Feb. 21st, 2011 08:19 pm
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Keeping tabs on the 6.4 Earthquake in Christchurch.

Most everyone's checked in on FB, and calls are going out to check on those who haven't.
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Meteor Attack!!!!

So a Meteor flies over Christchurch and suddenly everyone comes down with a Case Of The Dumb. Srly.

(I was inside the Christchurch library when the sonic boom hit. No one else really seemed to notice it except for an eldery gentleman on walking his bike across the street, who looked -up- ^__^.)
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Christchurch turns 150 years old today. It's been 150 years since it first got a Bishop.

-not that the city is exceedingly relgious, that's just how they marked if it was a city or not back then.

But there was a big festival down in Cathedral Square there was quite a few people and things going on. Free cake to everyone (gooooood carrot cake... *drools*), concerts, a 'Dress Up As Your Favourite Thing About The City' contest (people dressed up as flowers, wizards, the giant marijuana statue was one woman's headdress) and when I walked by; 'How Many People Can You Cram Into A Streetcar'? (176, with a lot of children.)

Kinda cool. I freaked people out again by wearing my sketchbook on me head. -and then on the way back, my sketchbook and five other books on my head. *shrugs*

Random Chat Snippet (was looking up pics for reference):
Icka!: Happy 150th Birthday Christchurch! says:
was just thinking, y'know that redneck joke about they ask for ID and you flash your belt buckle at them?
Icka!: Happy 150th Birthday Christchurch! says:
Kaiba could do that

[ profile] impfics: Guard Dog Con't.
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(title totally stolen from Woot.)
Right. So I woke up yesterday morning to something rather unusual.

(yeah, our camera is crap)

Timaru was completely cut off due to the level of snow, there was a twister in Greymouth and due to a wire falling up in Auckland, they were without power for most of the day. (fortunately, wasn't snowing there). The Christchurch PolyTech (where David was supposed to be giving a final exam) was also closed, due to half the teachers not showing up.

Our internet was knocked out (hence, my not being online), so we called it a Snow Day and got some sewing done. The kitchen now has new curtains and hopefully the room will now stay warmer.

... and as I'm writing this, it starts to hail outside. Just tiny ones....

-is a bit of a mind bendy for me, I haven't lived anywhere where there's been snow since I was three. ^^;; And now there's all this cold white stuff...

[Edit: For the SCA-folks... the Queen of Lochac just sent an e-mail asking if NZ was still there... *laughs*]
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Thought People Would Find This Amusing )

I moved from Arizona to New Zealand, and this is the view in NZ.
Yes, the irony kills me too.
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Oh hey, Evil Twin?

Remember how we were discussing the difficulties of buggering a sheep cause they run fast? Found out how ta do it.

Ya wear your gumboots/wellies, stick the sheep's hindlegs into the boots so they can't run or kick, and bugger away.
Evidently velcro gloves help too.

-Just figured we'd pass that on. ~_^
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Train-kitty, asleep
Several people have asked for pics of her, so there you go. This was really the only way our camera could get a good shot of her, if she's moving, it's blurry. (we tried)

The little stinker just brought in another bird, so Doc and I are sitting here going 'what has YOUR cat done now?!'

For Tdei
It's not often we can offer you art back! XD From your Kami-Kaitou fic. Saguru's expression was fun. ^__^

Um... was recently asked by Snickerer (~pimpage~ who has a pretty good MK/YGO crossover) when I was gonna add 'That Blasted Red Stone' to

Which got me thinking, we -really- should update our account. But um... we've got a lotta ficcage and very little paitence for What would people like to see on
Other than SoG/TGZ. We're not putting that fic on there. >P
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Is 'Hell'.

