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This weekend was.. exhausting. Food Poisoning on friday, Archery Championship on Sat (I had to leave teardown earlier than I would have liked because no food for 26 odd hours + dehydration = suckage) which lead to realising that another 8-10 hours outside was not a good idea, so skipped Gawd Awful Grail on Sunday to help [profile] kyrakai with setting up and tearing down an Easter feast for some elderly friends of hers, plus guests. Which was delicious and more fun than expected, but still a lot of work.

... It's kinda weird to realise that the work days are more relaxing than the weekend. ^^;;

So Sean and I started watching Hawai'i Five-O on Sat while I chugged water, and both enjoyed it quite a bit. Hawai'i is now on both of our lists as a place to visit.
-Not because of the scenery (sand, water, bleh) or the eyecandy, but because the bad guys seem competent. And don't wear their pants around their knees.

Which made for much amusement today when I got an order with the callsign "Danno".

Other series that we picked up this weekend "Tiger and Bunny". Which is kinda mecha, totally superhero reality anime. And it's full of delicious snark. and fanservice. ('Bunny' is Wild Tiger's nickname for his partner).

Speaking of snark, for [profile] kyrakai, since she mention Booster Gold is now on Smallville, THIS. THIS IS YOUR BOOSTER GOLD AND BLUE BEETLE CANON.
Especially this. This is totally canon. \o/ *loves*

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Lasting Conclusion:
I wanna get a bunch of SCAdians drunk and MST3k the utter shyte outta it.

It was very... bland. Werewolf very VERY pretty, there are nice nods to the various Little Red Riding Hood mythos, and someone has done their werewolf research, although some of it was kinda o_0?

Such as the 'party' scene in the middle, where their version of Medieval style dancing looks like a bad acid trip. I seriously thought that the lead singer for it was a scarecrow they were going to burn for about a minute. And weird horns.
-Did I mention it looks like an acid trip?

Personally, the whole thing was made better by realising that Henry, the romantic rival, was basically Saguru. Stick Ran as... um. I forget her name. Little Red Riding Hood, and Peter as Shin'ichi, and it's a pretty epically awesome Detective Conan AU. The ending does nothing to dispel this.

-Nice twist on the end, BTW, even if it was a bit of a cliche.

Personally, on an artistic scale, I wish they'd gone more Burton-eque. Say what you will about the man, he knows how to paint a scene in colours. They do real well in some scenes, but could use some work in others.

But, as I told Elinor, I didn't go in expecting a good movie, and didn't leave disappointed. ^__^ Werewolf Pretty!!! <3
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*C comes into the office, holding an order and giving Icka a look like she messed up.*
Icka!: "I'M AT LUNCH!!!!"
*Icka throws her hands into the air, flails, laughs manically, and runs out of the back office into the lobby, passing Elinor and a customer.*
*Elinor and customer trade looks. Elinor shrugs.*

Elinor: "-It's Tuesday."

And thus set the theme for the day at work.

After work, the bus driver asked if I was "a fortune-telling gypsy person". I admitted to being a bit of a gypsy-nomad, but not to the fortune telling. ~_^

Sean and I caught up on our shows, watching Transformers Prime. Scraplets are too cute, if deadly, although I wonder about where all the mass they devour goes to.
Wheeljack's appearance.... Okay. First off, where's the whole 'STAND BACK! I'M GOING TO TRY SCIENCE!" thing? Buttkicking is nice though.
On the other hand, you have Arcee asking Bulkhead who his boyfriend is when they first make radio contact with Wheeljack and Bulkhead doesn't deny it. And there is gratuitous glomping. And cute nicknames. And looks.
.... Ladies and Gentlebots, I think we have a canon bot pairing. ._.

Staying up way to late watching Trolljegeren, 'The Troll Hunter'. It's a Norwegian mockumentary on the existence of Trolls in Norway.
-This. Is. AWESOME.
For one thing, the mythology. From what I can remember of my Troll myths, it's RIGHT. As well as how to counter them. And the explosions are great!
It's a bit slow at parts, the ending was a bit abrupt, but I wanna watch it again. Completely satisfying. *purr*
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Okay... Is anyone else watching Kamen Rider OOOs? Cause I wanna squee at someone about the characters.

