Oct. 20th, 2012 09:21 am
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My mood this past week. Been staying up way late to work on two illuminations due for this weekend, on top of recovering from the Zombie Walk last weekend.

The plus side is that it turns out my brain really really likes painting the woodcut style, since it's big and bold, with lots of lines. It's not subtle at all! \o/ Will post them as soon as I get pics.

Have also been a good girl and went to book a room through AirBnB to stay at in London. Did have to up my budget, but think I'm much happier.

The major concern I had is that the site wants clear photos of your face on the site (which makes sense, since you're renting people's spare rooms) and the most recent one I could find was me gothed up at the Zombie Walk, grinning manically and threatening Talia's BJD Cat with a pair of scissors.

Got word back today that my booking was accepted. The host couple participated in this year's London Zombie Pub Crawl, they'll show me the pics when I get there.

And best yet? It's in Whitechapel. ^_________^
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Backstage at the Tucson Zombie Walk, just before the costume contest. 

This year we had over 10,000+ people, both Undead and Alive, and collected over 1,500 pounds of food for the Tucson Community Food Bank. 

Highlight for me was several thousand people shouting my name to get me up onstage so Bob the Zombie could ask me a question about the contest, me running up, failing my dex throw to jump up on to the stage and promptly faceplanting. ^^;; 

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So I was thinking that I could combine my love for Murder Mysteries, Zombies and Historical Re-Enactment.

Make a couple of Blood Puddle Pillows, do up a few canvas tarps with 'blood' splatter (may have to do some forensics research for types of spray and smears, each one could be a story), to cover the ground and/or chairs, and could have a nice portable murder scene for where ever I go.

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As a bit of a joke, those of us on the Zombie Walk staff have ended up accquiring 'Call Signs'.

... Mine is 'Violator'.

So Burnt Sugar makes an incredible flan, that she can usually be talked into making while visiting. Her fiancee is a quiet and shy guy who carries the flan, and therefore is usually greeted with a jubilant cry of 'FLAN!'.

-His call sign is 'Flan'.

This is relevant to the story. )
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Tomorrow is the

Tucson Zombie Walk!!!

Vendor set-up is 2pm, the Thriller Dance starts at 4, followed by other entertainment (Repo! and Dr. Horrible, Roadkill Chicken Dance )and the walk itself should be kicking off around 7:30.

It is a food drive for the Community Food Bank, donations of canned goods eagerly accepted.

In other news, since fandom folks seem to be migrating, got a tumblr account. Ickaimp.tumblr.com.
Still trying to figure it out, tips, tricks and friendings welcome. ^__^
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Starting advertisement and fundraising for next year's Tucson Zombie Walk. Last year we had over 1,000 zombies, this year we'd really like to be able to close off part of a street so there's enough room. (Hotel Congress was nice, but slightly small)

Got a last minute table at Tucson Comic-con, which was loud, noisy and a great deal of fun.

The Arizona Ghostbusters were there and awesome, and we were right next to Darth Vader's 501st Dune Sea Garrison. A couple of guys had some remote-controled R2-D2 that were beyond amazing.

The highlight for me was when the Con-Nichiwa booth started playing Caramelldansen. Took a moment to realise what it was, but when I did, I grabbed a girl I know, dragged her over and started doing the dance.

Glanced around after a moment and realised that it wasn't just the two of us doing the dance, but the Ghostbusters and various Star Wars characters had gathered around, also dancing the Caramelldansen.

Words cannot express how awesome that was. XD

Funny comment of the day was the awesome manager from Titanic (I walked over to give them a paranormal card, the exhibit is haunted), she comment that I look more like myself in the zombie make-up than I do without. <3

Although, if we're gonna keep doing Zombie Appearances, think I'm gonna need to make a headless corpse costume to keep up with Fergus' awesomeness.

Ficcage - Rooftop Conversations: Keep Calm and Freak Out


Oct. 23rd, 2010 10:19 pm
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Because the new exhibit opened today, I went shoe shopping yesterday.

Was looking for Mary Janes. Flats, something slip on.

Got all Black Converse Hi-Tops.

... The fact that the Doctor wears that style of shoe might have a had a slight bit to do with it. No, not a geek at all.

Was expecting the new exhibit to be crowded. Opening was about 10% of what Bodies was on its first day. o_O Yeah.


I got to paint people's faces grey, and be a judge at the costume contest, then act as security on the walk. And help take over Access Tucson. <3 It was fun!

Funniest line: "I think some of the undead need deodorant."

I was a Franken Hatter. Could murder a cup of tea.
Which was funny, because it got mixed in my head and I ended up with a British accent the entire time, including to the managers at the Exhibit, and talking to people on the bus.
... And calling my Folks.

Pictures later. Dead now.
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I has a Brain. On a Stick.

Whoooo. Every year this gets bigger. Several hundred people at this one, they had vending booths and corporate sponsors and wow. Swear it exponentially doubles every year.

The brain turned out to be on the heavy side, so ended up having a brain on a stick instead of the fishing pole, which I was afraid would break. This was a great deal of fun, a Zombie Jessica Rabbit and several cute zombie guys following me around to either bat at the brain like a cat, or to try to catch it to eat it. ^___^

The downside of this year's walk was the lack of Security. Last year, Security was provided by a women's football team who kept people from running red lights and kept people on the sidewalk. This year the team was disbanded and there was no one running Security. Which meant there were idiots pounding on cars again, and idiots with cameras rushing out to record it.(people pounded on buses the first year and the police were called. Zombie Walk to Police Escort is not something I wish to repeat.)

This is despite the wavers they had people sign at the beginning, with the safety rules listed.

To my embarrassment, met one guy on the bus home recognised my voice from shouting at people to get out of the road. ^^;; Whoops. Joining the Yahoogroup to see about helping out next year.

And in the meantime, I have a tiny kitten in my lap. So nyeh.
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From Tucson

-We made sugar candy skulls at Bookman's on Thursday. This one is mine. #^^# Also made some smaller skulls for children to decorate during the Día de los Muertos celebration at the Downtown Library later this week. (how to make sugar skulls)

Got there a little late, just in time to hear the rules and everyone heading out for a stagger.
Some of the pics came out blurry, but they're still pretty cool.
... Found some video for it. About 34 seconds in, there's someone singing 'Brains! Brains! Brains! Brains!', wearing a white lab coat and waving a plastic baggie around. That's me. I got one of those brains that you put in water and they're supposed to grow.
... Only my brain didn't grow. ~_~
Told everyone it was a cat brain instead. Small snack. Meow.

Still, a lot of fun. Broke people's minds by only saying 'Brains' and offering them the brain in a bag. Although one person suggested that I inform people that it was testes instead. Zombie Jesus was pretty damn cool too.
[Edit: I'm in this one as well, 26 seconds in, singing about brains again. Which I only did a few times. WTF?]

Woke up early and headed out with Megs to the Southern Crusades clean up. Crusades is only 2 weeks away!! Aaaah!
On the plus side, the site was really clean, aside from some... um... interesting NFWS bathroom
graffitti. Megs gave Ivan and Iaunk a Guinness Chocolate Cake to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.

D&D! Missed last week's game, but was able to get back into play easily. Attack with Bashing Shield from the top of a tree onto a Shadow Hound FTW.
Best conversation this week was a discussion about 'it is better to light a flamethrower than to sit and curse the darkness'.
... which, being D&D, turned into 'Better to throw a Fireball at the Darkness, than to sit and curse it'.


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