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Oh hey, Evil Twin?

Remember how we were discussing the difficulties of buggering a sheep cause they run fast? Found out how ta do it.

Ya wear your gumboots/wellies, stick the sheep's hindlegs into the boots so they can't run or kick, and bugger away.
Evidently velcro gloves help too.

-Just figured we'd pass that on. ~_^
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Po'e Nui - finger painting with food says:
*snicker* Icka, what happened to not touching a lemon plunny with a thirty-foot pole??

Icka!:  say that you love me, and not my dirty brain says:
I'm not writing a lemon, I'm writing ABOUT a lemon.

Icka!:  say that you love me, and not my dirty brain says:
And if you contradict that I will be morally obliged to STOP.

Wren: You wouldn't happen to have Kid's cell number, would you...? says:
Muse: Translation: It got shortened. She's using tongs now. XD

Po'e Nui - finger painting with food says:
*falls out of chair laughing*

And for the record, it's not TGZ.
*mutters darkly and wanders off to hide* *or kill plunnies* *dye dye dye*

[edit: good news - the temp job that was just a really negative enviroment? not working there anymore thank the fates. XD XD XD]
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"Behind an able man, there are always other able men"

(feel free to add 'between the sheets' or 'in bed' to the end)
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Every so often we give ourselves a fic challenge. Usually it’s some random line.
This time, it was a bit of an… um… activity. Because we thought it was a funny mental picture. Prolly will not be added to the TGZ page, just leaving it here.
Labeling this as NOT work-safe.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ysabet for brainstorming the beginning with us. (“So, Ysabet… I kinda need a reason for them to shed their clothing really quickly… any ideas?”)

Warnings for Non-Partial Nudity and Gratuitous Use of the Word ‘Shit’ )


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