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So this morning, I get a phone call. From CANADA.
Remember the travelling sales job? Yeah. Guess where they are. And a Phoenix bridal show got abruptly moved up two weeks.

-Long long complex story short, I'm giving up a chance to dress like a zombie and a free ticket to Zombieland on Wednesday to work a bridal show at Phoenix Stadium this Sunday and hopefully earn some cash.

On the silver lining side, am able to let Sean go to Zombieland instead and I think he'll enjoy it more. And I got to help him pick out his zombie costume. >D
We have a BRAIN! In a JAR! ... that still won't grow to full size. ^^;; But is big enough to put on a fishing pole and go fishing for Zombies during the Zombie Walk in a few weeks! \o/

And I got to go to Scribble tonight, which involved cat butt and seeing Wander, which is good. ^__^ Can you believe it's been 5 days since I've seen anyone in person?

... it's been an odd day. I'm gonna go curl up with doggies now. *thud*

Ficcage: DC/MK - Plus Five Bonus vs Undead
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Final Count:
2 dead alligators (including above)
9 dead armadillo
1 sneaky opossum
2 Cockroaches
Several frogs. (-minus the one caught by the opossum)

Love watching architecture and what it says about the environment. Louisiana, with the exception of strip malls, has VERY high peaked roofs, and the houses tend to be either redbrick or clapboard. Redbrick goes to the ground, clapboard houses were all at least a foot above the ground.

Talking to one of the guys who worked at the Marriott (19 stories tall) he was saying that come hurricane season, that people just come moving in because it's one of the few buildings that have a back up generator when the Hurricanes knock out the power.
He also talked about the curfews, if you're out after dark, even if it's just to nip down to the store for more gas for your home generator, you're arrested, spend the night in jail and massively charged for breaking curfew.

Think one of the things I'm most grateful for being back is the use of my vocabulary. Keep things -real- simple down there. However, 'simple' most emphatically does -not- mean 'stupid'. /end drawl.

And the heat! I'm warm! And Dry! DESERT! I'VE MISSED YOU SO. Here's how to bake cookies on your dashboard!

Anyway. As mentioned f-locked earlier, I'm back on the job hunt. "A trained monkey can have a selling ratio of 25%", so I'm outta work.
Anyone knows of anyone who needs house or petsitting, lemme know.


Jul. 20th, 2009 01:10 am
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As of yesterday, I have been invited not to return back to work. Technically, I have not been 'fired' or 'laid off', but it has been made clear that I will have no further opportunities to work with the company for several months, at which point I need to be A: Financially Stable and B: Own a Car, should I wish to continue to work with them.

I have already begun to send out my resume and re-started the job hunt.

Those of you who wish to say 'I told you so', please get it out of your system in this post.

Thank you.
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Today was a day full of firsts.

First time ever dipping my foot in the Mississippi. Just the left foot, not the one with the zombie nail.
... Mississippi mud is squishy. And oozy.

Tried gator for the first time too, down at Boutin's. Was nice, just watching the water go by and feeding the turtles. ^__^

One of the things I've noticed is the amount of Fleur de Lys motif there are around here. Texas has a lot of stars or stars in circles as decoration all over the place. Here it's Fleur de Lys.
Asked someone about it, and evidently while it's always been the symbol of New Orleans (Which is pronounced as one word), since Katrina, it's become the 'Symbol of Hope' And Rebuilding.

Just kinda interesting.

Anyway, early morning tomorrow. *yawns* Hope everyone's doing well. ^_^
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Got the internets at the hotel to work! \o/ Go me.
-errors with their router, which are apparently not the hotel's problem. >_O
Go Kevin on tech support for going around their router!

Dear Priceline:
A single full size bed in a room that is less than 15x20 feet is not 'accommodations for two full adults'.
No love,

Dear anyone travelling:
Crestwood Suites - AVOID. AVOID. AVOID.
Think 'chain roach coach motel'.

Dear Band playing at the Brides for the Cure:
Bonus points for playing Closing Time after the bridal show ended for the vendors to close up to.
The zoot suits weren't bad either. ~_^
Grins and Squees,

General Weirdness:
It is so humid that the -outside- of the windows are fogging up.
The general choice is between hot and humid outside, or cold and dry inside. Odd feeling, when one is used to hot and dry.

And I now have a zombie toenail.

That's it from me! Ta-ta for now, Dah-lings!


Jul. 11th, 2009 12:40 am
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Working drawbridge outside the hotel in Layfayette, the middle goes straight up.

Well, um. Layfayette's been kinda stressy, but fun. Have to remember to slow my speech down a LOT. Realising just how fast I talk, which is really the So Cal accent. Have even heard a couple of people who sound like Boomhauer from King of the Hill too.

