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When I mentioned that 'Could do with a few more days, I could', this isn't what I meant. @_@

Plane was scheduled to leave London Heathrow at 15:05, we boarded, then didn't take off. Much later, the Capitan apologises, there was a problem with the Air Conditioning, it wasn't working, which was why the plane was warm. They emptied the plane about 16:30 while the engineers replaced the broken part,

We were given drink vouchers and told to keep an eye on the boards for take off, when it's finally announced that we're leaving at 21:45... nearly 7 hours late. Once they fixed the AC, they had to find a replacement crew, because the flight is 11 hours long and you can't have people working 18 hour shifts.

The only internet was a paid kiosk, £1 for 10 minutes. I had enough change to do this a couple of times, just to let people know what was going on.

So we landed at 2am this morning, AZ time, which means I missed my shuttle home, ended up catching a ride from Phoenix to Tucson with the lady I was sitting next to, talking the entire way to her place to keep her awake, crashing for 2 hours, and then getting a ride home.

Where the cats are now loving on my luggage, and demanding lap time. After 30 hours of travel, have taken a shower, and now to re-acclimate to the sleep schedule, am gonna stay awake and go see 'Rise of the Guardians', because I've been looking forward to it for MONTHS. ^__^

Scribal peeps - I bring SWAG. Tomorrow night. Be there or miss out.


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