Cause first I was wondering if the main fandom pairing was gonna be Ankh and Eiji, but it's really more of a bromance type of thing (although Eiji keeps wearing more and more of Ankh's signature colour which cracks me up), then they brought in Goto, but he's such an emo boy it was kinda WTF, and now they have.... DATE-SAN.

I'm kinda lovin' Date-san aka 'Kamen Birth'. Who else has a Breast Canon on their armour?! And when he transforms he makes these little popping sounds, like he's a bubble-toy machine! Wanna hate him but he's just too damn likeable.
Also like his rules.
1: Never involve anyone else in your agenda.
2: Never do anything that would make yourself cry. (think about it)

Wanna see more interaction with Date-san and Goto. "Innocent Hearted Boy" was an interesting observation.

Maki and his doll? I know people like their ball jointed dolls, but... Um. That thing's just freaky. ._.

We're currently watching Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate. No capes! (although it is very nice)

Eh?! ...Kamen Rider Accel?!. He's got handlebars on his crotch. o_O AND turns into a motorcycle! Think I do need to go back and watch more than the handful of W episodes that I've seen....
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Line of the Day, From Batman To Batman: "BATMAN. DOES NOT EAT NACHOS!!!!"

-Batman: The Brave and the Bold is FABULOUS. Totally recommended, especially if you're an old-school DCU fan. (I keep explaining small character jokes to Sean)

Speaking of Batman, saw Batman - Under the Red Hood.
Now, Jason Todd is my least favourite Robin. Seriously. I'm also not fond of movies that pull in big-name actors to try to get viewers. So I didn't have high expectations.
This is a good movie, little dark, little angst. Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester does a great job as Jason Todd, and for the first time, I found him to be a sympathetic character. John DiMaggio (Bender) does a passable Joker, but that's prolly my bias for Mark Hamill's Joker speaking. Neil Patrick Harris is fun as God's Gift to Spandex, Dick Grayson. Which brings me to my favourite line.
Thug #1: "Who's he? The Pretty One in the Leotard."
Thug #2: "That's Nightwing, Batman's first sidekick."

In other news, I GOTS MY NEW LAPTOP!!! His name is 'Black Feather' cause he's so LIGHT. Ran around the house clutching the box to my chest squeeing 'My Precious!!!' and scaring a chinese box turtle. Haven't done much to it yet, because I'd like to dual-boot it with Ubuntu, so holding off putting everything on it.
... I keep staring at the 250 gig of available space. Because after dealing with 4, it just boggles my mind.

However, have gotten some writing done. (huzzah for putting current works on google docs)

Sherlock / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Improbability.
(trust me, it makes sense)
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Um. Okay. RL just picked up speed like mad again, will talk about that later.

Right now, MOVIES!!!

-Speed Racer-
The new one. Can kind of understand people's complaints about the brightness/cartooniness of the colours, but honestly, it just kind of reminded me of Batman Forever.
Really really enjoyed this one, enjoyed the twists, was highly entertained and am debating getting it on DVD myself.

-Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-
To be honest, this was my second time watching and was mostly watching it for Sherlock crossover plunnies (to eventually be written). I put the closed captioning on, turned the audio track to the director's commentary and wrote other fic, now posted. Yarn spitting machine was great.

By Steven Moffatt, who did the 'Blink' episode of Doctor Who, and the new Sherlock. (which is love and highly recommended)
I wouldn't rank 'Jekyll' as high as 'Sherlock', but still recommend it. It's a continuation of the book, set in modern time. Slightly dark, as Jekyll should be, and addictive. James Nesbitt does an EXCELLENT job as both 'Dr. Jackman' and 'Mr. Hyde', as well as the three or four other roles that he plays.

-Axis Powers Hetalia-
After seeing so many people on f-list flail over this series one way or another, was curious a while back and tried reading the comic. It made a loose amount of sense, but was confusing.
The anime makes much, much more sense.
... Does it make me a bad girl to say I really like the series? Not the rabid-fangirl love that the series seems to spark, but enjoyed it immensely. (pinkie promise for the Pact of Steel? *snerks*)
Favourite character is totally England. I liked the character, love the fact he sees and talks to mythological creatures, then looked up from my sewing to see him sewing and... yeah. That cemented it right there. Cackle over antagonistic/drinking buddies relationship he has with France.
Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are so much fun to watch interact. And I love the fact that every time Ukraine moves, her rather large tracks of land make a booming bouncy noise. XD
Couldn't figure out why this is 'Mature' until Holy Roman Empire kissed Italy (chibi kisses are hysterical!) and I remembered that not everyone is okay with that sort of thing. *Snerks* Even if everyone except Hungary thought Italy was a girl.
(fic recs, please? I am loving Amor Vincit Omnia, a HP crossover)
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Saw some movies!

