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Okay! Wow. So Febuary went by fairly fast. Big thing, Ivan and Ian'ka are the next King and Queen of Atenveldt! \o/ So excited for them. ^____^

This last weekend was Estrella War, did a lot of housesitting for people going, then Daytripped up on Saterday. I usually volunteer at War, so I stopped by Volunteers and the Watch to see if they could use my help for a couple of hours and ended up working the Watch for 5 hours. Lack of Volunteers in general and this was the frazzled Shift Supervisor's first time working Estrella Watch.

Aside from the Dancing Goats, getting a lot of mocking for paying to volunteer most of my time at an event. And derision from the GDH because none of my Horde bros would volunteer while daytripping, much less assist the Watch. o_O?

Get the feeling there's some background politics that I'm unaware of, because how is it honourable to not help people when they ask for it? Starting to think it may be time to leave the Horde. When I joined, it was about Service and now it doesn't feel like it.

But basically it was a typical War, just condensed. The Banners and Shields I helped paint went over really well. ^___^ Also, got period shoes! They're green! Yay! Need to scuff the soles up a bit so I don't slide.

The Dancing Goats are also awesome and fed me beef kabasa sasuages in homemade fresh cream. Mmmmm.

This weekend is Vegas! Meeting Neechan at a Supernatural Convention and just generally exploring Vegas. Still not entirely sure what to do other than walk around, not actually attending the con, and not much of a gambler.

Anyone else gonna be in Vegas?
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Trying the woodcut technique again from scratch at tonight’s scriptorium. Discovered that if you do washes, and then a more opaque layer of paint for the shadows, and re-outline in black paint, it looks a lot like stained glass, which is pretty cool.

And it took just over an hour, as opposed to the 4-8 hours it usually takes for something this size. About 5x6"

Blurry photo is blurry. *sighs*
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So I was thinking that I could combine my love for Murder Mysteries, Zombies and Historical Re-Enactment.

Make a couple of Blood Puddle Pillows, do up a few canvas tarps with 'blood' splatter (may have to do some forensics research for types of spray and smears, each one could be a story), to cover the ground and/or chairs, and could have a nice portable murder scene for where ever I go.



Mar. 30th, 2012 12:04 am
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This weekend is one of the largest SCA events on the West Coast, Estrella War.

For the past three weeks, I've had -severe- allergy problems, reminding me that even if it's been nearly a decade since we left Los Angeles' smog, no, really, you're asthmatic. And breathing is a necessity.



We'll see how this goes. There are back up plans in place.

If all goes well, will see y'all on Monday. If not, will see ya sooner. Either way, [profile] joisbishmyoga, I'll do the meme when I return. ~_^ Ran out of time tonight with last minute sewing.
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Cake AND Death! (thanks to Neep for the pic!)

So on Wednesday, I was informed at the Scriptorium that I -had- to display my arts and stuff at Art Symposiums, because how else was I going to gain a reptuation in the SCA?
.... Once I stopped cackling, pointed out I already have a reputation. Was given the name 'Poisoner'.
Was told that I was mocking a Laurel and I'd 'never get any nice scrolls that way'.

Some other comments were made, and after I got over being bloody furious, (1: don't do this for awards and 2: Hi? Deputy Scribe? Can paint my own if I was interested) decided you know what? I should live up to my name.

Poison Cake.

Found a 15th century recipie for Chocolate Cake, and went looking for Marzipan for the skulls. Could only find chocolate-covered Marzipan, so peeled off the chocolate and sculpted the almond paste into skulls and bones. The chocolate that got peeled off was then put on top of the frosting as further decoration.

The recipie itself is easy and straightforward. The only problem was that the cake ended up over-cooked and kind of hard. Less time in the oven the next time we try this. The icing recipie (which is FABULOUS) was altered slightly, putting almond extract in instead of vanilla.

The tag on the little glass bottle reads 'Cyanide', and for giggles, the inside of the bottle was coated in almond oil. If you picked up and sniffed, it smelled like almonds, which made people really really paranoid. To aid in this effort, at the bottom of the print out for the recipie, I added the fact that only 20-40% of the population can actually smell 'bitter almonds' when smelling cyanide. It's a ressisive genetic trait, everyone else it's odour/tasteless.

-Which was researched a while ago, and again last night because it came up while preparing to record the Detective Conan World Podcast. (makes you wonder about Conan/Hakuba/Heiji, that they can all do that).

Unsurprisingly, no one wanted cake, so I have cake to eat here at home, which is nommy, aside from the hardness thing. Mmm... Almond skulls.

