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So the mexican restaurant across the street (the owner who sadly passed away last month) was celebrating his birthday today with $1.50 tacos. Elinor and I decided that this sounded tasty, and we'd go there for lunch.

We walk in, and there's balloons, cupcakes, Eegee's slushies, and loud disco music. We order, get some horchata to drink and rock out dancing to 'Stayin' Alive' (curse you Muppets).

And another song goes by. And another. I learned that the lyrics to 'Bad Moon' are 'A bad moon on the rise' and not 'A bad man on the right'.

It gets shoulder to shoulder packed crowded, I stepped outside and bop to some more music, then dance with a little kid and his Mom. About which point, I'm starting to worry about time. Elinor needs to clock in promptly, unlike myself, so she heads back and I wait some more, boogying to more disco. Apperantly someone had plaed a HUGE order before us, they were laying out food in giant foil to-go platters stacked across a table.

Finally, our name gets called, and the ladies at the counter thanked me repeatedly for not only our patience, but for dancing as well. They really liked that someone was dancing, since it was a party. I smiled awkwardly back and thanked them for the food before dashing back across the street.

I couldn't tell them that I didn't know if they had a bathroom, didn't wanna take my horchata to the bathroom, and I really, really, really needed to pee....
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Woke up in London yesterday
Found myself in the city near Piccadilly
Don't really know how I got here
I got some pictures on my phone

... 2 months before we fly out, exactly.

Lyrics are Good Life by OneRepublic. Thought they were fitting. ^^;;
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So one of the joys of riding the bus is that you start to recognise not only the fellow passengers, but the bus drivers. And they recognise you.

Twice in the past month, drivers have waited because they knew that I would be there. Which is awesome and love.

Two Saterdays ago, I caught the 8 from the far east side of town... And got the driver who I usually catch on the 34 route heading home. We ended up having a nice talk about hiking places around Tucson. I recommended Agua Caliente to him.

Then on Sunday, caught Logan, the guy who I catch on the 8 going to work in the mornings, on the 3 to go hang out with [personal profile] swordmage and [profile] reynier. Had a great time talking and laughing with him, when suddenly (randomly) we had to switch busses. Which is when this tiny skinny little elderly gentleman in a giant motorcycle helmet stopped to thank me for being 'vivacious'.
Which is the first time I've ever been called that, but really cool. #^^#
But Logan told me when his last run was and I told him I'd either be there... or I was homemade eating cinnamon rolls with friends and would catch a ride home. Ended up catching a ride home.

So last week was blistery cold, and I drove to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, I passed the bus... and Logan was driving. So after passing back-and-forth a few times, I waved and he spotted me.
And when I passed him the final time before the turn, he'd opened his driver's window and hand his hand out, fingers waggling in 'gimme'.

-Got to talk to him on the bus today. He wanted to know where his cinnamon roll was. ^__________^
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Happy Chinese New Year! It's the Year of the Golden Rabbit!!!

When looking up what to say for the New Year, I ran across "歲歲平安 Suì suì ping ān", to say for good luck if something breaks.

.... We're breaking temperature records. Suì suì ping ān.

There's something sincerely topsy when Tucson is colder than Ohio. This morning, with wind chill, we were at 1-3 Fahrenheit / -16-17 Celsius. It was so cold that the main pumps that deliver water to the city froze, cutting off water to parts of the city. Pipes are frozen and bursting. It's... well. Like that Chinese curse. Interesting.

Like a News Conference at a Tucson firehouse about the Extreme Cold weather got delayed when they had to evacuate the building due to bursting water pipes. *giggles*

And there's a gas shortage as well, for heating. They're cutting off gas to Rita Ranch, Sierra Vista and some of the eastern parts of Tucson.

At least it's a dry cold-? XD This New Year is out like a Tiger, in like a Rabbit. ^__^

For you Atenveldt Fiber Geeks, can't you just see a giant smiley face in the middle of this?
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It's amazing how much is going on.

Tonight is Planning Meeting for the Human Barricade at the Downtown Tucson Library. I was going to attend, until someone pointed out that one way to take out the Westies for a while was for all those coughing with the plague *raises hand* to go stand by them and cough in their general direction. Guaranteed lack of voice for at least two weeks. ^^;;

... Took that as a subtle hint not to take the chance of passing it on to the counter-protesters. There was also requests that this meeting is for PLANNING, and I'm not sure what I can do, (organising is not one of my skills) so I'm passing on tonight in exchange for sleep.

Tomorrow night is Buiding Angel Wings at BreakOut Studios for those interested in being a 'Action Angel' and part of the human barricade. They're also looking for donations of supplies, pvc pipe, connectors, safety pins and sheets.