Not kidding. The site is lovely. Check out the pizza names. And if you click the little devils at the bottom, they fall over. mwuahahaaa

A couple of friends were rather shocked that American Pizza only has tomato sauce for a topping. We had a 'Grim' (chicken, chuncks of cream cheese, pine nuts, spring onions, rosemary and apricot sauce) and completely understand their shock. Damn good food. ^______^ Yuuuuuuummmmmmmmm

Also? The bottled water that they sell is called 'Holy Water'. Says on the bottle itself that it's been blessed. XD
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Year of the Dog. Woof.

YGO - Scribbles
Random doodles, working things out.

YGO - Horrible Thing
From a chapter we're working on. It's a horrible thing to be human. To need others.

TGZ - Miami
I'd like to visit Epcot again sometime.

Travel - Pillars
These are by the Avon River a few blocks from our house. Figured some of the folks from the States might like seeing some of the native Maori art. Is different.
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So our Boxing Day begins with Train, our tiny lovable ANGELIC cat, catching a Starling and releasing it in David's room. While it's still alive.
David then feels the need to wake me up and inform me of this. I'm still not awake, so forgive my ramblings please.
So I distract the cat, David gets a dust pan and sweeps the bird up and takes it downstairs, announcing that it's dead.
Bird wakes up and flies into the kitchen window. Wham.
Icka opens the window. Bird flies away. Loud bird noise follows as it tells it's friends what just happened.
Train is INCREDABLY proud of herself. Bird was prolly about a third her size. o_0

Yesterday was spent in the company with the local SCA/KAOS group, talking, eating lots and watching a few bad B-movies.
First up was 'Viking Women Against the Sea Serpent'. Blond women in skimpy leather clothing leave home on a quest to get laid find their missing men and get captured as slaves get laid then escape.
Then we saw 'Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity'. Which was Blond women in even skimpier leather clothing, who leave their original captors on a quest get laid to find a home and get captured as slaves get laid then escape.
Lesson learned: The Brunette Always Dies.

Then we headed over to the Anime Tribe, saw Tokyo Godfathers (which has nothing to do with blonds in skimpy leather clothing, but was a very fun movie) and played soccer in the rain on a wet grassy feild, using road flares for the goal posts. We tied, Three All.
Lotta fun, except for Sam's shin. Which happened right after he suggested a Gundam form of counting, so I'm wondering if that whole 'It's a Gundam ::BOOM!::' thing is accurate... Sorry Sam.

... And Train just brought in another live Starling... Pardon me...

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First News Report:
Massive Massacres, Torture, Death, lots of blood, pain, gore and dismemberment.

Second News Report:
Choosing a good sasuage for the holydays!

So... just what are these sasuages made of again?
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We saw some huge frikkin chunks of ice.
Actually, they're Glaciers.
In the middle of the mountains. You just round a mountain and BOOM! Ice.

The first one was Franz Josef Glacier.
The Maori name for it is 'Ka Roimata o Hine Hukatere' Which means 'Tears of the Avalanche Girl' ('Hine Hukatere' means 'Avalanche Girl')
Hine was a Maori woman who loved climbing in the mountains and persuaded her lover Tuawe to join her climbing the mountains. He fell from the mountain while climbing with her and died. The Gods felt sorry for her and froze her tears as a monument, which then formed the glacier.

Which is a much better story, in my humble opinion, than saying some Maori asked some guy in the mid-1800 if he wanted to see something cool. He then sees the glacier and in an effort to gain some bonus points decided to name it after the then current king of Austria, because hey, he's already got a town named after him several kilometres to the south.

We got to walk pretty close to it, which was damn awesome. Even if we learned to EAT before doing so. ~_~ Stupid hypoglycaemia.

Fox Glacier
Or 'Te Moeka o Tuawe', which means 'Tuawe's Bed'. This is where Tuawe fell to his death (Moeka = 'final resting place') and more of Hine's tears froze.

It's named Fox Glacier because in 1872 the Prime Minister of NZ visited the Glacier and decided to name it after himself. -_-

By that point, it was pouring rain, chilly and WET. >P
So we saw the big chunk of ice, agreed that we'd seen the big chunk of ice, forewent walking over an hour to see the big chunk of ice up close, got back in the car and went to Greymouth to spend the night.

