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episode 169

*Icka! stares at the screen*
*Ysabet stares at the screen*

Icka!: ... That doesn't look quite right.
Ysabet: No, it doesn't...
*continues staring at screen*

(worse yet, it's episode 169)
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So we ran across a series called 'Bosou Renkin' that looked like it might be interesting.

Then we find out that it's the lastest series from the guy who did Kenshin. Mebbe it'll be lotta fun.

The main female character looks like Iruka-sensei's little sister and the main male character looks stereotypically shonen main character-ish. It's the usual shonen fare for a while. Then we get to the villian:

Cut for probable non-worksafeness and an OMG my eyes I'm blind. )

And then we get to Volume 3. Guy on the left is the main female character's boss. Guy on the right is the main character.

chapter 22, volume 3, page 8

Theoretically, they're talking about training. All I know is that the main character male is dead in his classes from lack of sleep.

.... la la la la la....

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Create Your Own Glowing Cone Caption.

Y'know, I really don't think that's the appropriate place for that sort of thing. Really.
Although it's an interesting camera angle...
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Saw this late last night and thought it was incredibly funny.
Not quite as entirely funny in the light of the morning, but still worth sharing.

Rurouni Kenshin Volume 13, chapter 108, Page 11.
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Unedited Screencap from YGO: Season 0, Episode 8.
Write your own jokes.


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