including fic) and we have very little brain power to spare.
If it says 'Away', guess what? Ye-ah.
And if it says 'Out to Lunch', it means I'm in the shower cause they don't have a tag for that. ^^;;

Happy Shortest Day!! It's cold, it's wet, it's gray and it's raining. *curls up by the heater* The puddles are frozen over.

Also, Happy Birthday Kaito and Gosho!
... no love for you today. Sorry. Will try for love tomorrow.

C'mon, Kaiba. Just cause I look stupid doesn't mean I am. )
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Right. So we tried working on TGZ: Chicago. Got about a quarter of the way in, just after the Mountie showed up and the plunnies started going 'ooo.... what's that over there?' and wandered off...

-Over to YGO: Guard Dog. >_O The last time we had posted, we had the Pr0n scene and the Interview scene to do.
It mutated.
Now we have the Pr0n scene, the Interview scene, the Pet scene, the Solid scene, the Monochrome scene, the Stocks scene, the Elevator scene, the Aftermath scene, the Dung-Beetle scene, the Tail scene, the Party scene, the Mai scene, and the Moonwatching scene.
-Thirteen scenes, not including these two or any we've forgotten.
... Dammit. Sorry, DC/MK fans. It's just not biting.

However, if you want your usual dose of comedic death and dismemberment, check out Bunny Suicides. Those bunnies really don't wanna live. ^___________^

You could -hear- the moment the guy figured out he'd just said something -really- stupid in front of the -wrong- people. )
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Right. So I'm trying to sew some curtains for the front window and MOrgan starts making comments about how cute and domestic I'm being.
So among comments about 'blow me' and other vauge rude gestures, I tell her no porn for her.
Which would have been a lovely comment if she hadn't asked if I actually was writing any.
...so then I had to write some...
So. This is NOT for Morgan-obachan, because she doesn't get any porn. Which this isn't.

Warnings for Heiji/Kaito pairing, boys kissing.

Random Ficcage: Love Potion #9 )

... I'm gonna go back to sewing those lace curtains... Which does NOT have any leather, thank you Neechan. We'll work on sewing the leather stuff -later-.
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... never fails. I think a chapter is done, I get ready to do an update and Voom! More scenes!!

First one is one that we had forgotten to do, and the second one is one inspired by a Naruto fic and the pervs in chat.

Oh, shut up. I can hear you snickering from here. )

Also, [livejournal.com profile] gracie_musica wrote TGZ and PYP scenes! Go read! XD
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Thanks to Wren for the beta!

Wow! DC ficcage for a change! )
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I don't know. I just don't know. The story was there, the mental pic was there and it wouldn't go away, so we wrote it.
And now I really really really hafta pee. *posts and runs away!*

[Edit: Now that I'm refreshed (stupid plunnies). Warnings for spoilers past volume 4 and current anime/episode 8.]

Ouran Host Club: Family )

Upon watching the previews for episode 9, made the startling discovery that my hair colour is the same as Haruhi's Dads.
.... Kinda wanna cosplay him now... Would that be Cross-play? ^_______^
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Um... this should be the end of the TGZ Mid-West Snippets. Still have the Chicago chapter to go and we should be caught up.

Thanks to Wren-chan for the Bus stories. ^^;;

Ysabet, please don't kill me for the end, we've had this planned for MONTHS.

TGZ: Mid-West Snippets End. Because after a while, travel gets exhausting. )
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Tucson's High of the day is 104f / 40c.
Los Angeles' High of the day is 93f / 34c.
Christchurch's High of the day is 44f / 7c.
I think the reverse in seasons and tempratures really isn't something you entirely understand until you experiance it first hand.

Remembered the other random snippet we were gonna write with the other one and forgot. ^^;;

Kaiba Seto, this is your life... )
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Add 'mildly dizzy' to the coughing and the tired. *sighs* *whinges* *shoots self for whinging*

Here. Have some comedy. It'll make you feel better.

Random scene, no plot value what so ever )
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*streaches* Possibly one scene more after this, and I think we're done with Guard Dog for a while. Wanna see if we can coax some DC/MK plunnies this way. ^^;; As I told Kasuchi, think the plunnies are waiting until we get some translations for the Detective Koushin arc. Gotta know canon before we pervert it. ^^;;

Prolly won't be on tomorrow, have a SCA event going on. M'still not completely over my cold, so we'll see how it goes. #^^#
[Edit: Came home after I realised that: It was cold, was having to avoid people due to my coughing and I was starting to fall asleep. blargh. Nap time.]

Yuugi! You Traitor! )
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*pokes at TGZ*
*TGZ whistles innocently*
Dammit, guys. You cannot wait until we see the 10th movie before coming out to play again! >_O
... and no, Kaito. You cannot be my favourite Yuri girl. Saguru, stop checking his pants. Yes, it's still there, I don't care what Kaito implies.

And in other news, [livejournal.com profile] ysabet wrote 'Skin Deep (Oyake Ni Hadaka)' a Guard Dog AU fic, based off of her birthday pic. *gloat gloat* XD XD XD

Continuing from here. Once again, thanks to the Prats and Evil Influences for letting me bounce stuff off of them.

Katsuya? Has the rest of your flea-bitten mind rotted away? )
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Stupid Ouran Plunnies. Geh. *sulks*

He looks into Haruhi's eyes and sees... )


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