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So this weekend was a bit crazy.

Friday - Have driven over 1,000 miles on my scooter. An aunt needed help moving heavy concrete bricks, so threw my brother Sean in the back of Kabuto and drove to her house. First time with a passenger.
..... it was... Interesting (nerve-wracking). Plus side, did not crash, and Sean now wants a scooter too! #^^#

Saterday - Helped people move, realised how often I do that. o_O Lots of experience. ^^;; And then babysitting!

Sunday - Ditto, but with looking at showerheads too.

Monday - Got bookshelves, Cleaned my room, Painted the gutters, put the blankets Grandpa hand-wove into spacebags, and realised that Great-Grandpa's chest (which he made as a seat for his ox-drawn cart) has essentially turned into a Hope Chest, holding the blankets and dishes I can't currently use. ^^;;

.... and this was my time OFF?! Think there's something wrong in my head.

Leave for England in 40 days. Got renewed passport on Friday, which is a huge stress off my back.

To Do:
Possibility get some nicer tops. ^^;;
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Last week was... Interesting.

There are 4 of us who answer the phones. One has been out with wrist surgery for a week, and may or may not be back on Monday.
One's been stuffy and hacking up a lung for over week, and finally went to the doctor on Wednesday with bronchitis which turned had into pneumonia by Friday.

Which leaves just two of us. To make things MORE fun.... the number of orders increased.

This has been a -quiet- weekend, thank you very much. Tomorrow's gonna be... Um. Yeah. ^^;;

On the upside, I got a LOT of writing done this weekend!

Was just checking out my calendar and found something kind of amusing. I'm home the 24-26 of this month. The entire rest of May... is housesitting. *laughs* And then none until the 4th of July!

Also, thinking of getting a shorter SCA e-mail address, since my current one is 27 characters, not including the @ or .com
Yasha.Poisoner, Yasha.Nomad or Yasha.SCA?

Anyway. Writing:
Hawai'i Five-0 / Due South - Insane Partners (and the sane ones who keep them alive)
DC/MK [Rooftop Conversations] - The Stars, the Sun, and what they did with the Moon, Part One. (wip warning)
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This weekend was.. exhausting. Food Poisoning on friday, Archery Championship on Sat (I had to leave teardown earlier than I would have liked because no food for 26 odd hours + dehydration = suckage) which lead to realising that another 8-10 hours outside was not a good idea, so skipped Gawd Awful Grail on Sunday to help [profile] kyrakai with setting up and tearing down an Easter feast for some elderly friends of hers, plus guests. Which was delicious and more fun than expected, but still a lot of work.

... It's kinda weird to realise that the work days are more relaxing than the weekend. ^^;;

So Sean and I started watching Hawai'i Five-O on Sat while I chugged water, and both enjoyed it quite a bit. Hawai'i is now on both of our lists as a place to visit.
-Not because of the scenery (sand, water, bleh) or the eyecandy, but because the bad guys seem competent. And don't wear their pants around their knees.

Which made for much amusement today when I got an order with the callsign "Danno".

Other series that we picked up this weekend "Tiger and Bunny". Which is kinda mecha, totally superhero reality anime. And it's full of delicious snark. and fanservice. ('Bunny' is Wild Tiger's nickname for his partner).

Speaking of snark, for [profile] kyrakai, since she mention Booster Gold is now on Smallville, THIS. THIS IS YOUR BOOSTER GOLD AND BLUE BEETLE CANON.
Especially this. This is totally canon. \o/ *loves*

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Guy on the bus loudly proclaims that he "He looooves Hey-sus." As I was pre-occupied with hemming, I wondered if he was gay and his partner's name was 'Jesus'. And if this mean he 'found religion'. Ultimately, he was pulling a zealously Christian woman's leg. (if I can hear you proselytizing from the back of the bus when you're next to the driver, you're too loud.)

Job interview as a car salesman. Didn't get the job, but I walked away feeling more uplifted and confidant than I have in a long time. Which is weird. Cause, job interview.
Was told beforehand that if I couldn't think of what to say, Think of what my former salesman co-worker would do. That morning, it turned to 'What would Brian Boitano Do?'. By the time I got there, it was 'What would Adam Lambert do?'
That's easy. SPARKLE! (not like a vampire)

Saw Sherlock Holmes. Main thing is that this is the first time I can see Sherlock Holmes as a Man, a Person, rather than an Icon.

On the bus home, there was a guy rapping about how he was A: dripping with gold, jewels, and hos. And B: 'Gonna be America's next M.D.'.
No. Just... no.

