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We have been writing like a MOFO!!! \o/ And it feels good!

Back during the end of December, tried writing and posting a chapter a day for murdery mystery, The 12 Days of Murder. It was supposed to be a one-off, but the universe was so much fun that I'm gearing up do do another one, this time for Golden Week, 29 April through 5 May. ... Although less of a body count this time... ~_~

But in preperation, doing short fics for various holidays between. It helps that they figured out whose POV goes where. Japanese Holidays are from Kuroba's POV, Western Holidays are from Hakuba, which make a certain amount of sense.

Links are embedded in the fic if people have questions on things. Or, yanno, just ask.

3 Feb - Setsubun
Oni Out! Happiness In! The day before spring in Japan.

8 April - Easter Sunday
Rabbits don't poop eggs-?
This one was a bit tricky, since our headcannon for the series had Baaya as either Jewish or Roman Catholic, so I polled people to see which she should be. Either way meant research into customs, which is fun!

27 Jan - Down the Rabbit Hole
-Posted to Tumblr, since it's short and non-sensical. And follows a story not posted yet. *sighs* Oh, linear thinking, why must you be so hard?!

Thanks to [personal profile] winterjameson introducing me to Comment_fic, have also been doing lots of Phineas and Ferb general short fics. Trying to figure out how to post them to Archive of our Own, either seperately or as a collection, since they're under 1,000 words each.

Other than that, after almost three months and a two-week break, we're almost caught up on One Piece anime. Mmm.... One Piece.... Why isnt there more fic with Iceburg and Paulie?
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Dreamt last night that the Strawhat Crew had found the One Piece, Luffy was the Pirate King, and their base was out of Skypeia, because if you weren’t willing to look for an island that didn’t exist, they weren’t interested in what you had to say.

Thanks to Franky, with some assistance from Usopp and Nami, the Thousand Sunny was also equipped as a dirigible. So not only could they easily get to and from Skypiea, but they could easily cross both the Red Line and the Calm Belt to visit which ever Blue they wished to explore.

Decades later, this led to the Second Age of Piracy, Airship Pirates.

(Zoro also had to wander around with a baby Den-Den Mushi to call Nami with, because his direction sense had gotten so bad he would occassionally find himself on other islands by mistake. Which was fine, Luffy was always happy to lend him a hand back up to the ship, and they always discovered the most interesting places and people while trying to track him down)

One Piece

Feb. 25th, 2012 07:43 pm
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So Ian discovered my ancient HK dvds of One Piece and started watching them. Favourite HK line so far:

Luffy: "Ah? A cemetary? I should offer my condolences.... confidence... condoms..."
Genzo: "Condolences is fine."

Some people hate HKs for the crappy translations, I watch HKs for them... (as Col Smoker announces that he 'ate the smoking nuts' to Luffy on screen...)

Currently re-reading the manga, since I'd never really read past the Alabasta arc before. Averaging 100 chapters a day, just finished the Skypiea arc.

But noticed something kinda interesting. At the beginning, after Coby and Luffy have defeated Alvida, Luffy says that he's looking for crew members, specfically Zoro, who is being held captive.

Dunno about the anime, but in the manga, Zoro's mentioned twice earlier in the chapter. The first time out of Luffy's earshot, and again by Alvida upon meeting Luffy, who simply states that Luffy is not Zoro. Yet Luffy not only knows who Zoro is, but knows where he's at, the same island Coby is heading towards.

Which means Luffy had heard of Zoro before setting sail, and had already decided on him as a Nakama, ‘if he is a good guy’.

This is interesting because it's the only break in a pattern. Luffy and Zoro need a navigator, they run across Nami. They need a ship, they acquire both the Going Merry and Ussop. They realise they need a cook, and Johnny directs them to Sanji. They need a doctor, they meet Chopper.

With the exception of Zoro, who Luffy purposesly goes and gets, the crew is gathered as they're needed.

-I'm sure there's a fic in there, but I'm not sure exactly what.
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Long Story Short:
Nero and Doofenschmirtz, two guys that are fairly nice people and decent blokes until given power when they go batshyte insane.
-It's all just a little bit of history repeating.

Long Story Long, with Adult Themes )
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[personal profile] skyechan pointed out there was a bit of vandalism on the Detective Conan Wiki....

Toichi Kuroba (黒羽 盗一 Kuroba Touichi ? ) was the original Hard Gay. Toichi as Hard Gay was the greatest 'jewel' thief in Japan as well as the best stage dancer in Japan until he was murdered in a fake pole dancing accident. Sometime prior to his death Toichi had his attendant and friend Konosuke Jii promise him that he would never tell Kaito about his dancing.

-This needs to be ficced. Hard core. Pretty please? With a flailing Kaito on top? \o/
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P&F in Wonderland
Phineas and Ferb cast as Alice in Wonderland characters
Because it made me giggle like a loon.
Y'know how hard it is to make a platypus smile?!

