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There are many things I never thought I would end up saying that since becoming a Nanny that I have.

Currently chief among them: "No, you may not shove the monkey up your butt."
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So Xan's room recently had a minor remodel (ie: things shifted around) so it could be used as a playroom as well as a nursery. Because Xan is into EVERYTHING, the rubbish bin was taken out of the room and we're using the Diaper Genie as a rubbish bin now.

Xan, in an attempt of mimicry, has taken to trying to shove his toys down the Diaper Genie. Thus far he's been unsuccessful. (I keep checking, just in case)

But while watching this, I keep thinking "Kitty go down the HoOOOole..."
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Well, had our local computer guru look at the laptop and verified no internets for me for a while. Ah, well.

This weekend was fairly quiet. Babysat Friday night while Xan's folks went to stripper bars which is AWESOME, then hung out at MOrgan's house until 4am watching Tremors TV Series and Shaolin Soccer, both of which are great fun. Saterday, I housesat and slept in as late as the dogs would let me, then went and watched Anime. Sunday, we played D&D.

-On my one attack of the evening (always have to try), I rolled a natural crit on a D12 dice. With my bonuses, it was enough to hit and kill a minion. Which would have been excellent, save for the fact that I was supposed to roll a D20 instead. ^^;; Whoops.

Xan also learned to walk this weekend! Kind of a yay, kind of a blind panic as we chase him around.

Kink Meme over on [livejournal.com profile] dc_yaoi and an anon meme for the community birthdays.

Also, just a random sounding before I throw it out to the community, how do the DC/MK fans feel about turning [livejournal.com profile] dc_yaoi into an adult comm instead of a yaoi comm?
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There needs to be an adhesive called 'Poo-glue'.

Sticks like poo to a baby's butt.

... it'd be really strong. ._.
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*Xan howls like a demon spawn reborn*
Xan Daddy: What is going on out there?!
Icka!: Mommy's not pickin' him up immediately.
Xan Daddy: *mock dramatics* Oh noes! Poor Baby! He's going to need therapy!
*Xan Mommy picks up Xan*
Xan Mommy: *brightly* And Hookers! ^___^
Icka!: ....
*Xan Daddy hops up and down and whines*
Xan Daddy: How come he gets Hookers? I never get any Hookers! I want Hookers~!
Icka!: ._.
*Icka throws hands in the air and wanders off*
Icka!: I'm staying outta this one. ^^;;

-Speaking of babies, Congrats to [livejournal.com profile] poe_nui for the little one on the way! \o/

snagged from [livejournal.com profile] sexitx2:
If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
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So the Healthy Family lady is here and helping us make a toy for Xan involving a water bottle and various things that float and sink in it. But we had to think of things to put into it.

Enter... Crazy Auntie Icka!'s Bag O' Holding

From the bag:
1 plastic water bottle
8 clear plastic beads
1 fake turquoise bead
13 fake jewels
1 mini rubber pirate devil ducky
1 broken lanyard
1 luggage lock (minus key)
1 hopper popper painted like a yellow baseball.

-the last three didn't go in. Surprisingly, 3 of the beads float, the rest --including the rubber ducky-- do not. *pokes bottle* The grown-ups are confuzzled. Waiting for Xan to wake up from his nap to see what he thinks of it.

Anyway. We were going to do a Murder Mystery this weekend, but everyone was feeling very blah, so we called it a dead weekend and didn't do much. I curled up and got some writing done. Two longfics down to the final scenes! \o/ Yay for clearing backlog!
Did stop by Savers and got a new skirt for free because of the fist-size hole in one seam. A few minutes mending and it's as good as new.
... Am continuously amazed at how few people seem to know how to mend or sew these days. Out of curiosity, Scadians and Tiffany aside, how many people can sew? How many can't? (I can hand sew, but blow up sewing machines. boom, thread and bobbins everywhere. s'not pretty.)

Ficcage: DC/MK - Marry, Shag, Throw off a Cliff
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Xan hasn't been able to keep anything down since Sunday. Yesterday I got barfed/slimed twice.

Today it came out the other end. I wish that was an All Fools' joke.

I've had the song 'Poor Unfortunate Souls' stuck in my head off and on for days.

After a very... messy episode, it has now become 'Poor Unfortunate Buttholes'

... In pain. In need....
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... Dude, Cepheid looks like a Blue Eyes White Dragon... Kaiba would be so proud in the Slayers universe. course, then he'd probably try to collect all four Dragon Lords...


Since Xan has started walking, we wondered a while back if we put bells on his ankles would help encourage this. This weekend, Bob and Spot got new collars, and Ysabet took the bells off the collars cause she doesn't like the noise. So today I grabbed some elastic, sewed it into loops and tied the bells on.

