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So this weekend was completely uneventful aside from the fact that I was sent home from the Zombie Walk Fundraiser because I looked too dead.

No, seriously. o_O
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Can't say 'plans', that just makes the gods laugh. So Goals for the upcoming year.

New Scooter
Even if I do end up fixing Kabuto, want something a little bit more sturdy, and not made mostly of plastic. This'll prolly take until around Febuary-ish to save up.

Place of my own, with Yard
Starting to get itchy, it's time to move again. Staying in Tucson, but I'd really really like a place of my own again, so I can host and have people over. Would also like to foster animals, since I'm giving up housesitting.
-This Christmas was a bit of an eye-opener. Apperantly 'Isolated at someone else's house staring at their cat for 4 days' translated to 'Must be too busy to invite over' to every single person I know, and you can't exactly ask to be invited to something like Christmas dinner without being rude and putting people on the spot. Thank the fates for Elinor who realised I was going crazy in a not good way and kidnapped me for dinner with people.
So gonna see about starting up a KAOS tradition up here, Orphan and Waif Christmas cause I can't be the only one this happens to.
It also pointed out that aside from the occasional Robot Night, my entire current social life is me volunteering to help others. That needs to change.

Visit the East Coast
Aside from Orlando, never been to the East Coast. So the tenative plan right now is in October, to go visit [personal profile] savvyliterate and Mike, and maybe visit places like NY and Boston. I know there's a couple of anime people on that coast as well, and would love to meet up and hang out if anyone is interested. \o/

Virtue: Learn a Martial Art.
Looking at Tai Chi or Aikido, the forms interested me more than Kung Fu. (sorry, Elinor!)

Vice: Learn to smoke a pipe.
Like the smell of a lot of pipe tobacco, so to me, it's essentially a semi-socially acceptiable portable incense burner. ^__^ And I've been curious for years.
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So I've been trying to figure out why I'm so tired lately. It's not physical energy, per se, but mental energy.

Then it was pointed out to me. I work in a 4 person office. Which has only had 3 people since the end of April.
And I just discovered why I can never seem to catch up: they're giving me more paper orders, as well as the big tricky ones, than the other girl in the office, cause they trust me (the newb!) to do them right.


*facepalm* Dad always said hard work was its own reward

In the meantime, there's the Sherlock as an Alien prompt (Done!), the Paul fic, The Stars, the Sun and what they did with the Moon, the huge Sky High fic, the Tiger & Bunny 'family' prompt, finishing up the last 2 chapters of the GenRex fic for the alias, Narrative Causality Delayed rewrite, polishing a finished Hawai'i Five-0 fic, write the other H50 fic, The Grey Agency, and figuring out a suitable murder/chase scene for a Hot Fuzz/Sherlock crossover, all popping up and saying Hello! (Danny is way too amused by Sherlock. It's freaking John out.)

Also, has anyone considered Ben 10's Omnitrix and Green Lantern's light might be the same power source? Cause that would rock.
And about 10 9 SCA pics I wanna draw, but need to sit down with a laptop for the reference first. (Hah! Derp Boar is started! Yay Sat Morning Cartoons!)

On the RL side, working on this year's Tucson Zombie Walk, 2 more housesitting jobs the rest of this month, and 30 days until I fly out to the UK.

So... If you don't see me online, it's not that I don't love you, it's just OMFG.

And since these are awesome, Vids.
Multi Fandom - Space Girl, which is kinda like a history of Women in Sci-fi, and really interesting for it, noting the contrast in roles from the beginning to the end. (the ending? Perfect!) Thanks [personal profile] lferion!
Multi-fandom - Us. Mostly sci-fi (does Due South count as 'Fantasy' with the ghost aspect?)
BBC Sherlock - Humming one of your songs. I've had the song stuck in my head all day, just one small verse in the middle of it~

Hot Fuzz - Nicholas isn't an Angel.
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The Loft here in Tucson showed the original 1954 Godzilla tonight, uncut and subbed.

It was really cool, seeing the miniature effects, the outfits from the era, realising that this a slice of history, a glimpse into the past and the start of a 60 year long dynasty of movies. It was kinda funny too, watching a guy in a 200 pound suit squash awesome miniatures.

