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I freely admit, picked up the manga to read because of the blue ninja frog in Keroro Gunsou.

.... That and it's freaking Tezuka Osamu, the BAMF Godfather of Manga.

Oddly enough, Dororo (A kiddie way of saying 'Dorobu', or 'Thief') isn't the main character. Dorobo is the sidekick to Hyakki-maru (100 Deamon-Male), whose Father started this whole thing years before we meet Dororo by offering pieces of his soon-to-be born child to 48 Devils in exchange for becoming the ruler.
When Hyakki-maru is born, missing massive parts of himself, he knows for sure his wish has been granted. The Mother convinces the Father to put the baby in a basket and set it adrift, rather than killing the infant outright.

Fortunately, Hyakki-maru is picked up by a Doctor, who not only raises him, but gives him prosthetic limbs, spine, eyes, ears, nose, the missing piece. His prosthetic arms come off, not only do they work as hands, but they're scabbards for the katana attached to his arms.

Which looks frikking awesome on the action shots, but a tad confusing in the elbow department.

Every time he kills one of the 48 Devils, he gets a body part back. In the meantime, he gets by using bamf telepathy.

Dororo is a child thief who refuses to back down, and laughs when caught or beaten. Dororo's got a couple of major secrets that unfold as the series goes on.

And together, they fight crime. GORY crime.

And by crime, I mean Youkai and various Deamons that are running around killing people for food, Samurai who are running around killing people because they can, and random people who are running around killing people for money, food, and because they can.

It's like Pyschic Steampunk Ronin meets Ghost Stories with Blood and Guts everywhere. Set in the same time period as Inuyasha. (Hmmm...bad plot bunny, bad....)

Fight scenes are amazing, the characters are lush, and the story had me up until almost 2am reading it. I want to know more about the 'caustic water made from green plums' he uses for purification purposes too. Yay, research!

The only complaint I had is the ending, which is a bit... abrupt. 3 volumes of build-up, to be (sorta) wrapped up in 4 pages. It's like Tezuka decided he had other stuff to work on and ended it as quickly as possible.

I understand that the 2007 live action movie (which looks AMAZING) corrects this. It looks like it's on Netflix, so will be watching it soon. <3

Overall, 4 out of 5 stars, mostly for the ending, and I'm not sure how well the Tezuka-ness will translate over to most people, there's always complex issues under the layers.

One Piece

Feb. 25th, 2012 07:43 pm
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So Ian discovered my ancient HK dvds of One Piece and started watching them. Favourite HK line so far:

Luffy: "Ah? A cemetary? I should offer my condolences.... confidence... condoms..."
Genzo: "Condolences is fine."

Some people hate HKs for the crappy translations, I watch HKs for them... (as Col Smoker announces that he 'ate the smoking nuts' to Luffy on screen...)

Currently re-reading the manga, since I'd never really read past the Alabasta arc before. Averaging 100 chapters a day, just finished the Skypiea arc.

But noticed something kinda interesting. At the beginning, after Coby and Luffy have defeated Alvida, Luffy says that he's looking for crew members, specfically Zoro, who is being held captive.

Dunno about the anime, but in the manga, Zoro's mentioned twice earlier in the chapter. The first time out of Luffy's earshot, and again by Alvida upon meeting Luffy, who simply states that Luffy is not Zoro. Yet Luffy not only knows who Zoro is, but knows where he's at, the same island Coby is heading towards.

Which means Luffy had heard of Zoro before setting sail, and had already decided on him as a Nakama, ‘if he is a good guy’.

This is interesting because it's the only break in a pattern. Luffy and Zoro need a navigator, they run across Nami. They need a ship, they acquire both the Going Merry and Ussop. They realise they need a cook, and Johnny directs them to Sanji. They need a doctor, they meet Chopper.

With the exception of Zoro, who Luffy purposesly goes and gets, the crew is gathered as they're needed.

-I'm sure there's a fic in there, but I'm not sure exactly what.
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So, [personal profile] skyechan says to me, that if I'm not going to watch 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' with her and CarpetCrawler, I should watch Keroro Gunsou/Sgt Frog.

My introduction to the series was several yaoi douinshi with them all as humans, and this AMV at AnimeExpo 2005. It's Marilyn Manson screaming Beautiful People, to some of the more dramatic and disturbing shots of the anime.

.... I thought it was a serious series. So I tried the manga and couldn't get the 'Serious Invasion Series' idea to match up with 'Random Comedy' and didn't make it past a few chapters.

This time, walked into it knowing it was a comedy. Was bored the first couple of episodes, then suddenly.... There's this red guy. With a short temper. Blowing stuff up.

Long story short, am now hooked. It's like Invader Zim. Only with Frogs. And Fanservice.

Cut for ramblings and musing on various characters )

Completely unrelated, [profile] wren_chan requested that I pimp a joint project between herself and [personal profile] ocianne, Manga Scans of the first two chapters of Magic Kaito Volume 3.
Star Wars is avaliable as a zip here.
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P&F in Wonderland
Phineas and Ferb cast as Alice in Wonderland characters
Because it made me giggle like a loon.
Y'know how hard it is to make a platypus smile?!

So the result of having a 4 year old in the house for the past week or so meant that we watched a lot of Phineas and Ferb.

Had caught a few episodes here and there, but never sat down and watched it. Very good series, and creatively funny too. Ended up scaring co-workers earlier this week after having Ferb's crazy dancing stuck in my head. Want that music as a ringtone.

The ficcage is already starting to eat our brains. We have Nerd Persuasion, a Baljeet and Buford friendship fic (if you get a chance, check out the lj-cut text) and Growing Old with Doofenshmirtz and Perry rivalry up on the fic blog.
.... Also have another posted to a prompt on the [community profile] disney_kink meme (prompt and response is gen) that somehow ended up being the second half of a fic, so holding off archiving until we get the first part done.

With the amount of fans of the show that are my age, rather surprised at the lack of ficcage being recommended out there. What are people's favourite stories?


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