And it did seem to work, but it seemed to have a few unexpected results.

One, Koori and Kashii, who are used to having bells on their cat collars, kept looking around for the other cat who wasn't there. It made for some highly amusing paranoid cats.

Two, it was suddenly a heck of a lot easier to spot the exploring kiddo. XD

Also more random LJ bullshyte.
So nice of them to announce this the day of. >P
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*watches Xan attempt to eat Mommy's slippers* Hee hee hee. Slimed slippers.

So, I've been trying to write the past couple of days. Gordian Knot, TGA, Kink fic, EEHM, they're taunting me with mental images. Unfortunately, it's like the circuits used to convert Images-to-Text are fried, so we're taking a break by reading Naruto ficcage and snickering instead.

And then, And Then, we discovered that in the last couple of episodes (171/172) of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, THEY BLEW UP KAIBA COOPERATION TOWER.

Duuuuuuuuddddde.... I kinda wanna watch GX now. 0_0 or read good ficcage

And Helllllo, Guard Dog. *wiggles* Only... Guard Dog has about five more years in the timeline before it meets up with GX. Woe. And -then- we can blow it up. ^__^ And replace it with something that doesn't look like one of Gozaburou's chess pieces. blargh.

... Hullo, Xan. Yes, argyle socks are not a nummy treat. *Xan chews on Icka!'s big toe* >_O ...Slimed socks.

[Edit: Oh yeah. Yesterday it hailed. No rain, just hail. In the desert. There have been jokes about 'Hell Freezing Over'.
this still does not mean I'm a BNF.]
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Good News: Xan Has Learned To Crawl.

Bad News: see above.

the kitties scamper in fear...
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Xan has figured out how to unbutton Auntie Icka!'s blouse.

That is all.

[Edit: And then I got to whip egg whites until they were Stiff and HARD.
And then scared the boss by snickering and telling them to "Call me Queen!!!" #^_________^# ]
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Xan was sick earlier this week, vomit and diarrhoea, but he's gotten over that other than wanting to cuddle a bit more than usual.

What currently has us worried is that his hands and feet are currently cold to the touch, slightly swollen and a mottled red colour. The whites of his eyes are slightly blue, and he has a faintly blue touch to the outside of his lips.

Other than that, he's his usual happy cheerful energetic self, and the rest of him is normal temperature, but we're keeping him warm and bundled anyway. But the colour and temperature is worrisome.

Moms? Dads? Any comments or suggestions as to what's going on?


[edit: *head desk* and now that we're asking, the swelling has gone down and his hands and feet have warmed up, which means the major visible symptoms have faded. And he continues to be be his usual silly self. >_> Still taking him to hospital however.]
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We have a game we like to play with Xan. It's called 'Poopie Roulette'. The winner gets to change the diaper.

... I just won.

Xan's recently been introduced to veggies. He now poops in multi-hued TECHNICOLOUR. And yes, I did have to share the pain. ^______^

Bob, on the other hand, is litter box trained, thank the fates.

On the other hand, he has No. Brain. None, what so ever. If it moves, he must attack it with his widdle needle-sharp kitten claws. If it doesn't move, he must attack to see if he can get it to move.

Enter Auntie Icka!, waking up in the mornings. Before tea.

Add hyper kitten.

Auntie Icka! now swears in the mornings as she makes tea and gets dressed.

Kitten stew sounds good.... Don't think there's enough fur to make more than a single glove, but it'd make some fabulous trim. >D Mwuahahahahahaa.

m'kidding, Ysabet. relax. But when is he supposed to grow a brain again? >_O
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I just saw a poopie being... um... born created pooped.


It was like the never ending poopie.

And it was GREEN.

And it was just so gross I had to share. ^____^

*whistles innocently and wanders off*
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Screaming Unhappy 3 month old Baby Check List:

* Is the diaper wet/full? If yes, change. If no, con't on to next question.
* Is baby hungry? Test with bottle. If yes, feed. If no, con't on to next question.
* Does baby have gas? Check if tummy is tight like a drum. If yes, burb. If no, panic a bit. Remember latest step.
* Does the baby want to sit up for a bit? Turn baby around on lap so he can look around and play with our hands. ^__^

-that usually does it. Unless baby is noisy fussy but not screaming, in which case it's usually nap time, which turns into screaming for a minute until sleep takes over.

... Xan has also managed to figure out how to roll over from his belly to his back.
On one hand Yay, he's learned a new trick! On the other hand... more mobility... @_@.
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Babies do not react well to being told "Cheer Up Emo-kid!!!".


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