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I don't know. I just don't know. The story was there, the mental pic was there and it wouldn't go away, so we wrote it.
And now I really really really hafta pee. *posts and runs away!*

[Edit: Now that I'm refreshed (stupid plunnies). Warnings for spoilers past volume 4 and current anime/episode 8.]

Ouran Host Club: Family )

Upon watching the previews for episode 9, made the startling discovery that my hair colour is the same as Haruhi's Dads.
.... Kinda wanna cosplay him now... Would that be Cross-play? ^_______^
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Stupid Ouran Plunnies. Geh. *sulks*

He looks into Haruhi's eyes and sees... )
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"Ha! Those plunnies won't follow me out on to this fraile little branch."

To my F-list: Hate you all. We are NOT writing Shoujo. We're NOT.

Ouran Host Club Snippets )
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Okay.... you on my friends list who keep rambling about 'Ouran Host Club'.

... hate you all.

>_< Got the manga and read it. It's SHOUJOU. Sparkling shoujou. M'so horribly embarrassed of myself. I like the series.

Wanna see what would happen if Saguru met Tamaki (cause I get the sneaking suspcition that Saguru could have easily ended up like Tamaki in the flamboyant department). Or Kaito and the Hitchiin Twins (no one would be able to withstand their combined pranks! Hitchiin Triplets anyone?). Or if Haruhi met Tohru from Fruits Basket. While all the boys bristled and postured at each other.

*head desk* Not writing that now, dammit.

-Anyone got any good fanfic recs for Host Club? Any pairing.

DC OVA #6. OMG. Heiji is dressed like someone out of Maimi Vice. Seriously.
... did the animation studio that did Inuyasha anime do the OVA? The animation looks similar.
Also, Kaito flying by = the win. Although him pulling off a daylight heist is slightly boggling.

Also. YGO. Need to get a snarky chapter of Guard Dog done.
What's everyone's favourite Crack Pairing? Perferably non-egyptian memories arc. Either Duellists and/or Monsters okay. The goal is to attempt to break Kaiba's brain with it. ^___^.


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