First off, GI Joe.
As much as I love my giant robots, this was so much better. Good pacing, the effects were decent, the weaponry design was FUN and I got my quota of explosions. Purrrr, explosions. No major plot holes you could drive a large mecha through either, it flowed very nicely.

cut for spoilers and musings )

Also saw Bolt. Um... Really don't have much to say on that. Classic Disney fare, light hearted and all that. Rhino, the hamster, is a hoot. Okay movie, if a tad predictable.
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OMG. I just realised who Stewie Griffin grows up to be. Graham Norton.

And why is the opening song to Megas XLR not on Guitar Hero?

Eh, might as well make it a fandom entry:

[livejournal.com profile] lil_1337 has been introducing us to several very good gay films. Apparently Logo is the opposite of the Sci-Fi channel, the TV shows are camp, but the movies are made of awesome. Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss stars Sean Hayes, who is prolly best known as 'Jack' from 'Will and Grace'. It's about a photographer and that's reflected in the cinematography, lovely used of colour and light. Kind of bitter-sweet, but a nice unexpected ending.

Shelter is just a really sweet fluffy romance, good pick-me up type movie. Also some really nice surfing eye-candy.

Sean's been watching The Venture Brothers lately. Must admit, not so keen on the first season, but seasons two and three have been awesome. There's over all story lines, character backstory and development and some really interesting plot twists.

He's also taken to watching Basquash!, which is (wait for it...) an anime about playing basketball in giant mechs.
No, seriously. And best yet, it's financed by Nike. The mecha wear Nike-brand sneakers.
And while seems like a recipe for massive fail, have really been enjoying the series. The characters are fun, the plot is enjoyable and I'm pretty sure Iceman Hotty (*giggles*) and Falcon are ex-boyfriends. It would explain so much.

Fic: The Grey Agency - Grey Conversations
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... So that fic contest that my sock puppet was in a three-way tie for first? They're holding a Tie Breaker poll.
... The Tie Breaker poll is currently tied between all three fics. Four votes to each fic.
*rests head on the table and laughs*
Somehow, that is more awesome than it should be. ^_________^

Was gonna do a review of recently read manga but basically boils down to this:

La Corda D'oro - Eh. Pass.
Shibatora - Think Takagi stuck in Conan's body.
Pluto - Still Rocks our Socks
Zettai Karen Children - Good. Will be reading chapters as they come out!
Usagi Drop - Cute. Good small details about nursery and elementary schools in Japan.
Densha Otoko - GO READ THIS NOW.
Arata Kangatari - Eh. S'alright. Think it needs to grow into itself.

And randomly, Kaito's Humorscope for the day:
Thirteen short bearded men will invade your living quarters soon, eat all your food, and drag you off on an ill-advised adventure, much to the amusement of an elderly gentleman of your acquaintance.
You will be offered a chance to go on a journey soon. It sounds like fun, but you might benefit by looking up La Isla Zancudo in a Spanish-English dictionary before you pack your bags...

... that practically fics itself. ^__^
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Not much to report on the life of the Icka. Still recovering from the cold, stamina isn't back as much I'd like, but thoughts aren't sliding away nearly as much, which is nice. *glances at ficcage backlog* ^^;;

Did archery this weekend and had a good turnout. It's really much more fun with about 8 or so people. ^__^ No bull's eyes this time, but didn't miss the target as much, so that's a good thing. Need to remember to pause after drawing back, take the time to aim before releasing.

D&D today was relaxed and fun. No major catastrophes, just major zombie-butt kicking. ^__^

... For the first time in a couple of months (wtf happened? huh.), picked up a new manga series to read. La Corda D'oro. It was something [livejournal.com profile] lil_1337 recommended, it's shoujou and kinda reverse-harem about a music contest. But it's kinda mellow and sweet and hasn't lost my attention yet. On volume 5 of 12, so we'll see how it goes.

And the 11th Doctor Who has been announced. And for those in fandom, a 11th Doctor Complaint Bingo Card, for some amusement amidst the whinging. XD


Aug. 11th, 2008 02:22 pm
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Oh, my sweet sweet crack addiction. I've missed you so.

