Nov. 25th, 2010 10:32 pm
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So.... after watching the 'Charlie Brown Thanksgiving', the debate came up:

Does Woodstock eating Turkey count as Cannibalism?
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So I finally succumbed to A3O after following it for years, and opened an account.

Now the question is, what to archive there?

I've got several hundred DC/MK fics. So... What are people's favourite DC/MK fics of mine? Which ones do you think are the best for getting people into the fandom?

What about other series? Kabuto? Astroboy? Oofuri? MaLoki? What are your favourite fics of mine from other series?

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Okay... so the first big purchase for the job I need to make is a mobile phone. (shaddup, I know, I know)
This was a goal of mine about a month ago, but what I need in a phone has changed. Instead of just local, now I need long distance and txting, possibly e-mail.

So, what carriers and/or phones do you wise people of the interwebs suggest? AT&T? Alltel? Sprint? Any one know price ranges?

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...we're doing a lot of work to avoid being lazy...
Does anyone know of a series that takes place/involves a university or college in England? If we don't know it, will learn it.
Call it a quirk, but when writing fanfiction, really really don't like having to put in authour created characters.
If we wanted to write authour created characers, would return to our orginal universe with it's five cities and created cast of hundreds. ^^;;

And on an completely different project:
Does anyone know how to write 'The Kaitou Kid stole my clevage' in 'kana? o_O


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