And then they started listing off the prefectures Godzilla destroys, and it wasn't funny. Cause I'd been there, and the realisation of what a wide swath of destruction wasn't amusing.
Especially realising that A: The houses are most wood at this point in time and B: Tokyo doesn't have the Fire Breaks that Kyoto has (they tore down rows of entire blocks to form fire breaks incase one of the a-bombs was dropped on the city, those areas are mostly highways now) or the wide roads that Nagoya has, to prevent the spread of fire.

And they're still having problems with the Fukushima nuclear plant after the earthquake in March. There are still workers dealing with the radiation, every day.

So, in the end, I think I ended up with a bit more of a glimpse than I intended to, but perhaps closer to what the director envisioned.

While I'm thinking about it, Interesting Links that I meant to post back in March.

Japan Explains the Nuclear Trouble. AKA 'Nuclear Boy has a Tummyache'. This was released a few days after the Tsunami.

XKCD's Radiation Chart

Badass of the Week: Hideaki Akaiwa. Who dove into the tsunami waters to save not only his wife, but his mom, and then continued rescuing people by himself.
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Think I'm with several other people when commenting that I keep meaning to post here, then forget or do little things, and owe a big post.

So, the Highlights.

Back in January, [personal profile] savvyliterate and [personal profile] gigabahamut666 invited me to visit them in Liverpool, England in July. and after some flailing and figuring of finances, I said yes.
Friday, I hit the halfway point of my budget, also the price of a roundtrip ticket from Tucson. (and no, it's not cheaper from Phoenix or LAX, already checked)

And as it was pointed out to me, it's not gonna cost me more to leave the UK a week later than previous planned, something which I already cleared with work.

.... Which means I have a week spending time with friends I don't get to see often, and a week kicking around England by myself on the cheap. Hence, the question of what to do.

Definitely doing: Tower of London, Sherlock Holmes Museum, watch Catherine Tate & David Tennant in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. (WE HAVE TICKETS, BITCHES!!!!)
Want to do: Bath, Stonehenge and/or Avebury, Staffordshire Hoard and/or Sutton Hoo, Victoria & Albert Museum and/or The British Museum -both with an emphasis on ancient history.
If I can: London Eye, which would make the best locked room murder mystery EVER, Sherlock Holmes Pub comes recommended, and a Jack the Ripper Walking Tour.
Not open to the public, dammit: New Scotland Yard's Crime Museum, aka 'The Black Museum'. 2 wings, historical and current, the first having the original Jack the Ripper letters.

Don't really have an itinerary, just kinda making it up as I go along right now. Do know that I'm going to be bloody cold, London averages 20c during the day in July, while Tucson is about 39c. ^^;

In other news, my laptop Kuroba died, which has been an ongoing saga. Went to take a shower, came back, dead. Will not turn on (it is beyond tier one tech support), and the guy at OfficeMax says it's likely the internal power supply.
-Acer will fix it for free once he's sent to them, but the first thing they'll do is completely wipe the harddrive to 'protect my privacy'. Including the fics that were in progress when it unexpectedly died. (according to their cust service, the fact that I didn't have those backed up is totally my fault. am totally not amused)
So need to back it up first, which I'm working on. In the meantime, using the Old Lady (approaching 11 years old!), who is slow and unexpectedly quits the internet, so I'm not doing as much online right now.

Kabuto's up and running, and it's nice to have transportation of my own. ^__^
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So last night, my gut pinged on a Craigslist advert and I called about it, arranging to meet them about it today.

Had strange dreams about the SCA being run like a Renn Faire, woke up feeling groggily confused as I staggered out for tea.

And discovered Sean, who had stayed up all night playing WoW, beaming at me cheerfully. He then threw his arms in the air and gleefully proclaimed, "I Made PANCAKES!!!"

... was disturbingly sure I was still dreaming.

Anyway, back to the original topic. As I left, he told me to "Come back with my scooter, or on it."

So this afternoon, I did. [personal profile] lferion helped! Wasn't like there was a lot of room for failure there.


-His name is 'Kabuto'. Cause his head kinda looks like a Kabuto Beetle. Plus, he's Red with Glowing Blue Eyes. Not that this is familiar or anything.

... Gods, I hope he doesn't get Tendou's attitude.

Still have to take him to the scooter store and get him checked out, get permit and insurance, and change the title over to me. OMG, lotta work, super excited!
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As it was pointed out that while spending money on fixing up the house is good and all, do need to get stuff for me. Since I'm down to one over the shoulder boulder holder, went and ordered some online. Realising that this would take a few weeks to get here, I called up Alice Rae's.