Slayers Revolutions episodes 1-6
Yes, yes and more yes. Made of WIN. Pokota is annoying the first couple of episodes, but he's a good MacGuffin for right now and eventually grew on me. Have a murder mystery plotted out that when things die down again I'm hoping to play with.

Emma - A Victorian Romance
Okay, romance is not my usual cup of tea, but Megs talked me into this and it is made of win. Especially Hakim. And his elephants. And his entourage, four lovely ladies who follow him everywhere but don't speak or change expression. I love watching them, they drape over things so very prettily.
Is also very fun to spaz out over some of the historical details. They did a really good job on their research.

Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro episode one.
Last of the 'Ghost Clan' fights to keep the peace between Humans and Youkai. Not to be confused with 'Hakaba Kitaro', which is darker and more for adults. This one is definately a kid's show, lighter more comedic fare.
\o/ Am overjoyed to see this series subbed. It's one of those series that's been popular in Japan since the 60s but is non-existant in the US. And for bigger kicks, the Kitaro's VA is the same as Conan's. Mwuahahahahaaa. Go-go radio controlled geta!
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So we've got some hoo-ha in the SCA about some new BOD trying to remove the Warrants from the Waterbearers.
And all I can think is: "Save a Waterbearer, Save the World."
-Or at least a few Knights. ^^;; Thank you Ed, for that phrase.

Anyway. This week's anime is... More Kabuto. On the other hand, three new manga series:

Akuma to Dolce ch 1-8
Kept running into this one, so while craving some fluff, read it. Witch summons demons to grant her wishes/run errands and stuff, feeds them home-made sweets in exchange. Was actually kind of cute until the amnesia kicked in.

Akumetsu (Evil Extermination) ch 1-37
In an alternate verse, Japan is heavily in debt due to a series of corrupt politicians and bankers. Girl gets sold into prostitution, kind of rescued by a guy wearing an Oni mask calling himself 'Akumetsu', who looks like a boy in school she has a crush on. People die, Akumetsu gets shot, then his head blows up. Boom~!
... Head explodies set a pattern for the series...
I'm kind of torn on this one. On one hand, Akumetsu is an interesting character, and it's hard to dislike a guy who takes such joy in his chosen profession, even if it is taking out corrupt people with power in LOTS of messy ways. On the other hand, he's going around killing people in various messy ways. And it gets kind of heavy into the politics.
There's also the question, if you were suddenly granted the power to destroy evil an and change the world, what would you do? Would you saving people one by one or try to save them all?
So, um. Yeah. Will be adding to my weekly reading list. Very graphic, very WTF-ish, not for those who don't like a little gore. Or axes through people's heads.

Favourite Conversation:
Firefighter!Akumetsu: "But don't you suppose, since one of us has already jumped off a building this morning, that doing it again might cheapen the message?"
Samurai!Akumetsu: *apologetically, from on top of a skyscraper* "I apologise for that. I had actually planned to fall down some stairs like the guy in 'Fall Guy', but I've been cornered by the police. As a form of retribution, I offer a splendid Quintuple-Axel Jump."
Firefighter!Akumetsu: "That's our Akumetsu! Something to look forward to for sure!"

Belmonde le VisiteuR ch 1-19 (end)
This one kinda reminded me of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro at the beginning. Takes place in 17th century France, Belmonde (Bele to his friends), bastard child of a witch and a noble man, lives underground as a Inquisitor for Cardinal Richelieu, torturing people to confess.
... in very strange ways. This is a comedy, after all. ^^;;
Finishes at 19 chapters, but it's an abrupt ending. I get the feeling that this was the mangaka's first series and it got pulled early, before the massive story arc could get started.
I kind of enjoyed it until it segued into a bastardised version of the Three Musketeers. My suggestion: read until you find out the mastermind who is sending assassins after Belmonde, then write your own ending.

And Inuyasha ended this week. Ranma may have been the hook that got me into anime, but Inuyasha was my first major manga series. *sighs* The time flew by so fast.

Campus Cops Duklyon/Kamen Rider Kabuto/Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu - Bug Zapper
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Hakaba Kitaro episodes 8-9
Haven't been able to track down episodes 4-7, but it didn't really effect the overall plot. Kitaro takes over an abandon house from a business man and we end up with several Addams' Family-ish scenes as his severed hand goes running around. And then Kitaro and Rat-Man get get into a tiff that results in them playing for opposite sides in a confrontation between a Fog Vampire and a Politician and no one wins.

