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Since people have been asking, figured I'd sit down and see how much London actually cost. Click the links to where I bought things.

Air Fare: $840
Place to Stay: $550
Transportation: $108
6 Day London Pass: $149
Insurance: $79
To & From Phoenix: $80
Cash in Hand (food, gifts, misc): $1200 (approx £730)

-I came back with £100($165) in hand, so about $2850 total. For 12 days of International travel.

In retrospect, would not have gotten the London Pass. Most of the places I wanted to go were free or ended up not being included in the London Pass, although there were a few places that I went to that I wouldn’t have otherwise. *shrugs*

The Insurance was a safety net, and very nearly needed it with getting sick and a 7 hour delay back, so glad I had it even if it wasn't used.

Missed the Shuttle back from Phoenix, so that was $40 lost.

All total, pretty pleased. ^__^

Currently have three trips in tentative planning stages, kinda hoping to get one solidified soon. Am feeling somewhat off balance without travel looming in the future. #^^#

Date: 2013-01-02 12:12 am (UTC)
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Thanks for the v-gift on LJ. LJ not playing nice for me (everyone?) since yesterday... I can't see the v-gift or even my friends page or send a PM. So came here ^^ Thanks again!


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