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*steals J's computer for its copy/paste function*

From our Static Shock fic Lightening Strikes. This would have been -so- much easier on a scratchboard.

Saguru: Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch
... I misspelt 'spectacles', sorry. Heard a few guys say this and thought it was amusing enough to draw. Found out a week later that it's both joke and a way to remember the proper order to cross yourself. Heh.

Zelgadiss - Memoirs
From a Slayers Murder Mystery fic in progress.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Guard Dog - Take a picture
Had a couple of people ask this over the past few weeks, so for the record: no, we have NOT abandoned Guard Dog. Gordian Knot is currently... ah... 'cockblocking' both The Grey Agency and Guard Dog, the whore. ~_^
... have some other GD art not uploaded... will look into that once I'm back in Tucson.

Gordian Knot: Be Like Water
Talking with [livejournal.com profile] wren_chan and [livejournal.com profile] jheen this week has helped untangle part of Conan's first chapter, so posting spoiler art for it. Second pic in progress for this chapter, since the next chapter already has two pieces of art. ^^;;
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Ysabet: Oh, bleep
Ysabet: Oh, bleep
For Ysabet's Stargate-1/Danny Phantom crossover, "Unauthorised Access"

A very 'Oh, *BLEEP*' moment.

Horse's Ass
For [livejournal.com profile] ysabet, from an omake from one of the more recent chapters of 'Shuffle'.

Akako and Ai
For [livejournal.com profile] joisbishmyoga, from the Pluralverse fic 'Hypothermic'.

Tentacles and Hooves, oh my
For our 'Human Nature AU' fic.

Guard Dog: Tease 2
A possible sequel to our first Tease picture. Jounouchi turns the tables.

*scratches head* We've actually been uploading photos and art on a fairly frequent basis, we just forget to link to it here. #^^# Have some more in progress, art is slow lately.
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Got the camera, Ed. Is cute and pink and tiny and pink and I can hide it down my cleavage without anyone knowing its there. Okay, granted, -some- people claim I can hide planets down there, but there's not that much room down there. It's just so cute and tiny and pink!
But OMG. That is... whoa. Just whoa.
I owe you lots. ((GLOMPS!))

Speaking of oweing, pics for people:

Pluralverse: Lucid part 1
For [livejournal.com profile] joisbishmyoga. From the first part of 'Lucid'. (parts 1 and 2 are posted together)

Pluralverse: Lucid part 3
For [livejournal.com profile] joisbishmyoga. From part three of Lucid.

Happy Birthday, Aishuu!
Only a few months late. She requested something with Kaito/Kid and Shin'ichi. Somehow, it went artsy. o_O

Guard Dog: Scared
From the Haunted House Chapter. Well, at least someone's happy.

Guard Dog: Dressed
Random fanservice we doodled while not knowing what else to draw.

And with that, we've finished off 3 sketchbooks in about 13 months. ^^;; Not bad.
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Hello Kazuha
For Knightus Maximus. Knightus has seemed kinda down the past couple of weeks, something to cheer him up.
WARNING: Cuteness Overload

Wrath of Noa
From Guard Dog. Scene in progress as soon as it figures out which voice it goes to.

Watching the Moon
Guard Dog. Currently as far down the time line as we can see. Bit of sap.

Next on Agenda: Birthday art for Kaito, Bex, Becky and MC1T. Possibly art for Ysabet's TGZ:Tucson fic. And sewing the cat's arse to the metal detector.

DC stuff:

File 571 [raw] is up Kcnmttcnn's Site or Go-Show Presents!.

And there's a english translation of the recent german interview with Gosho here.
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Just a note to people on MSN. Usually we're quite free, happy and willing to talk to people. Reguardless if we know you personally or not.
However, if the little tag is up that says 'Busy', it means that there's generally five other things going on (including fic) and we have very little brain power to spare.
If it says 'Away', guess what? Ye-ah.
And if it says 'Out to Lunch', it means I'm in the shower cause they don't have a tag for that. ^^;;

Happy Shortest Day!! It's cold, it's wet, it's gray and it's raining. *curls up by the heater* The puddles are frozen over.

Also, Happy Birthday Kaito and Gosho!
... no love for you today. Sorry. Will try for love tomorrow.