Was going to catch up on The Daughter of Twenty Faces when we got hit by a post-series Kamen Rider Kabuto plunnie, which resulted in:

Kamen Rider Kabuto, spisode 47-49, Hyper Battle, 36, 43-46 and 5-9
-in that order.
Think our characterisations of the characters got a bit mixed up, because we started out with Kagami trying to be friends with Tendou and Tendou having none of it, to the two of them trying to glue themselves to each other's hips (well, except for one fight) and then back again.
... why is this series so dang addictive?! And it's Live Action! WTF?!

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Earth Logic
Magic Kaito: Gordian Knot - Fury (end series)
Kamen Rider Kabuto Comment Fic: Koi
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Hee. Meant to do this earlier but the last part of Gordian Knot ate our brains. But! The fic is done and is currently off to the various betas and will be posted in a day or so. ^___^

So! The only anime I ended up watching was more Code Geass and Detective Conan movie 5. No new anime. However, I did watch some *gasp!* live action. *checks for sky falling*

Kamen Rider Kabuto Episodes 1-4
This is all [livejournal.com profile] lazulisong's fault. For talking about it. lots. And then bribed me with a dollar to get Ysabet to watch. Hasn't happened yet, but we'll see. >D
Um, spaceship fell to earth, Tokyo Tower survived, Shibuya didn't, things came with it, Masked Rider system fights shape shifting Worms. The girls are cute, Kagami reminds me of a young Takagi, Tendou egotistically points to the sky a lot and they're very, very slashy together.
Was giving serious debate into sitting down and watching it, only to realise it's 49 episodes and a movie, which is kinda long. May end up watching it between other stuff. Or switch over to Den-o, which Meg is also squeeing about.
(Re: Long - I know, I know, Conan fan. >P)

Comic Relief: David Tennant and Catherine Tate
[livejournal.com profile] avilina linked me to this one and I've been giggling madly about it since. "Are you the Doctor?" "... Doctor who?"
For those of you whom the accent gets a bit thick, (*raises hand*) here is most of the transcript and the definition of the word 'bovvered'.

Comic Relief: Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death
Done in 1999, prior to the current round of seasons as a parody with Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Grant and Joanna Lumley as The Doctor. Details are here, the rest I'll explain later. ^___^
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Not much read this week. Since words are currently failing, short summaries:

Nurarihyon no Mago
Schweet youkai story. Rikuo is a quarter youkai and next in line to take over as Master of the Nurari youkai clan. One problem, his human side doesn't want to be the next boss, but his youkai side does. *loves on the Hyakkiyakou* Also, anti-grav hair. Recommended for the supernatural fans.

Beach Stars
One girl's search to continue playing volleyball, and her answer: Dress in a bikini and play it on the sand. Fluff and fanservice.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Chapter 194:
*random squeeeeeeeeeee* ZOMG Gokudera rocks so damn much. And his kitty! \o/

Last Night:
*Reading [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets while watching Code Geass*
"Hey! There's a Code Geass secret! You gotta see this."
"We'll pause it after this scene!"
*Watches a panicked Lelouch chase after a cat and laughs*
*hits pause*

cut for image )
"...I gotta go grab my camera."

-and completely random, does anyone know who the Kaitou Kid Cosplayer at Anime North was?
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Read manga this week, not much anime.

Soul Eater ch 1-36, 47:
Think 'Bleach' meets 'Nightmare Before Christmas' with the architecture done by the artist of 'King of Bandit Jing'. cut for teal-deer )

Fraken Fran )

Embalming: The Another Tale of Frankenstein )
... huh. Didn't realise that it was done by the same guy who did Kenshin.

Double Arts )

Anime! Well, technically I saw the first episode of Soul Eater, but there's a big enough ramble above.

Code Geass episodes 1-4:
Um. *taps arm* Crack, please.

... And that's really all I got. #^^#

Ficcage: Code Geass - The Meaning of Zero
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*glances at clock* Rabbit rabbit, white rabbit.

For not-quite homicidal people with short attent- oooooh Lookie! Shiny!

-It's my new sketchbook. ^___^ Done with silver nailpolish that was laying around. Kinda appropriate, since 'Gokudera with Skulls' is the first pic.

Anyway. This week's anime. Didn't get to Code Geass, sorry.