Amusingly, one of the scrolls I painted was handed out in court today. It's a decaying skeleton. Go figure.

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So I had to leave a little early, due to rain, impending dusk, and the fact my scooter has no headlights. Was a good day, first time Judging, was a little nervous, but it wasn't as bad as antipated.

Came home and Sean looks up from WoW and asks how it went.

"Congratulations." Was my deadpan response. "That's LADY Poisoner to you, bub."

Only appropriate, since he's the who started the whole 'poisoner' thing. I'm still not allowed to cook at home. Mwhahahahaha.

-Got an AoA (Award of Arms) and a name change at A&S today. The AoA means I'm now a 'Lady' in the SCA. This apparently came as a surprise to a great deal of the populace in attendace, as it was assumed that I already had one, having been playing in Tir Ysigthr since... um... late 2006, when I returned from Lochac where I started playing. ^^;;

emo cut )

Am highly amused that on the AoA, it reads 'Yasha the Poisoner'. Half of 'Icka! M. Chif' was bequithed to me, it's only right that half of my SCA name be bequithed as well. ^___________^ Gonna do a bit of research and make it offical. Do so love a good name joke.

Congratulations to Aimee for her Flower of the Desert and winning A&S Championship!!!

Derp Boar

Aug. 9th, 2011 10:31 pm
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Baron Zhigmun' and Baroness Aleyd on a Speshul Boar.
Based on 'Proud Finland from the Webcomic 'Scandinavia and the World' by Humon, with input from various Dancing Goats, because it made me giggle for more than 10 minutes. ^^;;

Was reminded at FP tonight that I hadn't posted this, it's been done over a month. Whoops.
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So.... I kinda accidentally found a new job. ^^;;

The Exhibit ends on 3 Oct.

New job starts 4 Oct. Front Desk clerk. Monday - Friday, 9-5pm job. Wow. Free weekends!

Except that at end of October, we get a new Exhibit, and I get to do that part-time on the weekends. Yays! Paid to do historical re-creation!

Adding that to Petsitting, will be juggling 3 jobs for the foreseeable future. Which means chances are there's probably something on the horizon I'm gonna need cash for. O_o

Also working Security for the Tucson Zombie Walk (23 Oct) and volunteering for Haunted Labyrinth for the All Souls Procession (6-7 Nov). Both groups are still looking for volunteers if anyone's interested.

Which puts the big question for November, if I do Southern Crusades or Tuscon Sci-Fi Con with Jim Butcher.
Tuscon's asking me to help, and after the 'Meh' for volunteering at Southern last year, leaning towards Tuscon again this year.

My warrant also expired for Archery Deputy, will not renewing it at this time. I'm done.
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My head is so full right now, not really sure where to start.

The cover for the Southern Crusades gatebook has finalised itself in my head and is currently being drawn. We'll see how the rest of the staff likes it.

But it's put me in a very artsy mindset and I'll find myself staring at stuff, entranced by the patterns and the shadows that I used to pay attention to a lot more but haven't in a while, since I haven't needed that part of my brain for a while.
Judging from pedestrians' reactions pretty sure this is leading people to think I'm stoned or something. But they're pretty. ^^;;

Just finished one housesitting job, have another starting Wednesday, that finishes Tuesday and start another one the day after. Result of this is less of a social life, especially since work is giving me more hours since we're picking up again, which means I'm not seeing much of anyone.

On the plus side, funds. The code is starting to corrupt on the decade old laptop, need new one sooner than later. All funds are going towards this. Then I can focus on more Scadian stuff, because, y'know, PLANS.

And OMG I CAN ATTEND AN EVENT!!! Knight Light is tomorrow. It's been... um... more than a handful of months. I think. estrella?

Works been kinda mellow due to low attendance, only had two interesting comments the past few weeks.
-One guy wanted to know if he could dance with the corpses.
-Another one inquired if he could play his penny whistle for them. His wife shot that down as being mean to the bodies.

Writing's been good to... for the alias. :P Over 7,000 words done and posted in the past three days, for the fic that was the last quote on the WiP meme. Gonna ride that story as long as we can, see where it takes us... ^_________^


May. 8th, 2010 03:21 pm
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This lovely shot is called 'A Spider', because the arrow has hit the dead centre of the target. There's a little + mark there that the arrow is going through the middle of, leaving the line to stick out around the shaft, like a smashed spider.

Sir Zigmund shot this, to when it announced that he had a Full Spider (all the legs), in true archer style, he immediately grumbled about how loose his grouping was, none of his other arrows got close to the gold. ^___^

Hee hee

Apr. 25th, 2010 02:55 pm
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From Archery Championship 2010

This is my favourite picture of the weekend. ^__^ I had waaaaaaaaay too much fun decorating those wig heads and took an unholy amount of delight in watching them be skewered and shattered by arrows. ^^;;
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PSE Archery
2727 N. Fairview Ave.

