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Cake AND Death! (thanks to Neep for the pic!)

So on Wednesday, I was informed at the Scriptorium that I -had- to display my arts and stuff at Art Symposiums, because how else was I going to gain a reptuation in the SCA?
.... Once I stopped cackling, pointed out I already have a reputation. Was given the name 'Poisoner'.
Was told that I was mocking a Laurel and I'd 'never get any nice scrolls that way'.

Some other comments were made, and after I got over being bloody furious, (1: don't do this for awards and 2: Hi? Deputy Scribe? Can paint my own if I was interested) decided you know what? I should live up to my name.

Poison Cake.

Found a 15th century recipie for Chocolate Cake, and went looking for Marzipan for the skulls. Could only find chocolate-covered Marzipan, so peeled off the chocolate and sculpted the almond paste into skulls and bones. The chocolate that got peeled off was then put on top of the frosting as further decoration.

The recipie itself is easy and straightforward. The only problem was that the cake ended up over-cooked and kind of hard. Less time in the oven the next time we try this. The icing recipie (which is FABULOUS) was altered slightly, putting almond extract in instead of vanilla.

The tag on the little glass bottle reads 'Cyanide', and for giggles, the inside of the bottle was coated in almond oil. If you picked up and sniffed, it smelled like almonds, which made people really really paranoid. To aid in this effort, at the bottom of the print out for the recipie, I added the fact that only 20-40% of the population can actually smell 'bitter almonds' when smelling cyanide. It's a ressisive genetic trait, everyone else it's odour/tasteless.

-Which was researched a while ago, and again last night because it came up while preparing to record the Detective Conan World Podcast. (makes you wonder about Conan/Hakuba/Heiji, that they can all do that).

Unsurprisingly, no one wanted cake, so I have cake to eat here at home, which is nommy, aside from the hardness thing. Mmm... Almond skulls.

Amusingly, one of the scrolls I painted was handed out in court today. It's a decaying skeleton. Go figure.

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The other side of my arm says 'Tea @ 7 Cups - Buddhist Lecture 6pm'

*Sean leans out of the front door as Icka! is getting on her scooter and shakes his fist*
Sean: "And your way of keeping notes is RIDICULOUS!!!"
Icka!: "It's LOGICAL! It was passed down to me by My Father, who learned it from His Father... Who picked it up from a Russian Trader!!!"
Icka!: ".... I DON'T KNOW."

(Buddhist lecture was cool, approach was that Buddhism is more of a science than a religion. Follow the Four Noble Truths, factor in the theory of Karma, add the Eight-fold Path, and don't forget the Sutras....)
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Woke up in London yesterday
Found myself in the city near Piccadilly
Don't really know how I got here
I got some pictures on my phone

... 2 months before we fly out, exactly.

Lyrics are Good Life by OneRepublic. Thought they were fitting. ^^;;
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The squid that lives in my card indexes at work.

And cause I feel like it, BBC Sherlock fusion fic recs.

Big Brother is Watching You by [personal profile] flawedamythyst
For their own safety, John and Sherlock are placed in the most observed safehouse in the UK... The Big Brother TV house.
... Although personally, I wanna know where Sherlock got the badger.

Title: Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc and Woe and Archniads by [personal profile] etothepii
Crossover with Addams Family. John is an Addams. In the first story, the Family teaches John and Harry how to be Addams. In the second, John teaches Wednesday how to be normal.
One word: FABULOUS.

The Republic of Heaven by [personal profile] blind_author
Crossover with His Dark Materials. Summary: Born to a witch and a human, people know Sherlock will be unusual from the start. John Watson, on the other hand, seems perfectly ordinary, except for his dæmon...
There's a few HDM/Sherlock fics, but this, this is a real treat. Love how the story unfolds, the twists and turns, the divergence and convergence of the plots. WiP, still worth the read. ^__^

On the DC/MK side, an article on How Diamond Thieves Work including several great stories of RL heists.

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The yellow blur in the background is a Giant Banana being chased by a Large Monkey during tonight's Fighter Practise.

... I have no idea why. ._.

*Icka! staggers out into the living room and stares at the swashbucklers on the screen.*
Icka!: "Huh. Angela Lansbury."
*Icka! watches for a moment*
*Captain on-screen declares he cannot go with Frederic because he'd rather Live and Die a Pirate King*

Icka!: "... This isn't Cutthroat Island, is it?"
Sean: *sarcastic* "Naw. What was your first clue?"
Icka!: "The backdrops, actually.... And then they started to sing." o_O

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Well, he didn't go alone....

Explanation. )
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So last night, I heard a weird noise from the other room and ran in there to see what was going on.

And then I went running for my camera. )
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An unfortunate place for a bus to break down. ^^;;
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.... I hate this bus stop....


May. 2nd, 2010 06:50 pm
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Icka!: "Do you see the sunset?"
3-year old: "... No."
3-year old: "Maybe it broke. Some bad guy shot it and it fell apart and shattered. And that's why we can't see it."
Icka!: ....
Icka!: *squeaks, trying not to laugh* Okay!

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Irony in graffiti.

Thanks to Ianuk for help with Yellow Curry!! It works a lot better with Coconut Milk. ^__^
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Sean: . . . ?
Icka!: "Gink's makin' out with my bra, again, and Dib's tryin' ta steal my panties!"
Sean: . . . .
Sean: "-I'll take 'Things You Don't Expect To Hear Around The House' for $200, Jack."

Brought to you by the letters 'W', 'T' and 'holee crap when did they figure out how to climb up THERE?!'

(that's Gink looking cute at the top of the doorframe there. o_O)

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Okay, am tired, and still have a bit before I can go to bed, so quickly posting amusing cosplay pics, will add comments to them later. The Kaiba one is my favourite.

Overheard Quotes:
"I don't want to commission a drawing. I just want you to sketch in my book."

"Hey! America just stole your cheeseburger!!!"

"And this is my name, spelt in pretzels."

Cut for photos )

Have also commissioned two pins. "Fandom Spoken Here" and "Kaitou Kid in Disguise."
With the latter one, I'm always cosplaying!

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... He was supposed to have a Ran, but she ditched him. ;_; In the meantime, he was running errands.

Did you know Robots go shopping for Manga? )

Quatre and Unhappy Duo )

Happy Gundam )

Oh, Crap! The Hokage's Back! )

Working Artist's Alley, if anyone in Tucson is going to Con-Nichiwa. Thus far it's been a really enjoyable con. ^__^
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St. Paddy's Day Parade today! (this was on the back of the 'Society for Perpetual Induldence's float)

Pre-Parade was rather fun, the band for Hotel Congress entertained us with various songs. Such as Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man' sung as 'Irish Man'. Or 'Oh Danny Boy, the Pints... The pints are calling...

Watching lots of little dachshunds trying to scare two Irish Wolfhounds is rather amusing too. Stampede!

Nearly lost my voice doing Xena-like trilling throughout the route, did some facepainting, and had to run off early. it's Pi Day, so therefore there must be Pie. Which was delicious. ^__^

Since Sean is watching Hot Fuzz again, some brain breakage:
Edgar Wright (the Director), Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost discovered Hot Fuzz slash fanfiction last October.
So they decided to write some of their own. ^_______^
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One of these things is not like the other...

Cut for pics )

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Made it to Palm Springs/Indio safely!

Posting that last pic reminds me that I haven't posted pics of the Gargoyle House in a while. They've since extended quite a lot and added a unifying colour - Sparkly Blue! (which shows up better when it's not so cloudy)

More pics.  )


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