Another job interview! Supervisor at a vocational school for developmentally disabled. Following that, proceeded to have this exact conversation TWICE:
Icka!: "Had a job interview today. I'm not sure how well I did."
Guy: "How well did you think you did?"
Icka!: "... I'm not sure how well I did."

Conversation last night about how the Smallville writers most likely did not read Larry Niven's Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex, because there'd be a lot more holes in Clark's walls. And possibly dead livestock. And it's a good thing Lex has enhanced healing ablities. Follow path into acceptable gutter, etc, etc.

In the meantime, working on Estrella Garb and Pr0n Battle 9 prompts. All fics are due by 1 Feb, if you wanna join in. Or just read the prompts. They're funny.

Ficcage: Bones/Stargate Atlantis - Geek Talk (It's Hot).
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I am exhausted and constantly starving this weekend. Exhausted I can explain, didn't get to sleep until 4am on Friday because I was so excited about petsitting (BIG DOGGIES YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!), and this morning I had a 5:30am wake-up time for helping with a Garage Sale.

-You Kiwis, btw? You can laugh. The one of the Kiwi pronunciations I've managed to retain is 'Garage'. It continues to confuse people. \o/ (that and 'aluminium')

But it's been a good couple of days. Got to babysit yesterday which resulted in the line: "We have to go inside now, my butt is singing."
-It was followed by an enthusiastic little boy proclaiming "Oh! Your butt is singing! We have to go inside! Right now!"
...mobile phone timers are wonderful things. ^__^

The best story of the day for the Garage sale was the elderly gent who was talking about a garage sale he went to that had a big sign out front: "Hagglers Welcome."
After laughing about that, he talked about a garage sale he held where people would try to argue him down from $.50 an item to $.25. He's say no, but he could make them a deal, 2 for $1, and they'd jump all over it.
^^;; People are silly.

Nother gent said that my outfit (a sundress over cargo pants) was very 'Chic'. Which is both flattering and confusing as 'chic' is not generally a word associated with myself. o_O

Current earworm - Blitzen Trapper: Black River Killer.
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Helped Sarah and William set up Xan's new play structure this Saterday. Sean is so mighty, that he managed to torque a 5/8th bolt in half. We're seeing about naming him 'Armstrong'. He poses well. Can't quite get the pink sparkles yet, but he's working in it. ^___^

Posted an advert on Craigslist for housesitting and already gotten two responses back. One asking if I 'need help paying my bills' and one asking if I work in Vail. Um...

In the meantime... ZIM!!! and hoping it doesn't rain on the demo today.

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Yup, that's what the fortune cookie said.

It feels like I've been really busy, yet doing nothing at all the past week. This past weekend I babysat on Friday, Saterday and Sunday nights, this week was running around and Knight Light Tourney, tonight is a farewell party, then this weekend is archery and helping people set stuff up. @_@

Also finally got the Photos of Yehudah's Memorial up.

Also, facebook is evil. ^^;; Yay MafiaWars!!!
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'OMG-It's-The-End-Of-Summer' bash over at [livejournal.com profile] lil_1337 and Johannes' house. I think some of the Scadians who came over were confused at the mockage of the movies, but they joined in and had fun too.

Watched Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, which yes, is as bad as it sounds. Um.. blond scientist babe's collar lowers and rises in direct proportion to the attractiveness of the guy next to her, a shark that dwarfs a battleship flies out of the water to eat a 747 and eats a lot of seamen, and the octopus gets his tentacles bitten off, in reverse.

Then there was 'Sharks in Venice, which stars one of the 'Lesser Baldwin' and therefore was mocked on that. Because there are NO sharks in Venice, just people who get randomly killed in propeller accidents. And the Mafia. Lots of Mafia.

And then! Zombie Strippers!
GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Seriously. As long as you don't mind T&A. First off, the Plot was better than the above. The Special Effects were better than the above. And it was FUN. And I think the title tells you all you need to know about the plot. Go see.

Prolly should have gone to D&D, tried to figure out what is wrong with the laptop instead. It works as long as I don't connect to the internet. Any program tries to access the net, it freezes and won't go further than that.
Drivers reinstalled and apparently working, Avast and S&D aren't finding any viruses problems, and can't access the net to get further diagnostic tools. *head desk*
Does not help jobhunt. ~_~
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Feb. 24th, 2009 01:41 am
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So Saterday, four stoners showed up to a presentation (we did NOT pass the knives to them) and Sunday was a Bridal Show. Bridal Shows are exhausting due to the sheer volume of people, but fun for the same reason.

Met a 75-year old lady, who had just recently married an 88-year old man (both their second wedding and hadn't anticipated marrying again) and was a blushing bouncing bride over it. She said the only main reason he married her was for her thin bony butt. ^__^

People also kept coming up to ask about my long red hair, which was interesting. >_@ Odd, but interesting.

