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So. For context. Today my brain latched onto learning about various things you can do with felted wool. I think it started with wondering if I could needle felt poisonous mushroom replicas for hairsticks.

And I found 'Is needle felting period in the SCA' (not really, but that brings us to:) Wet Felting, Shyrdak, (a breif soujurn into felted coats and the coat of faces) making felted shoes, and felted 'stone' rug, and felted ball rugs, which I thought were cool and colourful.

Curious as to if there were different ways to make the rugs, and since Tumblr occasionally brings me strange useful stuff, I typed 'ball rugs' into tumblr.


Well, if I had wanted to see lots of hairy scrotums and assorted pictures of Mike Wazowski, I was totally in the right place. *facepalm*
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I'm moving! Not this weekend (going to San Diego), but next weekend, the 15th.

Renting half of a guesthouse about a mile north for about the same amount I'm paying for my half of a room now. Have a flatmate, and I've known the people I'm renting from for years now, so won't be isolated, will have the opportunity to be social if I feel like it. Or not to be, depending on how I feel.

Getting a 3 month lease originally, to see how well it works, before signing on for something longer.

Little scared and nervous. This is the longest I've lived at one address in years, and I love MOrgan and Sean, but it's time for me to move.
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So this weekend was completely uneventful aside from the fact that I was sent home from the Zombie Walk Fundraiser because I looked too dead.

No, seriously. o_O
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So the mexican restaurant across the street (the owner who sadly passed away last month) was celebrating his birthday today with $1.50 tacos. Elinor and I decided that this sounded tasty, and we'd go there for lunch.

We walk in, and there's balloons, cupcakes, Eegee's slushies, and loud disco music. We order, get some horchata to drink and rock out dancing to 'Stayin' Alive' (curse you Muppets).

And another song goes by. And another. I learned that the lyrics to 'Bad Moon' are 'A bad moon on the rise' and not 'A bad man on the right'.

It gets shoulder to shoulder packed crowded, I stepped outside and bop to some more music, then dance with a little kid and his Mom. About which point, I'm starting to worry about time. Elinor needs to clock in promptly, unlike myself, so she heads back and I wait some more, boogying to more disco. Apperantly someone had plaed a HUGE order before us, they were laying out food in giant foil to-go platters stacked across a table.

Finally, our name gets called, and the ladies at the counter thanked me repeatedly for not only our patience, but for dancing as well. They really liked that someone was dancing, since it was a party. I smiled awkwardly back and thanked them for the food before dashing back across the street.

I couldn't tell them that I didn't know if they had a bathroom, didn't wanna take my horchata to the bathroom, and I really, really, really needed to pee....
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1: There is a 'pet' cockroach in the silverware drawer. Mostly because we have several roach-phobic people, and no-one wants to be the one to remove it.
(usable plastic silverware has since been moved)

2: You can rent the accounts lady's PMS. She's more than happy to do so.

3: A couple of co-workers engage in competitive book listening.
(T is currently in the lead by 2 hours on Stephen King's The Stand.)
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#1: Discovering there is Tea.
#2: Hot Water. Because this means there will soon be Tea. ^__^
#3: Sleep. After Tea. And knowing that in the morning, there will be Tea. ♥

(This post is brought to you by groggy Icka! making the pleasant discovery that she'd forgotten she had already made tea, got distracted and forgotten she'd turned the kettle on for tea, and then giving up and going to bed, so when she wakes up, she can have more tea.)
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Can't say 'plans', that just makes the gods laugh. So Goals for the upcoming year.

New Scooter
Even if I do end up fixing Kabuto, want something a little bit more sturdy, and not made mostly of plastic. This'll prolly take until around Febuary-ish to save up.

