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The peach bread just barfed on me.

How's your night going?
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When I finally get around to replacing the backpack that I'm usually seen carrying around, want to put two patches on it.

One SCA patch, the usual one with the yellow shield. Do enough travelling that it'd be interesting to meet roving Scadians in the wilds of the mundane world.

And a patch that reads 'Fandom Spoken Here'. It'd be awesome. Can speak at least 3 dialects of fandom, should be fun to coax the fandom boys and girls out while on the bus.

Anyway. Took a break from preping for Estrella and helped [livejournal.com profile] elinor_dear move today and got to meet her 'mythical' roommate. Roommate speaks fandom, and we squeed over Nu!Trek and exchanged current Kirk/Spock longfic finds (she rec'd Of Convenience by Annenburg and I rec'd So Wise We Grow by Deastar, Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit by Lazulisong).

And then Vids were played.

Star Trek TOS and NIN. "What if they didn't make it to Vulcan in time?" Hands down, this is an AWESOME editing job, because it tells a story. A bit of a scary story, but wow, a story.

Total Eclipse of the Heart:Literal Version
"Emo Kid is Throwing Slo-Mo Dove at my face, I guess that means he just flipped me the bird." I've checked out a few other of the 'Literal Versions' of various music videos and think this really is the best one. Absolutely hysterical. ^__^
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Okay, so yesterday we read the first 36 chapters of Death Note (understanding the rabidness of fans now, stuck at a cliffhanger and cursing) and finished reading up to 171 in Bleach. Oooo, yeah. Very nice. Didn't see that twist coming. Totally loving Renji. And the whole 'pardon the interuption' thing.

But now my next youngest sister Sam (I have 3 sisters, 2 brothers, shut up) whome I haven't seen in several years is passing through Tucson and wants to stop by somewhere for lunch with her husband and puppies.
And I have no clue where to go.
Gneeee... prolly wouldn't be so nervous about this if she wasn't the high-strung one of the bunch... -unless she's mellowed, but I kinda doubt that.
@_@ Hour and a half till they reach Tucson limits... neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...


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