Rockman X OVA:
When they re-released Rockman X (Megaman X in the US) as 'Rockman Irregular Hunter X', they released an OVA could be unlocked in the game called 'The Day of Sigma', explaining how Sigma went from the leader of the Irregular Hunters and into the Big Bad of the series.
The OVA changed some things in the story line from the original games, but as a non-gamer, it's still nice to see the characters interact with the world a bit more. The English Dub is okay, but the raw Japanese sends me into giggles everytime X uses 'Watashi', was totally expecting him to use 'boku'.
(the Rockman X fandom will always hold a special place in my slasher heart for the fanboys thinking that X and Zero sleeping together before the fangirls got there. That, and in the Japanese, the 'bad guys' are called 'Irregulars', which makes it sound like they have to go to the toilet lots.
Also, when Zero gets his own series, he trades his white briefs for women's panties, bless his little berserker mecha heart.
That reminds me, should finish those fics...)

Rockman.exe, various episodes of the first season
-One of those series I saw in Japan, was excited when it came to the US, only to discover a new name 'Megaman NT Warriors', new names and some of the original jokes removed. Can only find bits and pieces of the five seasons of the show translated. *Shrugs* Standard shonen fare, good for some mindless entertainment. Understand that it gets more serious the farther along it goes.

I kinda wanna do a Rockman X / Astro Boy crossover now, the two robots/reploids/androids griping about having to save humanity, only I get the feeling it should involve booze. Can't quite figure out how to get robots drunk though.

Naruto Shippouden the Movie:
Naruto dies, Flamey boy is bendy, Miko is bitchy, Naruto lives, but is still an idiot.
I'm sorry, was distracted by chat and reading about a the thirteen year old who stole his father's credit card to buy hookers.. Not really impressed by the movie.
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... Am amused to notice that I'm now dividing the weekend retorts into two parts, RL and Fandom, after having been surprised lately about how many SCA stalkers I have, who have nothing to do with fandom and who are confused by it.
Ah, well. Serves the journal's dual purpose of keeping track of RL and Fandom friends well.

Nijuu Mensou no Musume / Daughter of Twenty Faces 1-3:
The main character, Chiko, could easily fall into the 'Annoying Mary-Sue Cliche' type of category. Luckily, she has avoided that. I've been highly impressed with what I've seen of the series (RANDOM SUBMARINE FTW!!!), the art is great and there's enough action and mental puzzles to keep me a happy squid. Thus far, I'd recommend this one, especially to the mystery crowd.
Makes me wish I could find translations of the original Twenty Faces stories by Edogawa Rampo, he sounds as much of a hoot as Arsene Lupin.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's 1-4:
COULD THE MAIN CHARACTER HAVE ANY LESS PERSONALITY?! It's like Heero Yuy all over again, but without the maniacal laughter. Hoping that the appearance of a rival ('Jack Atlas' *snerk*) and a jail-bait facial tattoo might make things more interesting.
Despite being massively underwhelmed by this series, cannot wait to see more. *Facepalm* Which, strangely enough, seems to be the overall opinion of the series.

And we're watching D.Gray-man during anime nights. *Shrugs* I read the manga about two years ago, still remember the plot, not really all that impressed. Although Lavi is love, despite being named after a toilet.

Next Anime: Sean gave me Code Geass to watch. All I know is that it has bishies, one of whom might wear a bastard cloak. And possibly mecha. We'll see.

Manga wise, enjoyed this week's chapter of xxxHOLiC and catching up on Fairy Tail. Am moving out of reading Phoenix Wright fanfic and strangely drifting back into reading RockMan X, which is like our android comfort food fandom.
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Okay! Black Jack. Was blown up as a small child while playing with his Mom on a beach by a previously unexploded bomb, was put back together by Honma-sensei, who then inspired him and later mentored him to become a surgeon. Mom died shortly after, Dad abandoned them both and ran off with another woman. Currently operates as an unlicensed surgeon who charges huge amounts for his services, yet people still go to him because he's one of the five best in the world. (given name, 'Kuroo', ie 'Black' and 'Jack' is a man's name.)

-He's unlicensed because he gave it up after working with the hospital would not allow him to save the life of Kisaragi, the love of his life, due to politics. (he did it anyway and his license was revoked, she lived, but now lives as a guy-? o_O) Has a reputation for greed because he charges lots because what exactly is a life worth? -Although he cultivates the greedy reputation himself and often turns around and ignores the fee or accepts barter instead, depending on the people or the circumstances.
Currently lives with his sidekick/daughter Pinoko, and a dog that steals stuff.