Place of my own, with Yard
Starting to get itchy, it's time to move again. Staying in Tucson, but I'd really really like a place of my own again, so I can host and have people over. Would also like to foster animals, since I'm giving up housesitting.
-This Christmas was a bit of an eye-opener. Apperantly 'Isolated at someone else's house staring at their cat for 4 days' translated to 'Must be too busy to invite over' to every single person I know, and you can't exactly ask to be invited to something like Christmas dinner without being rude and putting people on the spot. Thank the fates for Elinor who realised I was going crazy in a not good way and kidnapped me for dinner with people.
So gonna see about starting up a KAOS tradition up here, Orphan and Waif Christmas cause I can't be the only one this happens to.
It also pointed out that aside from the occasional Robot Night, my entire current social life is me volunteering to help others. That needs to change.

Visit the East Coast
Aside from Orlando, never been to the East Coast. So the tenative plan right now is in October, to go visit [personal profile] savvyliterate and Mike, and maybe visit places like NY and Boston. I know there's a couple of anime people on that coast as well, and would love to meet up and hang out if anyone is interested. \o/

Virtue: Learn a Martial Art.
Looking at Tai Chi or Aikido, the forms interested me more than Kung Fu. (sorry, Elinor!)

Vice: Learn to smoke a pipe.
Like the smell of a lot of pipe tobacco, so to me, it's essentially a semi-socially acceptiable portable incense burner. ^__^ And I've been curious for years.
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So trip to visit family in LA was... interesting. It was the first time that I've visited and there hasn't been anything 'wrong' with me. I'm not immature for watching cartoons, my clothing isn't a discrace because I'm not wearing current fashion, the fact that I'm happy where I am in life was okay for once, instead of me lacking because I don't have SO/kids/house/car/career.
It was unexpectedly nice.

Weird thing is that the Torrance Book-Off no longer sells Japanese Books. You have to go to Gardena for that. Strange.

Cut for rambling )

For those doing the migration over to DW, both this blog and the ficblog are over there, Ickaimp and Mischif, respectively.

Keep an eye on Mischif starting Boxing Day, we're doing the '12 Days of Murder', a chapter a day.
On the first day of murder, my lover gave to me.... a body in a pine tree.
ickaimp: Phineas and Ferb have had it with the monkey funking snakes on their monkey funking roller coaster (PnF-Snakes)
Since they were on sale and amused me, I got talking Phineas, Ferb and Perry plushies for myself for my birthday.

Much to my glee, got them today. So took a small pair of shears and was cutting off the tags, musing to myself that the way the plastic bit goes through the character's skin, it's like removing sutures or stitches.

Which is when I accidentally activate Ferb: "That is creepy on so many levels."

.... O_o

.... considering Ferb's first words out of the box were "Uh-oh. This can't be good..." am seriously starting to wonder about him.....

Edit: Okay, tried it again.
Ferb: "Because, she a tire spinning, gear grinding, clutch grinding, back firing, paint trading, redlining, overheating, throttle stomping, truck driving girl."
Phineas: "You know...If that projectile of ours crashes to earth, Candace is in charge."

.... Ferb's line is about their sister Candace. Makes me grateful I didn't get a talking Doofenshmirtz too....
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Cake AND Death! (thanks to Neep for the pic!)

So on Wednesday, I was informed at the Scriptorium that I -had- to display my arts and stuff at Art Symposiums, because how else was I going to gain a reptuation in the SCA?
.... Once I stopped cackling, pointed out I already have a reputation. Was given the name 'Poisoner'.
Was told that I was mocking a Laurel and I'd 'never get any nice scrolls that way'.

Some other comments were made, and after I got over being bloody furious, (1: don't do this for awards and 2: Hi? Deputy Scribe? Can paint my own if I was interested) decided you know what? I should live up to my name.

Poison Cake.

Found a 15th century recipie for Chocolate Cake, and went looking for Marzipan for the skulls. Could only find chocolate-covered Marzipan, so peeled off the chocolate and sculpted the almond paste into skulls and bones. The chocolate that got peeled off was then put on top of the frosting as further decoration.

The recipie itself is easy and straightforward. The only problem was that the cake ended up over-cooked and kind of hard. Less time in the oven the next time we try this. The icing recipie (which is FABULOUS) was altered slightly, putting almond extract in instead of vanilla.

