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The other side of my arm says 'Tea @ 7 Cups - Buddhist Lecture 6pm'

*Sean leans out of the front door as Icka! is getting on her scooter and shakes his fist*
Sean: "And your way of keeping notes is RIDICULOUS!!!"
Icka!: "It's LOGICAL! It was passed down to me by My Father, who learned it from His Father... Who picked it up from a Russian Trader!!!"
Icka!: ".... I DON'T KNOW."

(Buddhist lecture was cool, approach was that Buddhism is more of a science than a religion. Follow the Four Noble Truths, factor in the theory of Karma, add the Eight-fold Path, and don't forget the Sutras....)
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This weekend was.. exhausting. Food Poisoning on friday, Archery Championship on Sat (I had to leave teardown earlier than I would have liked because no food for 26 odd hours + dehydration = suckage) which lead to realising that another 8-10 hours outside was not a good idea, so skipped Gawd Awful Grail on Sunday to help [profile] kyrakai with setting up and tearing down an Easter feast for some elderly friends of hers, plus guests. Which was delicious and more fun than expected, but still a lot of work.

... It's kinda weird to realise that the work days are more relaxing than the weekend. ^^;;

So Sean and I started watching Hawai'i Five-O on Sat while I chugged water, and both enjoyed it quite a bit. Hawai'i is now on both of our lists as a place to visit.
-Not because of the scenery (sand, water, bleh) or the eyecandy, but because the bad guys seem competent. And don't wear their pants around their knees.

Which made for much amusement today when I got an order with the callsign "Danno".

Other series that we picked up this weekend "Tiger and Bunny". Which is kinda mecha, totally superhero reality anime. And it's full of delicious snark. and fanservice. ('Bunny' is Wild Tiger's nickname for his partner).

Speaking of snark, for [profile] kyrakai, since she mention Booster Gold is now on Smallville, THIS. THIS IS YOUR BOOSTER GOLD AND BLUE BEETLE CANON.
Especially this. This is totally canon. \o/ *loves*

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The squid that lives in my card indexes at work.

And cause I feel like it, BBC Sherlock fusion fic recs.

Big Brother is Watching You by [personal profile] flawedamythyst
For their own safety, John and Sherlock are placed in the most observed safehouse in the UK... The Big Brother TV house.
... Although personally, I wanna know where Sherlock got the badger.

Title: Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc and Woe and Archniads by [personal profile] etothepii
Crossover with Addams Family. John is an Addams. In the first story, the Family teaches John and Harry how to be Addams. In the second, John teaches Wednesday how to be normal.
One word: FABULOUS.

The Republic of Heaven by [personal profile] blind_author
Crossover with His Dark Materials. Summary: Born to a witch and a human, people know Sherlock will be unusual from the start. John Watson, on the other hand, seems perfectly ordinary, except for his dæmon...
There's a few HDM/Sherlock fics, but this, this is a real treat. Love how the story unfolds, the twists and turns, the divergence and convergence of the plots. WiP, still worth the read. ^__^

On the DC/MK side, an article on How Diamond Thieves Work including several great stories of RL heists.

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The yellow blur in the background is a Giant Banana being chased by a Large Monkey during tonight's Fighter Practise.

... I have no idea why. ._.

*Icka! staggers out into the living room and stares at the swashbucklers on the screen.*
Icka!: "Huh. Angela Lansbury."
*Icka! watches for a moment*
*Captain on-screen declares he cannot go with Frederic because he'd rather Live and Die a Pirate King*

Icka!: "... This isn't Cutthroat Island, is it?"
Sean: *sarcastic* "Naw. What was your first clue?"
Icka!: "The backdrops, actually.... And then they started to sing." o_O

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Well, he didn't go alone....

Explanation. )
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Did you know that some of the Not-Greyhound buses between Tucson and Phoenix have free wi-fi on them? ^____^

Which is why I'm reading LJ instead of being smart and doing something like... taking a nap.

Anyway. Will prolly be pretty AFK this weekend, up in Phoenix to help [livejournal.com profile] dqbunny pack for her big move. ^^;;

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An unfortunate place for a bus to break down. ^^;;
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Saw this guy on the bus reading a fantasy novel and my first thought was 'OMG! Trowa! From Gundam Wing!' Followed by 'It's Trowa! Cut short for the Summer!' and then admired the curve of his skull, because he does have a very nicely shaped back of the head.

I complemented him on the hair cut before he got off the bus (And discovered the tips are blond) and he said his boyfriend is a stylist and cut it for him. He'd tried doing the shaved head thing for previous summers and it didn't work, but this did.

... Unfortunately, I forgot to ask if his boyfriend's name is 'Quatre'. ^^;;
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... This actually kinda freaked me out when I noticed.

Also? Discussing Poisons while Baking? Not a good place to go, head-space wise. Just saying.
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.... I hate this bus stop....

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Icka!: "Today, when I said 'please don't touch the exhibits', a spritely elderly gentleman asked me if it was okay to make out with the bodies."
*Silence continues*
*Icka! checks the phone, it's still connected and working*
*More silence*

Youngest Sister: -"So I'm making oatmeal cookies right now..."
Icka!: "Got any good recipes?"

Also had another vomiting boy (before getting inside, even) and an almost fainting guy (ditto).
`And there was a lady making balloon animals on the bus.

Then! Stitch and Bitch at Dom and Willa's which was a great deal of fun! Never seen 'The IT Crowd' before, and it was a hoot! ... As was Top Gear. Mwhahahahahahaha! <3

Yay :D

May. 13th, 2010 07:56 pm
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Saugaro cactus are starting to bloom. ^___^

Also, I have a job. It's temp, for a few months, but it involves dead preserved bodies, which is making watching the usual crime shows a bit more mentally graphic than usual. ^^;;


May. 2nd, 2010 06:50 pm
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Icka!: "Do you see the sunset?"
3-year old: "... No."
3-year old: "Maybe it broke. Some bad guy shot it and it fell apart and shattered. And that's why we can't see it."
Icka!: ....
Icka!: *squeaks, trying not to laugh* Okay!

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Perfect weather, lounging on a hammock, watching the sun set, surrounded by a constant cloud of bubbles.

-As a 2 year old sits on my lap, shouting "BUBBLES!!".

... Well, it was an idyllic image right up until there. ^__^


Apr. 3rd, 2010 03:01 pm
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I feel like one of those clichés at the moment.

Bad News: Grabbed the wrong set of keys before leaving the house and have locked myself out.

Good News: Found the push mower, to take out the sudden random over-abundance of grass we currently have.

Bad News: Said growth is knee-high, which the mower is useless at. Need weed-whacker.

Good News: Still have iPhone on me, plus Internet access. *waves* Have a nice spot of shade, can read fic while waiting for people to get home.

Annoying News: The cats are mocking me.

There's new Magic Kaito fic up on the ficblog in the meantime. Enjoy!

... And since I'm thinking about it, does anyone have a favourite cinnamon roll recipe?

Edit: Minutes after I hit 'post', Sean comes home! Perfect timing!!! \o/


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