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SCA: Southern Crucades
Random fun at Southern Crucades. Hopefully will have pics soon, had much fun. I got to chase the Baroness around with a parasol too! XD

SCA: Battle Scene
This actually happened. Too darn funny.

Scene from The Grey Zone: Seattle chapter Pt. 1. Read the fic first or you'll be spoiled. ... You may not wanna be eating for this one. #^^#

Unexpected Appearances
Somewhere you wouldn't generally expect to spot the Kaitou Kid.

First Person Plural
Ficcage here. Ysabet said this was very 'Queen' like. Eh, you'll see.

Plural-verse: Entertainment.
Sitting around. Watching the Eye.

Check [livejournal.com profile] impfics for more ficcage in the 'Plural-verse'. (I dunno what else to call it) Quite a few really talented authours are playing in the AU, am trying to make sure to post all the links to ficcage for it.
And if anyone does have plunnies for it, please, feel free to join in!
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Ha! Finally figured out why The Grey Zone is stuck.

Cut for spoilers )

Um... Also, we've had a couple of people recently ask if they can play with TGZ. ^^;; Dude, as long as it fits inside the AU, it's all sweet as. We just ask that we can archive it with the other TGZ fics afterwards so everyone else can read it as well. ^_____^

[livejournal.com profile] impfics: YGO: Guard Dog
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... never fails. I think a chapter is done, I get ready to do an update and Voom! More scenes!!

First one is one that we had forgotten to do, and the second one is one inspired by a Naruto fic and the pervs in chat.

Oh, shut up. I can hear you snickering from here. )

Also, [livejournal.com profile] gracie_musica wrote TGZ and PYP scenes! Go read! XD

Art Day

Jun. 11th, 2006 07:02 pm
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Wow. Actually have TGZ art for a change...

Random TGZ Pic
Um. Yeah. So was trying to get back into writing TGZ. Kaito accidently ended up looking like he was floating, but I still like their expressions.

TGZ: Kaito in Tucson
Since Kaito's practically a ferret himself, some fun time with the carpet sharks. And one of Ysabet's cats.

TGZ: Saguru in Tucson
And Ysabet's other cat, checking for those automatic cameras Ysabet says she has hidden in the shower. *glares suspciously*

Ysabet's Shuffle Omake #3. Read it first or this will make no sense. Saguru doesn't know how to *coff* handle his new *coff* weapon, so Kaito's giving him *coff* lessons.... *coff* *coff* *coff*
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Um... this should be the end of the TGZ Mid-West Snippets. Still have the Chicago chapter to go and we should be caught up.

Thanks to Wren-chan for the Bus stories. ^^;;

Ysabet, please don't kill me for the end, we've had this planned for MONTHS.

TGZ: Mid-West Snippets End. Because after a while, travel gets exhausting. )
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*streachs* Great. So. TGZ has finally woken and said 'Hello'.

... and we're working doing Data Entry/File Clerk at a Printing company for the next month. BIG machines. Lovely printers. *purrrs happily* Nice people too, but I'm still a little nervous after the last job.

But this means little time for stuff like... oh, I dunno... ficcage? Or sewing. *sighs* I need more work clothes...

Funny thing about the job tho... everytime I hit the 'delete/back space' key, it types 'h' instead. The keyboard doesn't even know me and it's calling me a pervert! *laughs*

Think we're reaching towards the end of these Mid-west snippets... )
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Happy Birthday Shin'ichi!!! We Give you NOTHING for your birthday this year. Hah.

Because today is Dead Kaito Day. Just is.

MK Fanart: Bang Bang.
Random pic. Drawn last Oct, posted today cause we were talking to Becky and Wren about something. Damn re-mix of the song was stuck in our head for three days.

This TGZ takes place after Mid-West, before Vegas. Beware of falling Angst.


Thanks to those who questioned about the supposed Tsunami to hit New Zealand yesterday. If you haven't heard, it didn't.
But the BBC was reporting that Gisborne was being evacuated.
... which was news to the citizens of Gisborne. ^^;; *laughs*
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*yawns* *scratches head* Sun's not even up yet. Have work today. Kinda happy, kinda nervous after last time.
Anyway. TGZ snippet. Gracie's drive-by knocked some stuff loose, hopefully might get some chapters done. ^__^;;

Bleep no. )

And [livejournal.com profile] phantom_kaito just posted fanart for [livejournal.com profile] clover_magic's drive-by KaiShin fluff Sweet!!!

*runs out the door cause now we're late!*
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TGZ: Off the Beaten Track )
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TGZ: Miami )
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For some odd reason, reading Donuts (Doumeki/Watanuki from xxxHolic) today. Huh. Anyone have any good recs?

TGZ: Midwest Snippets. Trains and Poker )

TGZ: Mid-west Snippets. Trains )
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Word of the Day: Hypographia
The uncontrollable or obsessive urge to write consistantly.

... no... doesn't sound familiar at ALL.

TGZ: Mid-West Snippet, Train Ride )
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This'll prolly be made part of the Vegas Chapter.
... or not... ^_______^

Happy White Day! )
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*head desk* Geh. I didn't even LIKE this show when it was on. Why the hell did it pop up now?

Wanna go for a ride? )
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*stares at montior blankly*
Uh... insert witty story about real life here. Yeah. That'll do it. Somewhere on the Los Angeles freeway system, there is some graffiti that reads Jesus Saves From Hello Dolly Revivals.
-presumably one person wrote the first part and someone came along and added the rest.

This chapter takes place sometime in the middle of the Mid-West fics.

TGZ: Impersonating Ethel Merman )
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Kaito is a Squid
For Dogmatix from her 'Not a Fish' AU snippet.

TGZ: Dyeing Hair
For Jeva, since she's been so amused by that bit.

TGZ: More Mid-west snippets )
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Um... people have been asking about what series we are/are not gonna cross over with the American Tour (I can't see them in Japan yet) so gonna put up the ones that currently have plunnies in a loose order of timeline.
Suggestions and comments, as always, are welcome.

Cut for length and spoilers )
Evidently, 'A Sticky Wicket' is a Cricket term. It means that the pitch that the ball is tossed on isn't the best for the batsmen. Huh.
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Takes place between 'Picking the Big Apple' and 'Gotham'.

TGZ: An Interlude )
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Reserving the Right to Post this on MC1T if this Week's Challenge is indeed Valentine's Day.
So there.

Oh, yeah. Opening Olympics was very crack-tastic. Very pretty tho. Hey, were those Rennisance Costumes actually period?

TGZ: Valentine's Chocolate )

Naming The Mummies Found in the New Tomb in the Valley of the Kings:
MOrgan: ouch says:
so one is Jou, Yuugi, Kaiba, Kaito, Saguru amd Fred
Losinde-- the Year of the Dog ... Happy Chinese New Year! says:
why Fred?
MOrgan: ouch says:
easy to say
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My brain kinda broke down on our trip home from Faire and we started wondering just how Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck are related to Huey, Dewey and Louie if they're both the boy's uncles and Scrooge is also Donald's uncle.
... From there it went to Bus Butts...
-Scrooge is their Great-Uncle, Huey, Dewey and Louie's Mom was Donald's twin sister, Della. Donald and his sister Della's Mom is Scrooge's youngest sister, Hortense.
As far as Huey, Dewey and Louie's Dad (Daisy Duck's Brother), evidently he was sent to hospital after the kids stuck a firecracker under his chair and hasn't been heard from since.

Tonight's other interesting random research was Ancient Egyptian Porn.

TGZ: Ducks )


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