The tag on the little glass bottle reads 'Cyanide', and for giggles, the inside of the bottle was coated in almond oil. If you picked up and sniffed, it smelled like almonds, which made people really really paranoid. To aid in this effort, at the bottom of the print out for the recipie, I added the fact that only 20-40% of the population can actually smell 'bitter almonds' when smelling cyanide. It's a ressisive genetic trait, everyone else it's odour/tasteless.

-Which was researched a while ago, and again last night because it came up while preparing to record the Detective Conan World Podcast. (makes you wonder about Conan/Hakuba/Heiji, that they can all do that).

Unsurprisingly, no one wanted cake, so I have cake to eat here at home, which is nommy, aside from the hardness thing. Mmm... Almond skulls.

Amusingly, one of the scrolls I painted was handed out in court today. It's a decaying skeleton. Go figure.

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Went to the motorcycle shop to pick up some winter gloves and noticed a patch they had for sale.


I'm sorry, but if if you're going to mock stupidity, check your grammar first. >P

-On the other hand, I did make the lady's day because I'm a scootorist who wears a helmet.

.... Which is kind of a 'duh', IMHO. Always wore a helmet and gloves while riding my bicycle (which saved my life at least twice), why wouldn't I wear at least as much protection while riding something that goes faster?
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As a bit of a joke, those of us on the Zombie Walk staff have ended up accquiring 'Call Signs'.

... Mine is 'Violator'.

So Burnt Sugar makes an incredible flan, that she can usually be talked into making while visiting. Her fiancee is a quiet and shy guy who carries the flan, and therefore is usually greeted with a jubilant cry of 'FLAN!'.

-His call sign is 'Flan'.

This is relevant to the story. )
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-checking out the end of the Halloween Block Party, walking past an unmanned table covered in facepaint tubes, when a frantic Mom shouts into the crowd: "Is there an artist in the area?!"

I raise my hand. "Yo."

(To make it funnier, the kid wanted to be a Zombie.
And then came in second in the costume contest. ^__^)
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OMG. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to be more social, so I wasn't sitting at home every night of the week. Cause while I'm an introvert, do need social people time.
I Take It Back! I TAKE IT BACK!!!!!

Sunday before last I was woken up with a phone call, a guy I've petsat before saying that his father wasn't expected to live the next 2 weeks, and if I could watch their dogs when they had to leave to bury him.
Course I said Yes. Got the message last Tuesday night that he'd passed.

.... they'd gotten another dog since I'd last sat. 3 hyper Aussie Shepards, 3 Cats, 1 trailer home, no yard. 4 walks a day. And 16 miles away, in one direction.
And the Zombie Walk was last weekend.

@_@;; <-- doesn't even start to sum it up.
Couldn't get any art or plarning or any of the usual projects done because I had three 50-60lb dogs constantly trying to climb in my lap for attention. Had to leave the walk part way through to take care of the dogs. (btw? Official Count for the Zombie Walk this year was 3,500 people)

Monday was helping a friend pack to move. Petsitting wrapped up on Tuesday night. Wednesday was Baronial Scriptorium and Populace Meeting. (When I found myself randomly saying 'F*ck', realised it was time to leave.) Last night was the Post-Mordem for the Zombie Walk, and planning for next year.
Tomorrow is helping a friend move, drawing archery targets if there's time and CPR/First Aid classes. Sunday is... I think I'm forgetting. ~_~

November is pretty much booked for Petsitting (Including Southern Crusades) and think we've got 2 free weekends in December. And people are asking if we're doing NaNoWriMo.

.... Like to help and be useful, but think we might need to start learning to say 'no'.
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This weekend has been.... Interesting. Chinese Curse Word Usage. Not bad, just interesting.

Thursday was the root canal, which went well. Little mix-up on the payment plan, was told that as long as I brought in the paperwork they'd originally given me, they'd honour it.