People in Phoenix are also organising carpools, at least for the little girl's funeral on Thursday. I'm still waiting for more details on the other funerals.

Someone is a smart cookie and using Westboro's appearance to host a Phelps-a-Thon to raise money for Wingspan, a local non-violence group.

As far as bikers, The Patriot Guard Riders have said no, because they are for military, but the Sons of Liberty Riders will be gathering for Mourner Protection, as will be many other Tucson, Phoenix and Apache Junction Rider groups.

President Obama will be talking at 6 p.m. at McKale Memorial Center on the University of Arizona campus Wednesday night. "Together We Thrive: Tucson and America"

A listserve for events being organised has been started. It is http://groups.google.com/group/tucsonmemorial This will be the primary source of information from here on out.

The plan for Thursday has been posted on facebook, (non-fb mirror)
Basically: No Signs, Be Silent (and respectful). The WBC may not show up, if they do, do not react to them, no matter how tempting.

An FAQ has been set up here.

There is also now a website up for information: http://www.tucsonmemorial.org/

There is room for a MAXIMUM of 30 Angels due to safety and logistics. There will be training on Wednesday night 7-9pm at Hotel Congress (311 East Congress St)in use of non-violent, non-reactionary tactics for all Angels, Angel Handlers and anyone else who is interested in coming.
People who want to come to the funeral and line the streets are encouraged to wear all white.

... At this point, I think there might be a problem with too many people showing up, rather than too little. ^^;;

The State of Arizona has just passed a bill for Funeral Protection Zone. Protesters cannot come within 300 feet of the funeral.
-the bill was written and passed in under a day.

The police have issued a Zero-Tolerance policy for any kind of public disturbance on either side. Spread love, not hate. ♥

WBC has announced that it will not be picketing at the Christina Green's funeral, due to 2 radio shows offering air-time in exchange.
According to the WBC website, they're going to be picketing:
Tucson High Magnet School, 14 January 14 7:30-8:00am and Congress on the Corner, 14 January 10:15-10:45am.
Apparently Tucson High "is infested with faggots and run by perverts" (say what?)

And for anyone who needs a laugh, Best Way EVER to beat the WBC at their own game.

Information crossposted on [community profile] tucson

Goings On

Jan. 9th, 2011 03:25 pm
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[personal profile] savvyliterate: *squish*
[personal profile] ickaimp: ((Snuggles)) Got your phone call!
[personal profile] savvyliterate: We talked yesterday too. *poke*
[personal profile] ickaimp: Durrrr. Hi. *facepalm*
[personal profile] savvyliterate: Hi. *waves*
[personal profile] ickaimp: Saw Kyra Kai on Friday night. Think I've been pushing myself to pretend I'm better, when I'm still sick. I am better, just not 100% yet.
[personal profile] savvyliterate: Yeah. I think you've still got to be sick because apparently you lost all last night.
[personal profile] savvyliterate: I mean, I was so looking forward to the ceremony where you bonded yourself to me and Mike.
[personal profile] savvyliterate: Oh, and when you shot that webcam of yourself wearing leather.
[personal profile] ickaimp: ..... Wait, what?
[personal profile] savvyliterate: *dies laughing*

-She was checking up on me after Gabrielle Giffords was shot. Yesterday was really tense around Tucson, most people torn between 'OMFG?!' and 'WTF?!?'. Peace Rallies and Vigils were and are happening around town.
Other AZ politicians are already acting like a-holes and Westboro Baptist Church is coming down to protest at the 9-year old girl's funeral because, quote, "God Sent the Shooter."
Anyone up for a Line-of-Love counter protest? Their families don't deserve this.

[Edit: Angel Action is looking for volunteers to 'form a wall of love' and rumour on Craigslist is that the Patriot Guard Riders may be riding as well.]

and a small voice in the back of my head that sounds suspiciously like Hakuba keeps going 'MMO... Means, Motive and Opportunity. Opportunity was there, Means as well, what was the MOTIVE?'

Checking In

Nov. 1st, 2010 02:42 pm
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The other fun graffiti spotted this weekend I didn't get a chance to take a pic of was a huge sticker on a 'Do Not Enter' sign with small text.
"Come and follow me."
Followed by a small sticker: "It will be OK."

Dunno, it just seemed kinda hopeful to me. ^^;;

Halloween was fun, went over to [profile] scribe_ari's house to pass out candy and draw. I was a fish-person this year. Cheap costume, under $2: white craft glue and sequins. Glued them to the left side my face and added green eyeshadows to make it look like I was mutating.
Liked the effect, but pics didn't turn out so well, sequins are SHINY.