Been chided by a few people for not letting people know what's going on, so here's the current schedule:
In Tucson tonight, but back up to Phoenix tomorrow for the week. And then it looks like Colorado, the Denver area, the week after that.
It'll be two or so weeks before I'm back in Tucson again. ^^;;
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Tucson Bridal Show right next to the Gun Show at the Tucson Convention Center. Insert jokes about 'Shotgun Weddings' here.

... Actually, that's not the strangest combination for conventions I've seen held at the same building. The second Yaoi-Con and a 'Christian Youth Fellowship' in the same hotel still holds that record.

Anyway, worked the Bridal Show today, forgotten how exhausting conventions are. Fun, but exhausting. Got off in time to make it to War Practise, just in time to help people pack up. Missed Johannes being awarded the Black Pheon for archery.
... Have been since notified that the 'h' in 'Pheon' is not silent and it should not be pronounce it as such.

Evidently there were some -very- interesting archery conversations that I missed and will have to catch up on. Including a badge for Atenvelt archers, which I look forward to. S'like 'Pimp my Bow' only better.

... Sorry. My brain has long since shut down with my body not far behind.

In the meantime, finished the first half of 'Gordian Knot-Taste of Flames' for [livejournal.com profile] fic_off. Am I the only one who is actually finishing stuff, or are people just forgetting to post?
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From Gargoyle House

It's the Gargoyle House. For those in Tucson, it's one house south of the intersection of 2nd and Longfellow, a few blocks north of Alvernon Park. Everytime I walk past here, the guy's added more stuff. Seriously, I'm in awe of this house.

So polling was this weekend and we do have a new Baron and Baroness. Master Sir Tighearnain and Sayyida Sabiha. Don't know them very well, but I wish them luck! They're gonna need it! ^__^

D&D was amusing and rowdy as ever, heading through the Zombie-infested castle. It was decided that this week's campaign was 'Face-Raep O'Clock', which is a more specific variant of the previous campaign, which was simply 'Raep O'Clock'. Also, there was much ado about Shift.
The Warlock didn't take kindly to the comment "Observe the Emo in his Natural Habit." XD

Also started learning Mah-jong during a household meeting. It's complicated, but interesting. ^___^

Was talking to someone about this, but the Tucson Sculpture Resource Center is currently offering 10pm-early blacksmithing shop. This flyer was found at the Safehouse. I particularly like the comment at the bottom about "Participation is Entirely At Your Discretion. -If you're going to kill yourself, Go Outside and do it! Think about the poor BASTARD that has to clean all that shit up!".
-give you warm fuzzies, doesn't it? ^________________^

In the meantime, wondering if I ripped out my left eye if the sinus pain would stop and I could concentrate again. That'd be nice, right?
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Not much to report on the life of the Icka. Still recovering from the cold, stamina isn't back as much I'd like, but thoughts aren't sliding away nearly as much, which is nice. *glances at ficcage backlog* ^^;;

Did archery this weekend and had a good turnout. It's really much more fun with about 8 or so people. ^__^ No bull's eyes this time, but didn't miss the target as much, so that's a good thing. Need to remember to pause after drawing back, take the time to aim before releasing.

D&D today was relaxed and fun. No major catastrophes, just major zombie-butt kicking. ^__^

... For the first time in a couple of months (wtf happened? huh.), picked up a new manga series to read. La Corda D'oro. It was something [livejournal.com profile] lil_1337 recommended, it's shoujou and kinda reverse-harem about a music contest. But it's kinda mellow and sweet and hasn't lost my attention yet. On volume 5 of 12, so we'll see how it goes.

And the 11th Doctor Who has been announced. And for those in fandom, a 11th Doctor Complaint Bingo Card, for some amusement amidst the whinging. XD
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Should be getting up to head to Scribble, but lacking in energy at the moment. And non-anime projects. So, posting.

Um... Thanksgiving was a quiet affair, next year I'm going to try to remember to bring a video we can mock or something. Still, good food and good company.

We actually had people show up to Archery on Saterday which is a huge huzzah, including a couple of people new to the SCA. Herding them towards the Newcomer's group, cause there's more to the SCA than just firing projectiles.

