Nov. 24th, 2012

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*yawns* sorry, been kinda brain dead once I get back to my room to crash the past couple of days. It rained all day today, and that certainly didn't help. >P

So yesterday I did the 'Tower Bridge Experience', and also re-visited the Tower of London, finally got to hear some of the Yeoman Warder stories of EXCECUTION!, as the Yeoman phrased it. Heard that they'd changed things around in the White Tower/Armoury, due to the Military Museum opening in Leeds.

Translation - same stuff as last time, except the 'Line of Kings' horse armour was removed, because some of the wood horses are the original 1600s ones, and they're concerned with breaking them.

Was told the Wallace Collection is the place to go for period swords, and the Museum of London for armour other than plate. Since the latter also currently has an exhibit on Surgeons and Graverobbers, it was on the list anyway. May also have illuminations.

Not-Tweets from Yesterday:

Sometimes riding the Tube reminds me of rides at Disneyland. You're on a track, can see the car ahead, and colourful adverts blurring by.

Some of the boats docked in St Katherine's dock are from the 1800s. The one at the end is from 1806.

And randomly, a police van drives over the bridge, playing Beatles Christmas carols.

The Mayor's Building is directly opposite the Traitor's Gate at the Tower of London. Coincidence?

Yeoman Warder taunting two small boys in the front of the crowd with the story of the two dead princes. Riiiight about their ages. Ish.

-Second Yeoman walking past is Executioner of the Day, he has an opening at 5pm for two small boys.

Yeoman just warned us that there's still an active torture chamber at the Tower. It's called the Gift Shop.

Today, went to the British Museum and took nearly 600 pics, most of them with an eye towards future A&S projects, either for myself, or things I know friends are interested in. Placards with explanations are usually within a couple of photos. Couldn't get it into Picasa easily, so those are up in Drop box. The first 70 are out of order, then they're pretty much linear as I went.

Will have to go back, saw about 2/3rds of what I wanted to before screaming kids, teenagers pretending to drop kick cases of 3,000 year old artefacts, and footie score discussions did me in. Egyptian mummy room gave me an annoyed vibe, so didn't lurk there, although I'm wondering if it's better when emptier.

The debate is if I return tomorrow and catch the last day of 'Shakespeare's World', or do I go elsewhere and come back on a weekday?


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