C'mon, Kaiba. Just cause I look stupid doesn't mean I am. )
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Right. So we tried working on TGZ: Chicago. Got about a quarter of the way in, just after the Mountie showed up and the plunnies started going 'ooo.... what's that over there?' and wandered off...

-Over to YGO: Guard Dog. >_O The last time we had posted, we had the Pr0n scene and the Interview scene to do.
It mutated.
Now we have the Pr0n scene, the Interview scene, the Pet scene, the Solid scene, the Monochrome scene, the Stocks scene, the Elevator scene, the Aftermath scene, the Dung-Beetle scene, the Tail scene, the Party scene, the Mai scene, and the Moonwatching scene.
-Thirteen scenes, not including these two or any we've forgotten.
... Dammit. Sorry, DC/MK fans. It's just not biting.

However, if you want your usual dose of comedic death and dismemberment, check out Bunny Suicides. Those bunnies really don't wanna live. ^___________^

You could -hear- the moment the guy figured out he'd just said something -really- stupid in front of the -wrong- people. )
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Tucson's High of the day is 104f / 40c.
Los Angeles' High of the day is 93f / 34c.
Christchurch's High of the day is 44f / 7c.
I think the reverse in seasons and tempratures really isn't something you entirely understand until you experiance it first hand.

Remembered the other random snippet we were gonna write with the other one and forgot. ^^;;

Kaiba Seto, this is your life... )
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Add 'mildly dizzy' to the coughing and the tired. *sighs* *whinges* *shoots self for whinging*

Here. Have some comedy. It'll make you feel better.

Random scene, no plot value what so ever )
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*streaches* Possibly one scene more after this, and I think we're done with Guard Dog for a while. Wanna see if we can coax some DC/MK plunnies this way. ^^;; As I told Kasuchi, think the plunnies are waiting until we get some translations for the Detective Koushin arc. Gotta know canon before we pervert it. ^^;;

Prolly won't be on tomorrow, have a SCA event going on. M'still not completely over my cold, so we'll see how it goes. #^^#
[Edit: Came home after I realised that: It was cold, was having to avoid people due to my coughing and I was starting to fall asleep. blargh. Nap time.]

Yuugi! You Traitor! )
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*pokes at TGZ*
*TGZ whistles innocently*
Dammit, guys. You cannot wait until we see the 10th movie before coming out to play again! >_O
... and no, Kaito. You cannot be my favourite Yuri girl. Saguru, stop checking his pants. Yes, it's still there, I don't care what Kaito implies.

And in other news, [livejournal.com profile] ysabet wrote 'Skin Deep (Oyake Ni Hadaka)' a Guard Dog AU fic, based off of her birthday pic. *gloat gloat* XD XD XD

Continuing from here. Once again, thanks to the Prats and Evil Influences for letting me bounce stuff off of them.

Katsuya? Has the rest of your flea-bitten mind rotted away? )
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Oh, gods... was this a long chapter... Thank gods for head colds that quiet my brain enough to write. *head desk* *drinks more ginger tea*

Thanks to Bex for getting us unstuck, the Prats for bouncing stuff of off and Bex and Wren for being Grammer Whores. Much love to you! XD

You said that we are not our Other Selves, although our Other Selves are a part of us. )
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So it looks like this temp job, which was supposed to last "about a month" will last until 16 June. Possibly a couple weeks longer.
-So about two months. *head desk*

So. Art Day

Cut for more artwork )
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*scratches head* Right... we're currently writing/posting two minor story archs (about 5 chapters) ahead currently. Posting this now so that Ysabet doesn't kill us while we're away this weekend.

Ph34r the bouncy ones.

So... um... there may be stuff that doesn't make sense. Skip it, we'll fill in the blanks when we edit later. *pokes fic and watches it jiggle*

It wasn't often someone refused anything to the great mighty pain in the ass, Kaiba Seto. )

And we're off to Dunedin for the weekend. Dunedin really does remind me of a rainy gothic San Fran. ^^;;
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New art up on Mischif, a MK au pic for a fic we haven't written yet and the Poker vs Chess pic for this fic. ^^;; We've been slack, needed to change the holiday pics out.
... although, in a few months, it would have been appropriate for this half of the world... ^__^

Jaelle wrote a really great X/One Piece fusion!! Go read and cackle!! XD XD XD

Guard Dog con't from here and here.