Almost ate at Blue Dog Cafe, but due to lack of time, ended up at Otter's Chicken. Fried pickles are... um. Very salty. And apparently induce gas. Lots and lots of gas. Fortunately, not in me. Or unfortunately as the case may be.

The humidity is kinda fun, watching glasses and the brass of the luggage trolly fog up as soon as you step outside.

Anyway, up early to get to Baton Rouge in the morning. *Falls over*

Got fic done! THANK YOU OBACHAN!!!
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Closing Time.
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Things forgotten while packing: house keys, water bottle, phone power cord.
Things realized forgotten the next morning: Glasses, jade bangle
Flight to Houston cancelled on the road to Phoenix, re-routed, still made it on time, but didn't make it to storage on time and ended up having to crash in Houston.

-13 stories up. \o/

Swear I saw Seto Kaiba at the airpor (sans pointy coat tails of doom) and there's a lady who looks and dresses like Edna Mode wandering around the hotel. XD

And now, back to the road...

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Cicada later found with head and wings attached, body gleefully munched.

But the sunsets are GLORIOUS!!

Does this look like a wolf head to anyone else? )

Leave Phoenix tomorrow at 8:50, meaning we're outta Tucson at 5am. Flying into Houston, spending Thursday and Friday in Lafayette LA, then on to Baton Rouge on Sunday. More details later.


Jul. 1st, 2009 03:20 am
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Back! To Tucson!

Trip to LA to visit folks has been cancelled, have until after the 4th of July weekend off, then it looks like Lousiana is the next destination for work. Never been to the South before, it'll be interesting. ^^;;


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Okay, so most of the Bridal Shows we attend ('bride to be? would you like to enter to win a free set of china?') are anywhere from around 100 Brides (not including Grooms, Mothers-in-Law, Bridesmaids, Etc) to the largest ones in N. America, 6,000-7,000 Brides. (again, not including etc)

I'm used to being burned out at the end of the day from dealing with that many people.

This latest one? Not so much.

Was told that it'd be about a 300 Bride show. "This! Is Sparta!" First sign that all might not appear to be as planned? No booths. Just tables, sitting in the middle of the room in rows. We have china. It's a concrete floor. This... is generally considered not to be a good thing.

Long story short, 25 brides over 6 hours. We had more vendors than brides. Fortunately, no broken china.

So what did people do? The DJ up front cranked up the music, (yay robert miles!) the caterers told people to come get lunch, the three of us at the china booth danced a lot, and basically the vendors had a party, dressed up in silly pimp hats, wandered around and chatted.

One of the more interesting vendors was Preserve Your Flowers.com. I'm not listing them to advertise them, but because the guy who runs it was neat to talk to. Started out as a Palaeontologist, saw the freeze-dry process to preserve small animals while at the Smithsonian and figured out how to do it on plants a few years later. Basically created the industry, because in his own words, he was too naive at the time to be scared about doing so.
Now he's now the only person in the world to train and teach people how to preserve flowers by freeze-drying them.

Also discovered a local Ettiquette School, which is something that I've wanted to do for years. Not the Corporate side so much, which is what most etiquette places teach, but, well, how to act like a proper poised polished lady instead of what manners I've cobbled together.
Silly, I know. ^^;; *bounces excitedly anyway*
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People at work are getting morbid. Not the co-workers. The customers.

"What aren't you supposed to do with a knife?"
Last night's deadpan answer: "Murder."
... I've gotten 'stab your spouse' before, but it was said jokingly...

"What possible benifits are there for having cookware with detachable handles?"
"Easier to clean."
"To hit him over the head with it and then confuse the police."

-She had it all figured out. Take the large 4 quart, put on a long handle, bash her fiance repeatedly with it, take off the long handle, put on a short handle and stick it on the stove and cook dinner with it, thereby confusing the police as to the assault weapon.

@_@ Dude. I mean, come on!
... it is a good idea though...

-Have had 2 requests for starting up the [livejournal.com profile] dc_yaoi Anon Kink Meme. Was planning on doing it in at the beginning of August for the anniversary, but do people want to do it sooner?

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So you may be asking your self, 'what does a giant grassy feild have to do with a bridal show?'
The answer is, you see, is that is no ordinary grassy feild. That is the Cardinal Statium Football Feild. Outside of the Cardinal Stadium, which looks like a giant silver birthday cake for the Mad Hatter, as you can see by the curve of the stadium on the right. The Bridal Show is held inside of the Statium, on the bare concrete.
It takes 74 minutes for the feild to move back inside the stadium, the 'beep beep beep' sound of a truck backing up echoing throughout the cavernous statium the entire time. Once they start moving it in or out, they cannot stop it, so everyone has GOT to stay out of the way. ^^;;

Funniest quip at the show today was when I was teasing a bride filling out a raffle card to add her groom's name 'if she remembered it'.
The groom smiled and said that he was the husband for the odd numbered days, there was another groom for the even numbered days. ^___^

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Pic taken in Colorado Springs after the rain on Sunday. I need to do an update post ~_~

Biggest things: Word from on high is that I need my driver's liscense before I can travel for work again.
Spent last week learning to drive. Figure if I can A: drive from Loveland to Denver and B: Do a sollum course -backwards-, I should be fine for the test.
Now just need to borrow an automatic car for a couple of hours for the test. ^^;;

But will prolly be in Tucson until next weekend.