Site opens at 9am.
We're aiming to be up and shooting by 9:30. Shooting usually runs until about Noon-ish.

Site Fees:
$6 for Members, dunno about Non.

Site does have water and some shade, first come first serve on the shade.

We do have some loaner equipment as well, also first come first serve. We tend to run low on arrows, so if you have your own set, please bring them.
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St. Paddy's Day Parade today! (this was on the back of the 'Society for Perpetual Induldence's float)

Pre-Parade was rather fun, the band for Hotel Congress entertained us with various songs. Such as Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man' sung as 'Irish Man'. Or 'Oh Danny Boy, the Pints... The pints are calling...

Watching lots of little dachshunds trying to scare two Irish Wolfhounds is rather amusing too. Stampede!

Nearly lost my voice doing Xena-like trilling throughout the route, did some facepainting, and had to run off early. it's Pi Day, so therefore there must be Pie. Which was delicious. ^__^

Since Sean is watching Hot Fuzz again, some brain breakage:
Edgar Wright (the Director), Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost discovered Hot Fuzz slash fanfiction last October.
So they decided to write some of their own. ^_______^
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This Estrella was a fairly mild one and then it failed epicly.

Finally to attend my first Estrella A&S class! ... Chirurgeon 101. Aka 'So you wanna be a Chirurgeon'.

You Light Up my Life )

Verified that yes, I am still allergic to pork and that the Chirurgeons rock.

Did you know there are no awards for Chirurgeons? At all? No 'Courage under fire' or 'Sorry you missed the war cause you are on the midnight shift' or 'Thank you for mentally falling apart -after- dealing with extremely f*cked up situations' or anything like that.

Pulled... um... well, more than one hand's worth of shifts at the Watch, mostly Dispatch.

Megs came down on Friday and hung out, that was awesome!

Hung out with some old-timer Scadians. Learned a lot. That was cool.

People's favourite elevated mode of transportation: The Berms! )

Sunday night/Monday morning was very, very bad. 2 hours of sleep, and then was in the right place at the right time to be on hand to help during an extremely f*cked up situation.

Long story short: I'm not huggy right now. Please don't take it personally.

Got an amazing surprise Monday morning when it came to the Volunteer raffle. Handed my pouch of tickets to a guy at the final raffle with the quip of 'let me know if I won anything good' before rushing off to try to finish wrapping things up. Wasn't actually expecting anything of it.

The guy tracked down Johannes to give me back my pouch, with some really pretty Middle Eastern jewellery in it. I don't know if I actually won it, or someone won it and gave it to me, but either way I'm very grateful.

Thank you to whoever you are, for giving me hope when I needed it.
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From the Estrella XXVI Gatebook, page 6:

Zombie Attack

In case of an apocalyptic Zombie Attack all bets are off. On your way out of site to run for your life, please check the flag pole flying over Aten Royal. If a yellow flag is flying, it means the zombies are old school and can probably be outrun. If a reg flag is flying, it means they are too fast and you should run over as many as you can with your car. And remember, they may have been your best friend before, but once they want to eat your brains, they are not really your friend any-more.
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(there are more cars behind me)
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And I've been laughing, saying that we need to garb him like Cacofonix, the Bard. Or maybe like some of the other Asterix characters.

Then on the way home from Fighter Practise tonight, it dawns on me.

I'm a (not-fat!) LARGE busty red-head. )

[Edit: it would so totally give me an excuse to carry a boar around. XD]
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Modem still down. No internets for me.
Backpack zipper just died. Still not sure if I can resuscitate. Considering how often it's on my back, am making Irken Pak jokes. aaah! 10 minutes to live! I can feel my squidness fading away~!
-So did my name. Kinda. 'Yashka'. The 'K' is silent, thank you.
Boob Kittens continue to attack.
Saw the first Twilight movie at Work. Reading High School Musical fic to counter this. Not sure how that works, but it does.
7,500+ words of kink fic written this weekend. Yay writing! Not to be posted here soon.
Uh..... Yay rain?


*Zooms off*
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I know that everyone's going nuts over recent find of Saxon gold, the Staffordshire Hoard, that's bigger than the Sutton Hoo, but m'not that crazy over gold, so I'm going nuts over this:

11 feet of spider silk jacquard.

Spun from Madagascar Golden Orb Spider's silk. It's naturally gold coloured silk. *whistles*
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