Friday, in pain and not wanting to drive way east, I faxed the paperwork over. They said yes, that's what the lady who left told you, but we can't honour that/extend you that much credit, and we need $300-350 right now. Or a secondary credit card number.
Cleaned out the checking account to pay off part of that $300. The rest to be taken care of later. Asked what I could do to prevent this in the future, and they said that it was entirely a mis-communication on their end, nothing I could have done. *facepalm*
What is it with root canals and finances?!

Friday night, while recording the Detective Conan World Podcast, my plugged in, charging iphone, took a swim in my mug of tea. Said mug is one litre. Said iphone is no longer working.
Fortunately, pulled it out by the cord and didn't shock myself. Personally, I think it heard that I was thinking of switching carriers and getting a droid.

Saterday, cleaned out savings to get a new phone, and discovered that Target had android tablets on sale. Talked to a geek friend who has the exact tablet and a droid phone, and asked what he'd suggest, since the tablet was more than I had.
Long story short, I have AMAZING friends, and have a new Tablet for everything I had on me, and babysitting jobs.

Also got the files off the laptop that unexpectedly died. Everything I was working on when the power supply tanked is still there. There's two stories and over 15,000 words WE DON'T HAVE TO REWRITE. *cries tears of joy*

Then coming home from babysitting around midnight, I got pulled over by the police on my scooter. Both headlights are out. My response as I'm leaning over the handlebars of "What the Heck!? ...Yeah, they're out." made both officers laugh.
Thankfully they gave me a warning, but the next time they catch me after dark with no headlights, its a ticket.

Today was spent taking the front end apart to get to the lights and discovering that 12V 18W headlight bulbs are not something that Autozone, Pepboys or the local scooter shops carry in stock.

So until I get a chance to order the bulbs and get them on the bike, no traveling after dark for me.

.... The weird thing is? A lot of this was annoyance, but I don't view it as especially -bad-. o_O Es Loco En La Cabeza?

In the meantime, writing South Park Kinkmeme fic, because we feel like it, goshdarnit. ^^;
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So in the middle of the root canal last night, as the dentist is using tiny files to get the nerves at the bottom of the tooth, I started giggling. Somewhat nervously, the dentist stopped and asked if everything was okay.

I laughed and pointed out that he's got this itty bitty little thing he's thrusting in and out of a tight channel and asking if I can feel anything.

The dental assistant got it before he did.

Later, I was giggling because the latex gloves were squeaking. I explained as it sounded like someone was making balloon animals.

There was a slight pause, an then the dental assistant started laughing again.

... My dentist makes balloon animal as a hobby, he'd made her a flower a few months prior.



(new crown is in already and fits well, even if eating is currently a bit of an experience. I like this dentist!)
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The other side of my arm says 'Tea @ 7 Cups - Buddhist Lecture 6pm'

*Sean leans out of the front door as Icka! is getting on her scooter and shakes his fist*
Sean: "And your way of keeping notes is RIDICULOUS!!!"
Icka!: "It's LOGICAL! It was passed down to me by My Father, who learned it from His Father... Who picked it up from a Russian Trader!!!"
Icka!: ".... I DON'T KNOW."

(Buddhist lecture was cool, approach was that Buddhism is more of a science than a religion. Follow the Four Noble Truths, factor in the theory of Karma, add the Eight-fold Path, and don't forget the Sutras....)
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So I've been trying to figure out why I'm so tired lately. It's not physical energy, per se, but mental energy.

Then it was pointed out to me. I work in a 4 person office. Which has only had 3 people since the end of April.
And I just discovered why I can never seem to catch up: they're giving me more paper orders, as well as the big tricky ones, than the other girl in the office, cause they trust me (the newb!) to do them right.


*facepalm* Dad always said hard work was its own reward

In the meantime, there's the Sherlock as an Alien prompt (Done!), the Paul fic, The Stars, the Sun and what they did with the Moon, the huge Sky High fic, the Tiger & Bunny 'family' prompt, finishing up the last 2 chapters of the GenRex fic for the alias, Narrative Causality Delayed rewrite, polishing a finished Hawai'i Five-0 fic, write the other H50 fic, The Grey Agency, and figuring out a suitable murder/chase scene for a Hot Fuzz/Sherlock crossover, all popping up and saying Hello! (Danny is way too amused by Sherlock. It's freaking John out.)