More later when I can steal a 'puter.

I LIVE!!!!

May. 5th, 2009 12:19 pm
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-Wren and Gen gave me a Stitch dressed up as Meitantei Conan plushie! He got his own seat on the flight from Denver to Phoenix. Along with a drink and some snacks by the flight attendants. Drew a card for one of the attendants who looked like she needed a smile as a thank you.

Apologies for not posting sooner, body did the 'crash for 16+ hours' after a grand total of 7 hours of sleep over Saterday and Sunday nights. Still not awake. Will post more later, errands to do before it gets too much hotter.

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Days since last seen Sunlight: 4
Mood: Effected (affected?)
Solution: Sunbathe as much as possible while there is sun.
Sugar, the cat, agrees with me. >^.^<

J taught me how to drive today. By that, I don't mean 'driving time', I mean going over how stuff works, why it works, how things work together, things to check for. Suddenly, I GET it. It's really kind of amazing. He's a good teacher.

Tomorrow; Celestial Seasonings Tour!!!!

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Signs that you've been working in hotels for a while:
Rather than informing the Front Desk that the coffee bar is out of creamer, reaching into the cupboard below, grabbing the creamer and refilling it myself.

Went shoe shopping yesterday. The saleslady got called away before I could ask for socks to try shoes on with, then realized that they had disposable hose under the seats. Once the lady returned, she asked if I had any questions, to which I informed her that I'd already answered it.
She laughed and said I'd passed the IQ test, I was now okay to buy shoes from them.
-got a pair of Mary Janes, cheap. ^__^;;

Driving to the Dallas Love airport, the flow of traffic on other side of the freeway was oddly interuptted by a police escort, escorting about 50 bright red identical Cameros down the road. WTF?

Flight to Denver was nice. The last leg was the best, ended up talking to the nurse who sat next to us, the three of us trading back and forth random trivia. J's got a lot of interesting information.

Currently waiting for our ride. I have tomorrow off, and a hotel room to muself I don't have to pay for!!! YAY! So going exploring and helping Wren with her final paper.
- which involves watching anime. W00t!!!

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Hahahahahahaha!!! Photos from the iPhone! I rule!
... Or something. ^^;;

So on saterday, our last show didn't show up. Seeing as we were within walking distance of the Texas Ranger Stadium and the Rangers vs. the Kansas City Royals just started, we walked over and caught the game. we had nosebleed seats, which were totally awesome.

There's also something about walking out into the stadium seats to the deafening roar of the crowd.

Due to Severe Weather Warnings, they evacuated the upper deck, so we got upgraded to the bottom level, behind the third base.
Royals won, 2 to 0. Still an awesome game. ^__^

Yesterday was a Bridal Show. Wore the new Chinese silk dress. Comfy and made of awesome. DE

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Okay, made it back to Tucson safely. And in 6 1/2 hours even, due in thanks to a short cut that friends pointed out, N's mad driving skills and loud Gaelic music. Although now Hakuba is wandering around in my head singing Do Virgins Taste Better (than those who are not?), which is more than I wish to contemplate at the moment.

So wrap-up for the past... 10 days?

El Paso )

Albuquerque )

Anyway, need sleep, wanna work on something fannish, but almost feels like I've forgotten how. *falls over*
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Yeah. That's about right.

So... after 11 months, finished this sketchbook off. Have been going through and poking half-finished stuff, currently working on a doodle for a Slayers Murder Mystery that we need to start on now that the latest series is over. Got some older stuff done too.

Unfortunately, can't post them until we get to Tucson. Where the new blank sketchbook is waiting. *woe* ;_;

New laptop definitely a priority now. Fortunately, latest paycheque backs this up. >D

Randomly, The Wailers are staying in the room next to us at the hotel we're crashing at. They said they got tired of days on the tour bus. ^^;;

Conan file 687: Yay Sato/Takagi sweetness!!! Hoping the flashback mystery girl is Yumi. ^__^
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Made it from El Paso, TX to Albuquerque, NM safe and sound, with getting only a little lost around Las Cruces.

... It was a good lost. ^___^ *cradles bottle of green chili wine*


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