Sometimes Jounouchi wondered if his job wasn't to protect the Kaiba siblings from everyone, but to protect everyone else from the Kaibas... )
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For Mati. Just cause.

On the plus side, found out where Kaito and Saguru are hiding, cause we can't seem to find them or any TGZ plunnies around. Evidently they're waiting until they find out more about their recent appearances in canon. (see, this is what happens when you start hanging around someone -logical-, Kaito. *glares at 'Guru*)
-which means that TGZ is not going to take a Year and a Day like SoG did, but since TGZ is already longer than SoG is, eh.
... unless TGZ decides that it wants the next 10 chapters written in the next two weeks, which I sure as heck hope not... @_@ Geh.

'Yuugi... You've been holding out on us, haven't ya?'  )

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to stick our tent in the shower and start laundry. @_@;;
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Curled up with some cats, a long list of Enya music while babysitting and finished the latest parts of the YGO fic, including some scenes that were skipped. And I apologise, I wasn't gonna update until we got some more comedy in there, but the fic mutated -again-, so I'm afraid it ends on a somewhat angsty note.

Mati, you're gonna -kill- me.

On the plus side, have discovered that Firefox FTP will allow me to upload one fic at a time, so have simply updated it on Mischif.net.
And guess what? The fic has nearly doubled since December. ~_~

( YGO: Guard Dog Con't )

-also, [livejournal.com profile] vikki has a fun Supernatural Detective Conan fic up on her LJ. *chortles*
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Wow. We were actually feeling creative today. And it was sunny today too, first time in a week. Coinidence, surely.

How evil are you?

Continuing on from here.

Kaiba wasn't paying attention. )
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All right. So. I finally tracked down some Death-T scans. Unfortunately, just the beginning and the very end, so missing the whole Chopman thing. (which is a pity, I really enjoyed that part when I had the japanese manga)

But realised upon reading it just how much of the YGO fandom is built around the anime, not the manga.

Contrary to many fics, at least at the beginning of Death-T, which is pre-anime, Kaiba has a full conglomerate of servants, including one -incredibly- scary looking butler. Who gleefully helps Mokuba's attempt to poison Jounouchi and Yuugi.

Kaiba's Tower in the middle of Domino City is also an Amusement Park, Kaiba Land. The top floors are where Death-T was held. Must now edit my own stuff.

Rather amusing to see Jounouchi running around in the second chapter looking for a celebrity in their school. Especially since they don't realise/find out that Seto is the head of Kaiba Corp until the start of Death-T, couple of volumes later.
Which kinda makes me wonder just how much of the school Seto has snowed.

Also forgot just how much Honda likes his guns, Jounouchi likes his swords and Yuugi likes his monsters. *cackles*

... uh, that's meant in a non-pervy way... But I know you guys, feel free to run with it. *waves hands, has given up*

Anyone else notice the parallel in the game Bakura traps them in and the end of the series? Hmm...
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I'm having a Good Hair Day. Blargh.
This means my hair is nice and smooth and silky. And eats hairbands. Can't tie it back, can't braid it back, it's like having a tentacle monster that's -determined- to get in the way attached to my head.
Grrrrrr.... *ties scarf around head. yarr*

Also doing a bit of sewing and remembering just how much I enjoy it. It's kinda like storytelling. You take bits and pieces of various things, be it fabric or images, words and scenes, sew it all together and have something you wrap around you that makes you smile.

Anyway. Quick YGO snippet so we feel like we've done something fannish this week. ^^;;

YGO: Guard Dog Con't, slight Seto Angst. Cause he's another emo poster boy. *glances at Sasuke* )
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YGO - Guard Dog

Group Shot

Poker vs Chess

Vampyre AU:

Night Sky Doodles

Beach Fic


24 Feb 2006: Lantern Festival

Flying Squid Cafe in Dunedin

18 Dec 2005: Catching Eels

03 Dec 2005: How to fire a Pierre

-also, new icon. ^__^

We can't quite seem to get our head together to do colour at the moment, so everything is ink and pencil.


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