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RE: The previous lj entry, Yuugi's apparent lack of ass being due to too much buttsechs and Megs's cats stalking me:

Icka!:and Megs is getting off on the fact that Kuriboh is a Stalker.
Icka!:.... do Kuriboh vibrate when they are happy, y'think?
Momo:Ceiling Cats are watching you masturbate?
Dogmatix:Like tribbles!
Icka!:oh, dear
Icka!:... I wanna screencap that now.
Icka!:'Celing Kuriboh Is Watching You Masterbate'
Dogmatix:^_______^ Hm, I wonder, do Kuriboh react to Klingons too?
MOrgan:the same way, with screaming
Momo:.....but, y'know...wouldn't they explode if they actually did anything?
Icka!:would teach you not to thrust so hard?
Momo:Genital removal by Kuriboh explosion. I bet that was a injury Ancient Egyptians had to explain back in the day.
Momo:There was probably a warning on the tablet or something... "do not use as sex aid"
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The second to last episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX aired in Japan this week.
And to make things circular, we have an appearance by Yuugi.
Unlike Kaiba in the series, Yuugi did age. Um. Very well, from the looks of it.

The word 'Buff' comes to mind )

YGO Burble

Aug. 3rd, 2007 01:26 am
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Mati~!!! I found Canon Tentacles in Yu-Gi-Oh!~!!

*chortles like a mad thing*

Also? Viz *bleeps* it up the *bleepin* side with a *bleeping* SPOON.
Volume 10 file 84, according to some fan scanlations I have say that Seto's been in coma for about a year from between Death-T to Duellist Kingdom.
Viz, 'Yu-Gi-Oh! Duellst' vol 3 duel 25, says that it's been six months.

Don't like Viz, don't trust Viz, uncertain as to which to go with for the *bleeping* timeline we're trying to pull together for Guard Dog. Help?
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Episode 177, during the fight against Dartz:

Sailor Seto
Sailor Seto-?
... What he -really- means to say is that he's secretly a die-hard Sailor Moon fan...

[Edit: And then we accidentally stumble on THIS. Evidently Seto's not just a Magical Girl fan, he IS a Magical Girl. 0_0]
*brain goes splody, then reforms, stronger than ever!*
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero Episode 4:

Honda's missing something.

... this shalt forever be known as the 'Honda's Ass' episode due to the amount of time he spends groping it. o_o kthxbai.
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Season Zero, episode 9:

Episode 9

Make up your own story line here.
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YGO Season Zero, Episode 19 Con't. The 'We Got Good Subtitles!' Edition:

YGO: Episode 19
YGO: Episode 19
Jounouchi: I prepared a Flower Bikini for this!!!
Yuugi *thinking, as he hides bheind his sign*: I doubt anyone wants to see that.
Jounouchi: Dammit! This sucks. *is annoyed as his lack of bikini-wearing*

... Evidently, his Marilyn Monroe impression fell under the 'Talent' or 'Freestyle' portion of the Popularity Contest. He didn't HAVE to dress like a girl.

*Facepalm* I think we need to make edits to 'Guard Dog' now...
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episode 169

*Icka! stares at the screen*
*Ysabet stares at the screen*

Icka!: ... That doesn't look quite right.
Ysabet: No, it doesn't...
*continues staring at screen*

(worse yet, it's episode 169)
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Create Your Own Glowing Cone Caption.

Y'know, I really don't think that's the appropriate place for that sort of thing. Really.
Although it's an interesting camera angle...
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Unedited Screencap from YGO: Season 0, Episode 8.
Write your own jokes.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Shadow Games Episode 19 (unsubbed)

12 minutes, 50 seconds into it.

Jounouchi Katsuya in Drag.

No, seriously. W.T.F?!

... can someone with a better grasp of the language please tell me WHY Jounouchi thought it was imperative for him to enter a girl's beauty contest?!
Okay granted, the dress is cute, he's got nice legs that go up to -there-, tiny little waist, make-up needs lots of help, but all things considered I'm very grateful he didn't make it to the swimsuit competition round. ^^;; dude, how did he do the boobs? *brain breaks*

On the plus side, we now know that he can not only walk, but also cat fight in heels. *face palm*

...this is SO going into Guard Dog... -_-


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