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Dear 'Death Magnet Chibi' and 'Idiot Thieves who Wear White at Night' Fandom,

It has been nearly a year an a half since my last update to my Kaitou Kid page. This grievous error has been corrected by Megs introducing me to a nice free WYSIWYG html program called KompoZer, which does not suck.

The updates are few, mostly adding to the latest case and adding voice actors. We are also highly dismayed to discover that Kid's most recent injuries have all been inflicted in one form or another *cough*soccer ball*cough* by Conan. ~_~ Honestly, dude. There are better ways to relieve your tensions.

As compensation for such a gratuitous lack of updates, we are prepared to either update the Heiji page, get the Police page up, or draw Kid for this years DC/MK Nudie Holyday pic.

Either or.

Until the next Kaitou Kid appearance in the series, or we finally draw new art for the profiles, yours truely,
Crazy Auntie Icka.

P.S.: The Japanese translation programs kept insisting that Hakuba's given name was 'Probe'.
There's a joke in that somewhere, but m'not touchin' it.
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Mischif.net will most likely be down for a few days.
Apologies for the inconvenience.
Am attempting to change domain servers, because doteasy is made of ass.

And something to amuse. Because A: I am self-entertaining and B: Should never be left in a chatroom by myself. See 'A'.

Icka!: .... who who died and made you seme?:
So how are you doing?
Should I put a leer on the end of that?
How YOU doin'? *leer* *teethsparkle*
Nah. Gai-sensei does it so much better.
I wonder what kind of tooothpaste he uses to get such a bright eye-blinding flash.
Could be a whole new Ninja attack.
"On the count of three!!! EVERYONE SMILE!!!"
*Konoha Ninjas Smile*
*Enemy Ninjas are Blinded*
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Ahou Calling, Kaitou Kid Reference Page

Think we might have added some new stuff to the Black Cat Data Files, since we just add stuff when we find it, reguardless if we have ftp or internet up and running.

Not much to add on Ahou Calling, we just added mentions of current stuff.

Kid Ref Page got a little bit of an overhaul... new colour scheme and art! It's now blue! ^^;; (like Kid's shirt)
*sighs* Lacking in information for the stuff that's currently going on, so have a lot of 'will be filled in later' signs.

Having a bit of a debate on the Cast section... when we made the page, it was intended for people who were already vaugely familiar with the series and were looking up names or data for fics. But it's been pointed out quite a few people who go to the site haven't read the manga and aren't familiar at all, save for a few fanfics.
-Should we post a small summary of the series? Or does anyone have a short summary of the series that they'd be willing to share? (with credit?)

YSABET!! SEND ME YOUR GIFT ART SO I CAN UPDATE YOUR SITE!! *hops up and down like a pissed off little chibi!*


Nov. 21st, 2005 11:00 am
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*claps hands*
[livejournal.com profile] socchan, [livejournal.com profile] ysabet, 'Prince Ichi' is now up. The pages are all connected together, so you can read it like a comic.


If there's any problems with it, lemme know.

The Black Cat Data Files BETA VERSION is now up. Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kosaginolegion and her Partner in Crime.


As always, if there's anything wrong with it, please let me know.

And The Grey Zone has also been updated as well.

Mischif.net is now updated, at least the fanfic section.
Now we need to update the Treasure and Gift section, to fix all the stuff we just messed up fixing the fic section. ^^;; Art section is still down.
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The Grey Zone, Kid Reference Page and Ahou Calling have all been updated. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kosaginolegion for the info on Heiji.

Speaking of Kosagi, we've now read up to chapter 158 of Black Cat. Your fault. Dammit. >P

Next big project: updating Schizo. *sighs* We haven't updated it since April.
[livejournal.com profile] socchan? I can only find 1-10 of Prince Ichi on the drives here... help? O_o
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Good News:
Okay, got the enter and index pics working (click on the characters to go to their fandom page). Looks like the fic update took and the TGZ page is up and running with the exception of two pics that refuse to load. ¬_¬
At this point, will take what we can get. *sighs*

Bad News:
We're temporarily taking down our art archive.
The art we've given and the art we've gotten will remain up. Stories that have their own section now (Shinigami, Vampyre, PYP, SoG and TGZ) shall keep their art up as well. The rest is coming down.
The art archive has reached the point our fic archive did a few years back and has simply gotten too big and bulky to handle easily. And while it's a bit of a pet peeve to go to a site and find that they've closed for re-modeling, we're doing it too. Sorry. In our case, until we can upload it (which would be another week, minimum) the majority of the links would be broken. So we're taking it down until we can get it to work properly.
Ficcage has top priority for us anyway. ^^

Good News:
The 20meg storage vs 100meg storage has been cleared up, we're at 100megs. Which means no more size restrictions. Whew.

Bad News:
We hates html. Blargh.

Hee. ^__^;;


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