Also, has anyone considered Ben 10's Omnitrix and Green Lantern's light might be the same power source? Cause that would rock.
And about 10 9 SCA pics I wanna draw, but need to sit down with a laptop for the reference first. (Hah! Derp Boar is started! Yay Sat Morning Cartoons!)

On the RL side, working on this year's Tucson Zombie Walk, 2 more housesitting jobs the rest of this month, and 30 days until I fly out to the UK.

So... If you don't see me online, it's not that I don't love you, it's just OMFG.

And since these are awesome, Vids.
Multi Fandom - Space Girl, which is kinda like a history of Women in Sci-fi, and really interesting for it, noting the contrast in roles from the beginning to the end. (the ending? Perfect!) Thanks [personal profile] lferion!
Multi-fandom - Us. Mostly sci-fi (does Due South count as 'Fantasy' with the ghost aspect?)
BBC Sherlock - Humming one of your songs. I've had the song stuck in my head all day, just one small verse in the middle of it~

Hot Fuzz - Nicholas isn't an Angel.
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So my gut kept telling me to do a Bookman's run instead of running up to the north side of town to see 'Paul', since this'll be the last week it's in the cheap theatres.

So I did. Figured I'd try to find 'The Iron Giant' and 'The Rocketer', since Sean & MOrgan haven't seen either one, and they're both fun.

And almost immediately started bouncing, finding not one, but THREE copies of 'Sky High', which I've been hoping to find for ages. (We still have fic to finish, bad squid me ~_~) And the last disk of 'Steam Detectives', since my copy kinda is illegible. And a cool green bracelet.

Went to get in line, and it's loooooooooooooong. So I wander around, discover they moved the Criminology books, but the Travel is still in the same place. And hey, there's the 'British Isle' shelf.
Along with a copy of "Weird England". schweeeeeeeeeeeet.

Grab the book and wait in the still longish line, flipping through the book and giggling until I get called up. Girl rings it up, we talk about Sky High, I hand her my card to pay for it.

.... She hands it back. It's free. My entire purchase.

The computer randomly picks 2 people a day, and their purchase is free. And I got a cool Bookman's canvas bag. Although she was surprised at the price, usually its under $20, mine at $24 was the largest she'd seen. ^^;;

Just..... wow.

Megs, we need to chat, there's some stuff in Weird England you'd love!!!!
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The Loft here in Tucson showed the original 1954 Godzilla tonight, uncut and subbed.

It was really cool, seeing the miniature effects, the outfits from the era, realising that this a slice of history, a glimpse into the past and the start of a 60 year long dynasty of movies. It was kinda funny too, watching a guy in a 200 pound suit squash awesome miniatures.

And then they started listing off the prefectures Godzilla destroys, and it wasn't funny. Cause I'd been there, and the realisation of what a wide swath of destruction wasn't amusing.
Especially realising that A: The houses are most wood at this point in time and B: Tokyo doesn't have the Fire Breaks that Kyoto has (they tore down rows of entire blocks to form fire breaks incase one of the a-bombs was dropped on the city, those areas are mostly highways now) or the wide roads that Nagoya has, to prevent the spread of fire.

And they're still having problems with the Fukushima nuclear plant after the earthquake in March. There are still workers dealing with the radiation, every day.

So, in the end, I think I ended up with a bit more of a glimpse than I intended to, but perhaps closer to what the director envisioned.

While I'm thinking about it, Interesting Links that I meant to post back in March.

Japan Explains the Nuclear Trouble. AKA 'Nuclear Boy has a Tummyache'. This was released a few days after the Tsunami.

XKCD's Radiation Chart

Badass of the Week: Hideaki Akaiwa. Who dove into the tsunami waters to save not only his wife, but his mom, and then continued rescuing people by himself.


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