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Had a conversation recently about Tantei Gakuen Q (Detective Academy Q) about the lack of sites and/or fans.

Found some!!!

[livejournal.com profile] tanteigakuenq
It's a rather quiet LJ community, but it's there!!

Tantei Gakuen Q Message Board
Pretty active, has some fics, art and such. Also has manga scans in Chinese.

Mienai Story // a Tantei Gakuen Q Fanlisting and Fansite
Good spoilers and information! XD

Still haven't found any english manga scanlations for download. *sighs*

Spoilers )

[Edit:] Pic for Ero-Obachan
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DC/Detective Academy Q )


MK/Angry Johnny )

*scratches back of head* *sighs* *wanders off*
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There aren't enough Q fics out there.
We really really really do wonder about Kyuu sometimes.

Poor Megu )
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*Hums 'Yatta Song'* Kyuu Kyuu Kyuu Kyuu... bust bust bust bust...

Anyway. Finished watching 'Detective Academy Q' a couple of weeks ago when we were at 'Neechan's and really enjoyed it. It's by the same people who did Kindachi. ^___^ Yeah, the modivation is pretty easy to figure out on most of the time (details change, so gotta figure those out...) but it kinda makes sense once you realise that most of the cases they're sent on deal with Pluto (at least that's what the HKs call 'em), the organization that's trying to bring down Dan-sensei's Tantei school.

Anyway, Spoilers for the second half of the anime. Prolly won't make sense to the majority of everyone, so consider this an indulgence on my part. Sorry.

Oh, and the whole falling off the bed thing... yeah. That's CANON. *snerk*

Detective Academy Q: New Family )


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