Best quote of the night: "I'm not a Fairy! I'm Mother Nature!"

So I'm now on-call for Titanic, in case of emergency on the weekends, they can call me. So I technically haven't left, but I still have my weekends free. (slept until 2pm on Halloween, since I had the day off.^_________^ )

... Hmm... mebbe I should do Vegas for my birthday....

Since the end of the year is coming up, am making a resolution to finish one of two fics.
Beauty and the Beast: Narrative Causality Delayed or Sky High: 25 Years.
Opinions welcome!
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So Neechan is coming for a visit for about a week, then my biological family is exercising claiming rights and grabbing me for a few days. Something about realising it's been over 2 years since everyone's seen me and I only live 8 hours away. Huh.

... Youngest sister was threatening to pull the 'bag over the head, toss in car and drive off with me' stunt if I didn't show up before September. Seriously.

But had a couple of really cool things happen, so passing them on.

A few days ago, we had revisionist history on the bus. I also lost my bag of pencils, pens, drawing supplies and assorted sharp pointy things that day.

I've torn my bags apart, checked all over at work, checked with friends, checked everywhere. No pencils or pens.

Yesterday morning, my last day travelling from the northside to work, I sit down on the bus and find myself across from one of the guys I was talking to after the revisionist history dude shut up. We both gaped at each other for a moment, then he reaches into his backpack and pulls out my pencils.

I'd left it on the bus and he'd found it, was going to drop it off to me before he got to work, since he'd seen me at the exhibit before.

A few hours later, I hear this horrid 'skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-CRUNCH!!!' outside the exhibit. But when I step out to check, I don't see anything strange.

... Except for a guy in tight black jeans running across the intersection. But no one was hurt, no one was rushing, and I had people waiting, so I ducked back in to do my job.

When I step out again, the police are there, checking everything out. Turns out, it was a 'Hit and Run'. I'd seen the driver running away.

-They also checked the trash cans, because he'd thrown a beanie in one, and found a bag of herbs wrapped in plastic. Hmmmmm..... wonder why he was running.... ~_^

(I drew up a description and gave it to the police, btw. Yay artisic eye?)
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An unfortunate place for a bus to break down. ^^;;
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.... I hate this bus stop....

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Made it to Palm Springs/Indio safely!

Posting that last pic reminds me that I haven't posted pics of the Gargoyle House in a while. They've since extended quite a lot and added a unifying colour - Sparkly Blue! (which shows up better when it's not so cloudy)

More pics.  )

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-Did you know that some jobs require you to be familiar with Facebook and Twitter as a consideration to be hired? o_O Can now be found on Twitter as 'Ickaimp'.
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85 feet in the air..... )

Quotenof the Day: "If you hear a-hissin', Don't go a-pissin'."


Nov. 20th, 2009 03:31 pm
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Anyone know what kind of bird these came off of? That's a quarter up there for some scale.

Found in a back alley with some smaller ones that looked like they were all from the same bird. Hawk?

[edit: It's Turkey Feathers! ...what's a turkey doing wandering around Tucson? o.O ]
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For the CLAMP fans:

-I found Clow! He makes Fire Hydrants!

So today I didn't feel about wrestling with cars on the way home today, so I explored some of the back alleys, barked at barking dogs, found lots of dead birds and had a pleasant time.

Passed by a couple of barking pitbull mixes and saw a tennis ball in the alley. Dogs. Tennis ball. No brainer. Brushed the leaves off and tossed the ball in the yard for the dogs, who promptly ignored it.

Didn't think anything of it, found two new ways to a local park, got back on the side streets and a guy in a large white suburban pulls up with the window rolled down and leans out, calling "Excuse me!"

I figure he needs directions, so I pause out of arm's reach. He'd seen me walk through the alley past his back yard and throw something into it. He wanted to know what it was.

He'd checked the back yard (couldn't find it among the other dog toys) and hopped in his car and drove around the neighbourhood to track me down to ask that.

On one hand, Bravo for him for being that worried about his dogs.
On the other hand.... WTF?!
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And there's alllllll these people lining Swan at Pima, shouting and waving signs, so much so that I couldn't tell what it was about. Tucson bus windows aren't always the cleanest, but I managed to grab photos from one side of the intersection:

Cut for 2 more pics, there were more across both sides of the intersection )

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Dear Tucson Drivers, Pedestrians, and Bicyclists:

When suddenly and unexpectedly darting out in front of a moving Transit Bus, please kindly keep in mind that the Law of Superior Tonnage IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE.

Thank you muchly.


Auntie Icka!,
Suntran Bus Passenger.

no idiots were harmed during the making of this post, though there were several repeated attempts.


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