They may be the only ones in town who carry my size in stock, but after the 'fitting me with a wrong size bra that cut me, then they blamed me for buying it' incident, I'm starting out with low expectations.

So I call them up, ask if they have the brand name and style I'm looking for.

And they proceed to inform me that I not only do I have the style number wrong, but I have the brand wrong.

Low expectations.... brought lower. *headdesk*

The house now has a new stove thanks to [profile] kyrakai!!! Just in time since we were down to one burner that worked... sort of.

Next up! New Toilet... or a Fridge. Used Fridge is fine. What ever karma seems to decide we need most of next. (which seems to be the way it's working. Went out last week to get a security door and ended up with black-out curtians)
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So Neechan is coming for a visit for about a week, then my biological family is exercising claiming rights and grabbing me for a few days. Something about realising it's been over 2 years since everyone's seen me and I only live 8 hours away. Huh.

... Youngest sister was threatening to pull the 'bag over the head, toss in car and drive off with me' stunt if I didn't show up before September. Seriously.

But had a couple of really cool things happen, so passing them on.

A few days ago, we had revisionist history on the bus. I also lost my bag of pencils, pens, drawing supplies and assorted sharp pointy things that day.

I've torn my bags apart, checked all over at work, checked with friends, checked everywhere. No pencils or pens.

Yesterday morning, my last day travelling from the northside to work, I sit down on the bus and find myself across from one of the guys I was talking to after the revisionist history dude shut up. We both gaped at each other for a moment, then he reaches into his backpack and pulls out my pencils.

I'd left it on the bus and he'd found it, was going to drop it off to me before he got to work, since he'd seen me at the exhibit before.

A few hours later, I hear this horrid 'skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-CRUNCH!!!' outside the exhibit. But when I step out to check, I don't see anything strange.

... Except for a guy in tight black jeans running across the intersection. But no one was hurt, no one was rushing, and I had people waiting, so I ducked back in to do my job.

When I step out again, the police are there, checking everything out. Turns out, it was a 'Hit and Run'. I'd seen the driver running away.

-They also checked the trash cans, because he'd thrown a beanie in one, and found a bag of herbs wrapped in plastic. Hmmmmm..... wonder why he was running.... ~_^

(I drew up a description and gave it to the police, btw. Yay artisic eye?)
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The long of the short of it is that I helped report abuse at work and I'm now no longer employed.

Blah blah blah )
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Modem still down. No internets for me.
Backpack zipper just died. Still not sure if I can resuscitate. Considering how often it's on my back, am making Irken Pak jokes. aaah! 10 minutes to live! I can feel my squidness fading away~!
-So did my name. Kinda. 'Yashka'. The 'K' is silent, thank you.
Boob Kittens continue to attack.
Saw the first Twilight movie at Work. Reading High School Musical fic to counter this. Not sure how that works, but it does.
7,500+ words of kink fic written this weekend. Yay writing! Not to be posted here soon.
Uh..... Yay rain?


*Zooms off*
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*scratches head* Well... um. I've been quiet. And it's prolly gonna continue.

It's not just online, it's in RL too. 'Icka' can't find a job, so we're kinda shifting back into 'Jess', who can hold a mundane job, only not quite because that'd be going -backwards- and I'm figuring things out as it goes. It's not a split personality thing, just different facets of the same personality being pushed back or pulled into play and it's easier mentally to label it thus.

... in Net speak, I'm turning from a Pirate into a Ninja. >D

So, back on the Job Hunt big time, since the Nanny gig is over. People keep asking me what I want to do and the honest answer is 'ANYTHING'. I like doing new things and seeing how far I can push my adaptability. Doing housesitting and babysitting part time in the meanwhile.
... surprisingly, earn more doing housesitting than babysitting... huh.

As far as writing, not doing NaNoWriMo this year. Don't have a story in mind, nor the time or focus for it. So in exchange, doing [livejournal.com profile] fic_off a few months early and going to try to focus on some of the fics that have been hanging in limbo, most notably Guard Dog, Gordian Knot, and The Grey Agency.