The Ultimate Emo, IMHO, not because he dresses in black, but because he solves everything by Cutting.

Black Jack: Select episodes only. Still waiting for more of these 56 episodes to be subbed, because I want more of Pinoko's backstory. 'She's a tumour put into a child-size mannequin body' doesn't quite seem to work, yanno?
... Although her constant claims of being 18 and Black Jack's wife would make an interesting crossover with Conan, considering that most of the time she acts her apparent age...

Black Jack 21: Black Jack is on the run from a mysterious organisation who is looking into the secret of immortality. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Kidnappers get massive props for calling Pinoko his daughter. XD Less props to same secret organisation for constantly referring to him as 'BJ'. *sporfles every time*
Also, someone PLEASE tell him that a scarred face, half-white/half-black hair and wearing a long black cloak over a tuxedo might be fashionable, but it is NOT low-profile. o_O

Black Jack - Two Doctors of Darkness: Cut for length and random musings on characters )

Anyway. The movie is about a corporation developing bio-weapons and Black Jack trying to stop them and heal everyone at the same time before Kiriko does his thing. Still trying to figure out the tune being whistled through most of it. Also, Best Reminder To Turn Off the Cellphone During The Movies. Ever.

Black Jack OVA - The Four Miracles of Life: Four short stories about various cases Black Jack has taken on. A Mafia boss who wants his rotten son brought back from brink of death, even if it means killing someone else, an old woman and her sons on her birthday, a robot hospital who requires an 'operation' and a back story of when Black Jack was young and what happened to a scalpel that was accidentally left inside of him.

Really not that much anime watched this week, somehow stumbled into reading Phoenix Wright fanfiction and haven't wandered out yet. *cackles at Edgeworth and Phoenix*
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Youngest Sister: “I’m trying to explain to my boyfriend that we’re from New Mexico, but we’re not hillbillies like that.”
*garbled comment from boyfriend in the background*
Youngest Sister: ”Jess, do you drink?”
Icka!: ”No.”
Youngest Sister: ”Do you do crack?”
Icka!: ”No. -Not unless you count anime, but I watch that, but not snort it.”
Youngest Sister: "... Ye-ah. No. So anyway..."

The Fanfic Panel went very well, even if we did have more panellists (6) then attendees. Kinda ended up doing a circle type thing instead and everyone seemed to have fun.
We got asked if we'd be interested in doing it again for Yaoi Jamboree in June and [livejournal.com profile] ysabet, [livejournal.com profile] lil_1337 and I said yes to doing three fanfiction panels there. So if you're going, we'll see you there!

-And then I ate the evil pork and we ended up going home kinda early. >P Rather surprised I haven't had to worship the porcelain god this time, but have been queasy and tired. But! This has given me an excuse to catch up on anime! ^__^

-This week's series-

It's got pretty shoujou boys-? Not my cup of tea.
Number of Silver Haired Characters: 1

Gintama (manga)
Um... I read it? :/ Is the anime better or something?
Number of Silver Haired Characters: 2-ish

13 (manga)
Have you ever noticed that girls interested in extraordinary guys can stay ordinary, but an ordinary guy interested in an extraordinary girl must become extraordinary as well? Much assassin love.
Number of Silver Haired Characters: ?

Suteki Tantei Labyrinth (anime 1-8)
Attention Blushing Sparkling Women of Series: PLZ TO BE STOP HITTING ON THE CUTE 12-YEAR OLD BOY. Srsly. )
Number of Silver Haired Characters: 3! Including twins! \o/

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (anime episodes 25, 1-3)
-Have been following the manga of this since late 2005, when Ecchi_Troopers started scanning the series. Been overjoyed as of late that other groups have picked it up and it's now almost completely up to date. \o/ -Mainly because the anime started up.Yes, another Tantei Series )
Number of Silver Haired Characters: 2

Black Jack 21 (anime 1-3)
Watching it because it's Tezuka and to explain a funny pic we saw on 4chan. #^^# 4chan gets us into so many series XD
So far, so good. The World's Greatest Unlicensed Surgeon, on the run from the Black Ops. Eagerly watching more.
Number of Silver Haired Characters: ½


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