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Thanks to a hairstick, I have two fluffy red feathers sticking out of the top of my head.

[Poll #1547476]

[Edit: For those who don't get the 'Princess Tutu' line, This is Princess Tutu. It's about a duck that transforms into a ballerina who transforms into a magical girl. No, seriously.]


Jan. 27th, 2010 09:40 pm
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Soooooooo... we got into a debate and I figured the best way to answer was with a Poll!

[Poll #1517560]
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So I know who is getting drawn, (hi~mi~tsu) but dunno what to fig-leaf them with. On the bus today, I asked the lady next to me for symbols of Christmas. The lady on my other side started adding comments as well.
They came up with: 'Ornaments, Reindeer, Baby Jesus, Star of David (because Jesus was a Jew), a Cross, Nativity Manger, and Angels'.

I have been informed that "Religious Figleafing Makes Baby Jesus Cry." So obviously, most of those are out.


[Poll #1484636]

File 712

Nov. 7th, 2009 02:44 pm
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-I'm a little late on the squee and discussion there of the case. Got the text translation just before the scans came out.

So, Thoughts and schtuff on 712, mostly in prep for updating the Kid Ref Page cut for spoilers )

Discussion/Debate )


[Poll #1482204]

[edit: according to the Japanese blogs, this story arc is '少年探偵団 vs 怪盗キッド', 'Shonen Tantei vs Kaitou Kid'. ]
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I made the mistake of asking Megs if I am Scary.

So, like the true friend she is, she turned it into a poll.

..... wtf?
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Since I broke Megs' brain with the question, then proceeded to confuse people on chat:

Possible NFWS? )

After Megs stopped singing about 'My Little Buttplug', she drew me a picture of a Kaitou Kid Buttplug. ^^;;

And thus ends any remote chance at credibility that I am not -nearly- as pervy as people seem to think I am.
Ah, well. At least it's good for a laugh. ^__________^

Completely unrelated: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] yume_no_kage and [livejournal.com profile] sekitx2!!!
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For those of you who haven't been keeping track of the current manga, allow me to recap chapter 646: SHIN'ICHI HAS RETURNED AND LOST HIS MEMORY.

It's cracktastic enough to demand a Poll.

[Poll #1170792]

-thanks to Wren for suggesting answers! XD

M'not doing a bet this time because I currently don't have the time to make up any imbalance of wagers. #^^# Sorry!
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Okay, so we're working on the current chapter of Guard Dog and hit a minor mental stutter:

[Poll #1026006]

... Ysabet's voting rather enthusiastically (and loudly) for 'None!' which we're kinda shuddering and going cause, um, zippers and ow.

Anyway, discuss! Or perv, cause really, same thing sometimes...
... Meanwhile we're going to try to finish off this chapter today... *yawns* Don't hafta worry about the same question with Yuugi and Jounouchi in this chapter, they're already covered.

( our new icon looking up Seto's skirt coat is coincidentally finished in time for the poll. hee. )
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Never too early to start thinking about the holydays, espeically since we've got some off-line downtime coming up.

And since we've done Detective Conan/Magic Kaito nudie pics for the holydays for the past three years, might as well make it a tradition.

Girls this time, since we did Heiji with candy cane last year, the Gosho Guys and Akako with hats the previous year and Ran, Shin'ichi and Kaito with ribbons the first year. Gotta even it out.

[Poll #839672]

[Edit: As Nudie Guys are currently Beating Ticky Box (*boggles) Could people please comment on WHICH guy/s they'd like to see?]

... m'just waiting to hafta draw a ticky box figleafing itself with a ticky box.... ^^;;

Also! Word of the Day:


Example of it on Top Gear. can we say 'Kaito'? *snickers*
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It was pointed out that we have two unfinished WiPs we need to do. A Heiji/Kazuha fic called 'Clueless' and a Vampyre AU Beach Fic.

During a conversation on chat, the subject of speedos came up:

[Poll #817757]

-feel free to add someone else in comments. (Gin in a speedo? *snickers*)

And for my own amusement, what is everyone's Favourite Nickname for Speedo?


Detective Conan Movie 10 Screen caps! (when did it get on DVD?)
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First off: Go look at the latest Detective Conan chapters, 570. [edit: now translated!]
Can be found at Kcnmttcnn's Site or Knightus's Manga Linker.

[Edit: 571 is now up on Knightus's Manga Linker. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] clover_magic for the translations!]
[Edit: 572 translated is up on the usual suspects]

The Poll Is Now Closed. )

The Poll will close on 3 July. Please Place Your Bets Before Then.
The Poll is Now Closed.
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140 People have friended us. Holy Frikkin Shyte.
When we orginally started this journal, it was intended as a fic journal. So we tend to feel highly awkward posting stuff going on in RL here. (not to mention that a stalker here kinda knocked us out of that habit).
-Cause everyone's here for the fics, right? They don't want/need to hear about my boring life.
But in the past couple of weeks, I've come to realise that a great deal of people who have friended us actually know us in real life and this is how they keep up with what's going on. And vice versa on several accounts.
Which got us thinking...

[Poll #594414]

We're not going to stop posting fics or art, but with us heading overseas soon, kinda curious if should we comment more about what's going on in real life instead of just the stuff we think people will find amusing.
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Okay... working on the TGZ Holiday fic (and going back to poke at SoG's too) and a bit of a debate started up.

So as much as I can give and leave -some- surprises:
Kaito has his ears pierced.
• Auntie Kitty gives him a pair of Cat's Eye earrings.

The Problem:
Finding a style that doesn't make him look flaming. ¬_¬

Cut for Image and Poll )


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