In D&D, we just had our first death. The Wizard bit the dust, death by a swarm of itty bitty tiny spiders. It was kinda funny, after the game, we sat around and talked, it was like a real person had died, not a 'made-up character'.
Also got us thinking about what we want for our next characters. Since my little halfing is going to be dead (or turned into a Hag) at the end of the campaign, currently thinking a Teifling Cleric. Named 'Ratchet' >D mwuahahahahaa. (a buxom character called 'Belle Curve' was also suggested.)
Best line of the game was our Rouge looking at the DM and demanding to know if he was just making up this shit as he went along.
.... The answer was 'yes'.
Also, Dwarves should not A: be better at athletics than the rest of this and show it up while dismounting and B: Sparkle ala Armstrong from FullMetal Alchemist. *shudders*

Happy Birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] socchan and [livejournal.com profile] wren_chan!!!

Ficcage: Four scenes from Guard Dog.
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Wow. Seriously not doing well on the typing thing today.

Stopped by Silver Sea earlier, got to see how Lizzie was doing after the car crash. She's okay, but her dogs are still hurting. For more details, see here.
... also got a pair of kick-ass tiny silver hoops. >D

Spent the day with [livejournal.com profile] scrib_ari and children, which was fun. Saw 'Wall-E' and the 'Tinkerbell Movie', neither of which I'd seen before, then they dragged me out to sushi. Never eaten at Sakura before, was kinda interesting. Also, sake continues to kick my ass.

First off, I don't think I've ever gotten so much pr0n for my birthday before. Thank for everyone's birthday wishes! Especially Saitania, who remembered very early. ^___^

So, ARCHERY! ... only Sean, Johannes and I showed up. And this was after big flurry of conversation on the list. o_O? Still was massive amounts of fun, especially watching them try to shoot and laugh at the same time.

Um... wrote some, watched Black Adder 3&4 some, then headed down to downtown Tucson for Ghost Girl Tours of Historic Downtown Tucson. I really had no idea how old some of the buildings and how rich the history is here. (like the unexpected funeral parlour!) Planning on doing the Turquoise Trail Walking Tour sometime, find out more.
A lot of people were also able to photograph some ghost orbs around some of the more ghostly hotspots. There's another ghost tour, this time of the Presido, on 13 December if people are interested.

Went to dinner with friends, then to Johannes' for cake. Think I kinda surprised/annoyed people that when the time came to blow out the candles, I pulled out a folding fan and BLEW them out. >D

Really, very quiet day.

D&D report. I missed a week, come back to find that the war has started and we now have horses.
Horses? Are totally awesome. They can attack the enemy. "Attack! My little Pony!" *DM sends a smack around the circle for that one*
Conversation touched on D&Ding with cartoon characters, and how exactly you would accommodate for physics there. Our wizard decided that playing a Smurf would rock.
The conversation then shifted to exactly how would one make a model for a Smurf in scale with the rest of the figures. Solutions included dis-embodied heads and pubic hair.
... M'not touching that last one. XD
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Okay, so this weekend was rather quiet.

Submitted Meg's boyfriend to the Transformers Movie. Finally finished [livejournal.com profile] spook_me fic: Magic Kaito/Transformers 2007 - Made in Japan, which topped out at 18,007 words. @_@

Started the day by scrambling eggs for breakfast and getting a double-yolked egg.
Which, after a quick search means that I'll either: Have a death in the Family (boo), a marriage is imminent (meh) or I'll double my finances soon. (please?)
Did archery, freaked everyone out with an open stance with the long bow, but managed to make one bullseye. Still need more practise, I'd like more arrows to actually hit the target m'aiming for and not the target behind it.
Ran around like mad with Johannes looking at a new potential (FREE!) archery site, went to a SCA meeting, scanned artwork and zoned out for a bit.

Um... henna'd hair?

Did laundry (thank you Linda!), went to a party at Scribble and watched Hot Fuzz. Never seen it before but am hoping to see it again in the future because the movie kicked ass.

Hot Fuzz Fic Recs )
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Well, Friday was already commented on, and didn't do much on Saterday except sleep and try to work on ficcage, so Sunday!

Um. Yeah. Somehow, we've managed to bring War to the Duchy, in the form of every single freakin' goblin within a month's march and prolly further. And we've got a week to set up defenses and start start picking them off. @_@

... And I might have just killed of my character by having her offer the Hags hugs in return for them kicking ass.

However, we did get several good conversations out of tonight's discussions

"I have not Falcon Punched anyone since I changed genders!"

There was a ten minute pause in gameplay so we could discuss the the Warlock stroking the Wizard's staff and some confusion about which staff he was stroking exactly. And if it was hot, cold or throbbing.

"If you're gonna go, we should all go! We're a Team!"
---- looooong silence -----
*Everyone else breaks out into laughter.*

... In the mean time, I'm still undecided for the upcoming election because I'm not gonna base my decision on what information the media is feeding people. At this point, I'm seriously considering writing in a choice for 'Lord Voldemort', so when/if things go down the crapper, I can say 'Don't look at me, I voted for Lord Voldemort'.
Which then brings up the question, in that case, why vote for the lesser evil? Go Cthulhu!