So the result of having a 4 year old in the house for the past week or so meant that we watched a lot of Phineas and Ferb.

Had caught a few episodes here and there, but never sat down and watched it. Very good series, and creatively funny too. Ended up scaring co-workers earlier this week after having Ferb's crazy dancing stuck in my head. Want that music as a ringtone.

The ficcage is already starting to eat our brains. We have Nerd Persuasion, a Baljeet and Buford friendship fic (if you get a chance, check out the lj-cut text) and Growing Old with Doofenshmirtz and Perry rivalry up on the fic blog.
.... Also have another posted to a prompt on the [community profile] disney_kink meme (prompt and response is gen) that somehow ended up being the second half of a fic, so holding off archiving until we get the first part done.

With the amount of fans of the show that are my age, rather surprised at the lack of ficcage being recommended out there. What are people's favourite stories?
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So Sean and I have been marathoning South Park, and we just got to the Underpants Gnomes episode.

2 strange thoughts on it.

One, the Kaitou Kid could learn a lot from the above equation.

Two, I wonder if Eiii from Kamen Rider OOOs has ever had contact with the Underpants Gnomes. (Sean wonders if he was raised by said gnomes)
This may explain Eiji's fascination with underpants.

Just saying. ^__^
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Prompts are Up!

Battle: Sunday 23rd January - Thursday 3rd February 2011

Detective Conan/Magic Kaito has a surprising number of prompts this year!

Hakuba/Kaito (Kid), not all of Kaito's magic is tricks, handcuffs, caught, possessiveness, youko!Kaito, locked, moonlight, time, hanglider, sky, challenge, riddle, prank, grin.
Heiji/Shinichi, werewolf
Jimmy Kudo/Rachel Moore, temporary, truth, discovery
Kaito/Kid, MPD, two sides of a coin, justice and vengeance, magic, down the rabbit hole, ‘well that was unexpected’, gem, heist, moonlight, thief, magician, mirror, shards.
Shinichi/Kaito (Kid), petnames, under the moonlight, rooftop, cute, crossdressing, equal, rival, control, Youko!Kaito, Shinigami!Shinichi

... I have to wonder on the 'MPD' one. 'Metropolitan Police Department' or 'Multiple Personality Disorder'. If it's the last, should Plural-verse come out and play? Although Kid and the Police Dept as two sides of a coin is an interesting thought...

My alias is kind of annoyed, none of his fandoms had prompts. Ha-hah. Need to finish his newest fics anyway.
(which is a funny comment after the previous paragraph and the fact that we were discussing mental compartmentalisation at work during lunch.)

Doctor Who has LOTS of prompts, as does the various Sherlock Holmes fandoms. *dances happily* There's gonna be lots of good fic outta this. Yay reading!
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... How would one have a 'Minty Fresh Corpse'?
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So we just finished watching 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'. Movie was okay, some nice twists but they did seem to be pushing it a bit. But it did get the plunnies rolling.

So in Transformers, we know that Sam Witwicky's Great-Grandfather on his father's side, Archibald Witwicky met with Megatron and went insane.

But what about his mother's side? What if Judy's maiden name was 'Jones'? And her father's name was 'Henry Williams ne Jones'?

Which would make Mutt Williams Sam's Grandfather and Indiana Jones Sam's Great-Grandfather. Mutt'd be 71 this year.

Cut for spoilers )
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If Conan became Batman due to his parents death, then would that mean the Kaitou Kid equals Catwoman?

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Ysabet: He doesn't want to eat it, he just wants to drag it off, curl up around it and hoard it going 'It's MINE! Mine mine mine mine mine'. Little Kaiba Weasels.
Icka!: Kaiba... Weasels...?
Ysabet *points around to various objects*: That's mine. That's mine. That's mine. Kaiba Weasels.
Icka!: Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! *laughs*
Ysabet: Kaiba would make a good ferret!
Icka!: ... Oh, gods... Guard Dog. Mokuba commenting that his brother his greedy. Not only did he get himself a boyfriend, he got TWO!!!
Ysabet: Kaiba motions to Jounouchi, 'Hands off!! That's mine'. Motions to Yuugi, 'That's mine too!'
Icka!: Points to Mokuba, 'And don't touch my brother either!'.

... and not more than five minutes ago, Ysabet squealed and started bouncing like an excited ferret, cut a chunk of soap off of the bar in the bathroom and stuck it in the microwave.
Ten Seconds after pressing 'start', it starts to boil up.
About Thirty Seconds, give or take five seconds, it starts smoking.
People really need to stop sending her sites like MicrowaveCam.com because then she has to go out and do it.
The house smells like burnt oatmeal soap...

We're back from Estrella, by the way. ^^;;


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