So if there are any fics that people want to see worked on that you think I've left hanging, speak up and we'll put it on the list. ^__^

Speaking of fics, succumbed and got a Del.icio.us account. Since I rarely read whatever fandom we're writing, it's prolly gonna be pretty random. #^^#

HALLOWEEN! To put you in the mood, some of the spooky music we've been listening to while working on [livejournal.com profile] spook_me. Nightmare by Brainbug is a favourite and some of the Transformers remixes are pretty good too, especially the DJ Starscream Decepticons mix.
Some of the Gordian Knot music is from our old Halloween folder as well. ^___^
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Training is going well. Got a good teacher and a mixed class, so people are rarely boring. We're learning about how mobile phones and celluar technology works, which is actually pretty interesting.

Yesterday, we did this by tossing around a fish with a giant pair of kissy lips around in a circle, pretending to be phone towers, switches and various phones. I was a landline! ^__^

Getting a minor amount of razzing for being creative in class. It's not bad razzing... but showing art skills when drawing a poster, then pretending to be a Super Hero instead of a Customer Service Rep like everyone else during role play kinda made me stand out a bit... ^^;; The penta-pus on the monitor prolly doesn't help either.
S'funny, I forget that a lot of people aren't or don't consider themselves creative... so many of the people I know do stuff.

Today, we found out that evidently I have minions. Which is really very weird, cause we thought I was a minion. o_O Eh.

Music Video: Basement Jaxx - Hush Boy <--- I want her bodice. She's larger than I am and there's no uni-boob. That's the closest thing I've ever seen to a real-life anime bra. *droools in bodice envy*
Wouldn't mind stealing the waiter's coats either. #^^# They kick high too! XD

[livejournal.com profile] impfics: Guard Dog: Gaming silliness, Skeleton in the closet. Grey Deal part 5
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I just had to e-mail my Step-mum and send a letter of apology for all the times she tried to help me with homework when I was a kid and I just didn't wanna do it.

Cause now all of a sudden, I'm in her shoes. *head desk* *head desk* *head desk*

...Pretty sure she's gonna laugh her head off and gloat to Dad about this...
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So, as I was walking around Tucson today, I was thinking about beauty. Or, more specfically, landscapes.

New Zealand is GEORGEOUS. There's no debating that, there are areas of it that are completley untouched, pristine. The southern part of the west coast (South Island) in particularly, with all the ferns and dripping plant life, it almost feels like a dinosaur should be poking their head out of the foliage at any moment. It's prehistoric feeling, like humans haven't even been thought of yet.

It's also very cold and wet on that coast, with clouds slipping through the trees and mountains, looking like wandering silver dragons. Absolutely breathtaking.

The Canterbury (middle of south island) is also lovely, in the 'emerald green grass and fluffy white sheep for as far as the eye can see' way. Is peaceful feeling.

Upper South Island and North Island are picturesque as well, but we like the lower south island better. #^^# Nyah.

Tucson... isn't green. It's about as far from vibrant green as you can get. There's lots and lots of pastel colours, golden dust, sage greens, lavender mountains and pale blue sky. It's hot. People don't have acres of grass or gardens in the front of their houses. Instead, the tendancy is for a more drought resistant beauty... different coloured sculpted gravel with cacti and sage scattered around. Some people have sculpture gardens, white porclin children and angels frolicing to abstract metal with vibrant glass to everything inbetween.

In a stark contrast to the pastels of the enviroment, houses tend to be a wide assortement of colours. Vibrant tangerine, russet, lime green, grape purple. It's almost like a child's pallete of colours on the houses. Yet it feels right here, a celebration of life in the desert.

It doesn't mean that the water dripping fern forests of NZ are more beautiful than the heat-resistant spiked plants of the American Southwest, but it's different extremes of beauty. The desert tends to be a more subtle beauty, you have to look for it, while NZ's vibrant mountains dare you not to be impressed.

... eh, just random musings. #^^#
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*streaches* Well, I leave for Tucson tomorrow. Yay.

Has been a rather fun week. Saw Sirrah and the new drooling kidlet, babysat my niece and nephew, spent a day with my youngest sister running around looking at boots (I need a new pair) and traveled up to Lancaster to hang out with 'Neechan.

Funny thing after coming back to my Folks house after shopping with my sister, (haven't seen much of my folks really, Gigi's always busy and Dad's job starts late and ends late), went to finish my herringbone skirt and Gigi got annoyed at me.
... maybe annoyed isn't the correct term. Irritated? Cause why would I -make- a skirt? So explained to her that I was down to two skirts and no pants to wear.
She snapped back that that was what I was supposed to do when I got home that evening, go out shopping with Dad to pick up my birthday and Christmas present, cause I didn't get any last year. (being overseas and the packages getting eaten by the post)
-News to me!