[livejournal.com profile] spook_me Fic: Magic Kaito/Transformers Movie - Made in Japan Part 1 of 2.
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From Tucson

-We made sugar candy skulls at Bookman's on Thursday. This one is mine. #^^# Also made some smaller skulls for children to decorate during the Día de los Muertos celebration at the Downtown Library later this week. (how to make sugar skulls)

Got there a little late, just in time to hear the rules and everyone heading out for a stagger.
Some of the pics came out blurry, but they're still pretty cool.
... Found some video for it. About 34 seconds in, there's someone singing 'Brains! Brains! Brains! Brains!', wearing a white lab coat and waving a plastic baggie around. That's me. I got one of those brains that you put in water and they're supposed to grow.
... Only my brain didn't grow. ~_~
Told everyone it was a cat brain instead. Small snack. Meow.

Still, a lot of fun. Broke people's minds by only saying 'Brains' and offering them the brain in a bag. Although one person suggested that I inform people that it was testes instead. Zombie Jesus was pretty damn cool too.
[Edit: I'm in this one as well, 26 seconds in, singing about brains again. Which I only did a few times. WTF?]

Woke up early and headed out with Megs to the Southern Crusades clean up. Crusades is only 2 weeks away!! Aaaah!
On the plus side, the site was really clean, aside from some... um... interesting NFWS bathroom
graffitti. Megs gave Ivan and Iaunk a Guinness Chocolate Cake to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.

D&D! Missed last week's game, but was able to get back into play easily. Attack with Bashing Shield from the top of a tree onto a Shadow Hound FTW.
Best conversation this week was a discussion about 'it is better to light a flamethrower than to sit and curse the darkness'.
... which, being D&D, turned into 'Better to throw a Fireball at the Darkness, than to sit and curse it'.
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... Every time I see that scene in the Transformers movie where Bumblebee shows back up in the new camero mode and they play 'Battle Without Honour or Humanity', I can't help but think of that 'Bouncing Without Honour or Humanity Again' AMV I linked to a while back and wonder where the bouncing is. C'mon, hydraulics or something.

Anyway. Last night of housesitting, am washing linens and straightening up. This place is really nice, but it's 2mi/3.2km to the nearest bus stop, making it kinda isolated. Still, a nice walk.

Um, quiet weekend, hanging out with the dogs and got some writing done. [livejournal.com profile] spook_me is gonna be prolly about 11,000 words at this point, m'wondering when we got so verbose.

Also, Does anyone know someone who makes resumes cheap here in Tucson? The 'Functional Resume' format continues to illude me.

Green lipstick is love. Matches my nails. Mwuahahahahahaaa.

Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] bigdee!!!
Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
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*curls up, tucks tail over eyes*

Okay, whooo. Was expecting Saterday to be, like, NUTS. First Archery Practise of the season! We had about 16 people show up, including 3 kids. Massively cool. Still adapting from a horse bow to a long bow, have some lovely bruises on the inside my arm (despite the arm guard), including one that looks like the Eye of Sauron. Marshaled about half the practise, I think. Which works well for me, could use the practise for Southern.
Then went and helped [livejournal.com profile] shade_scribbler and [livejournal.com profile] yu_gi_oh_freak move into their new place, which is coloured really brightly and oddly and so completely ROCKS. Especially the backyard. I want a house like that when I grow up.
Ended up home surprisingly early and did lots of reading/research for the Spook_me fic, which has eaten my brain. OMG, World Building? Not a problem. Already set up in a way that is so fantastically brain breaking I could just gibber incoherently. *flails*
Also? Breakdancing Soundwave. Nice remix song too, keep using it as background music.

D&D! Evidently Sean and my characters were knocked out and dragged around last week while he and I were out. So! We have gotten back into town and discovered what our sending the Goblin King a cake with our Condolences on it has wrought.
... The Goblin King sent an army to raze the town in return. The town? SO not happy with us. Any pastries we buy from the Baker now has to be reported. My candle obsessed Halfling now has three candles that look and smell like pies. Two cherry, one peach.
-have a list of odd comments during game that I'll have to post later, but the best one came about by accident, when two conversations collided:
"Holy Fuck!"
"... How much?"

~_~ Didn't look at the internet before Scribble, which would have told me that Scribble was canceled due to plague. I ended up at the wrong house anyway. Ah, well. Still had fun hanging out and talking, then going out for pie with Shoshana and discussing travel. Whoo, Travel!


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