So now currently running around, trying not to get prezzies from Gigi cause A: I don't need/want them and B: They're not exactly wealthy and could use the money. >P
*chuckles* We always end up butting heads in one way or another, but we always know we care. ^__^

Came up to 'Neechan's house and ended up spending the evening helping them shampoo the carpets, they've got a little cat problem. Anyone know a good way to get rid of get rid of cat odour smell?

I did introduce her to Ouran Host Club. *Cackles* ^________^
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15 October 2006 )

15 October 2006, other side of the dateline )
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Perversion Party last night was great fun. I honestly don't think I've been groped that much since I wore a corset to AnimeExpo a few years ago.
Also don't think I've gotten that many hugs since I left Tucson. #^^# *much loves*

Got many Black Adder quotes about having an udder fixation, but I'm afraid I've never seen that episode of Black Adder, so it wasn't quite as funny as it could have been.
Was also commented I was lacking in the correct number of udders.... o_O

Was surprised by the number of people who'd read the previous post and asked how the cat got into the fridge. 0_o;;

Um... Highlights:
[livejournal.com profile] misskat announcing that she was wearing the same pink girls knickers that [livejournal.com profile] evil_ether was. Only his had ruffles on the butt.

Also was illustrated quite well the -reasons- why girls knickers are designed the way they are and that they REALLY don't hide much on a guy. @_@

A circle of drunken people singing and swaying along to System of a Down's Chop Suey. "Don't think you trust in my self righteous suicide... I cry when angels deserve to die..."

As song ends:
Someone sounding relatively sober: So why did you leave your keys upon the table?
Drunken Response: .... Bwuh...?

Was a good night, the spiced honey wine was excellent, the company and conversation was interesting too. Got to meet many interesting new people too! XD

... will post pics of the cow costume as soon as I find some... Am proud of the mask, was my first attempt at a leather mask and it turned out pretty well. ^_____^
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Meteor Attack!!!!

So a Meteor flies over Christchurch and suddenly everyone comes down with a Case Of The Dumb. Srly.

(I was inside the Christchurch library when the sonic boom hit. No one else really seemed to notice it except for an eldery gentleman on walking his bike across the street, who looked -up- ^__^.)
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Kaito: Aaaaaaahhh!
Icka!: Eh?
Kaito: Don't use that one!
Icka!: Which one?
Kaito: THAT one! There's no way I'm wiping my ass with something that has f... fi... FISH on it.
Icka!: Fine. We'll use the seahorse pattern one instead.
*Icka! changes the toilet paper roll*

... The inside of my head is weird sometimes....

No new Detective Conan chapter this week? Kcnmttcnn has file 579 listed for the 29th...

Tomorrow we start 'Operation Icka! Support', because we need bras like whoa. Reguardless of how much we hate doing it. >_< Think we may be doing custom fit ones this time, none of the Christchurch stores seem to carry anything in my cup size. Doesn't help we don't know what we are anymore.
-and we will not make fun of people with spinal pain ever again. ...at least not for a little while. >_O
If I wimp out, bug me.

[livejournal.com profile] impfics: Kid-Tentacle Drabble
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Right. So we are blanantly ignoring everyones wishes and making a separate journal for fics.

[livejournal.com profile] impfics

Get your Icka ficcage fix there. There's four new Guard Dog scenes up.
Ha. Bet none of you can guess what our favourite colour is. *cackles* if you guessed teal or turquiose, you'd be correct. how'd you guess? ~_^

The reasons we did this are primarily selfish. We started this Lj as a ficblog, but over the years it's grown. It's become a way to make friends both near and far as well as a means of keeping in touch with old friends.
Now we have a f-list for friends and a separate one for ficcage. So we can actually read more people's LJs without our brains don't go all melty from the overload.
We will mention here when ficcage on impfics here, for people who don't wanna friend the fic lj.

And we can spam this one with RL stuff without worrying about boring the people who just want the ficcage. Ha!

Speaking of which, the job that was our best shot at staying in NZ just said 'no thanks' so we're currently looking at jobs in other places and at other options.
*scratches head*
Does anyone know how friendly Shanghai is towards Westerners living there?


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