-it's called 'Greymouth' because it's the mouth of the Grey River. ^__^ It's also the largest town on the West Coast, which means it's a small town, but it takes longer than a minute to drive through. ~_^
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I'm sorry Ysabet. A Kea ate a hole in the red skirt you gave me. ^^;;

We went up to Arthur's Pass and found all these 'Please Do Not Feed the Kea' signs.
Really. Do not feed the Kea.
Kea are like a big parrot, who don't like to fly. They can, for short distances tho.
They're also equipped with heavy long pointy claws and beaks to deal Ice. Yes, Alpine Parrots.
With the Curiosity factor of a Ferret.
If you feed the Kea human food, A: They get really hyper off our fattier foods and B: now don't have to hunt for food.
Which means they have the time and energy to go out and get themselves into trouble.
Which they do.
So Please. Don't Feed the Kea.

They're also attracted to bright objects. One of them got distracted from eating the underside of a car (not kidding) by my skirt and proceeded to chew a hole in it. Photos to follow. (photos will be posted to LJ Pics, once we have the cable to upload them to the 'puter)
It then got bored with my skirt and went to eat the underside of -our- car. ~_~

From Arthur's Pass, we went to Hokitika and saw some romantically glowing pieces of shit.
More commonly known as Glow Worms.

Is very cool, you walk into this grotto (they're also famous for growing in caves) where the Glow Worm Larvae have made little sticky strands that hang down, kinda like icicles. The worms then light these strands up, making spots of glowing pale blue to attract other insects to eat. It looks like a star field. ^___^

Also went walking on the beach there. We've been on the East Coast of NZ, which means it's the Pacific Ocean. The water is all Blues and Teals (the official colours of Air New Zealand), surrounded by these bright Green cliffs and either bright white or black sand. And neat shells.
West Coast, you're now on the Tasman Sea. Which was bottle-green. In Hokitika, you also had darkish brown sand with TONS of drift wood all over it. And not much shell-life.
Was odd.
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It's gonna take -ages- to get all the plaster out of my ears... >_O

We went up to Kaikoura last night, to watch the fur seals. Aunty Icka has discovered several things about herself during the trip.

Aunty Icka is really passive. Don't care where we're going, so long as we haven't been there before. Travel is not a question, the answer is automatically yes.
Aunty Icka needs to get back into shape. Wheezing whistling lungs after climbing a hill is a good indicator.
Aunty Icka can pass okay for a Kiwi if she ignores the little voice in her head that sounds like her mom Gigi reminding her to Enunciate her Words.
Aunty Icka is endlessly amused by sheep.

Odd thing about the scenery. You have sheep. Lots of sheep. You have cows. Lots of cows. And rarely, you have sheep and cows in the same pasture.
And then you have deer. Lots of deer, surrounded by tall fencing.
-Have I mentioned that you can get Venison in the supermarkets? ^__^

We climbed over the limestone tidepools in Kaikoura, then along the cliff. The tide came in while we were in the pools, so had to wade part way back. (I did a sketch. <-- doesn't like salt water) Saw a lot of sea gulls, had our way blocked by a bunch of cows and startled sheep by suddenly appearing.
Then as we're about to get into our car, a seal decides to sun himself on a rock several metres in front of the car.

Today, we stopped by where a colony is, saw over a dozen seals. Those guys are HUGE. There were people diving to watch them too. Was cool.

We came back and went to the SCA arts and sciences meeting. Got my face covered in plaster bandages (like you use in a plaster cast) to make a mold of my face to make a foundation to make masks on. ^__^ There's a Masque later, so we made masks today.

Travelling to the West Coast tomorrow, will be back around Friday.
Hopefully will have the plaster out of my ears by then. ^___^
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Some insight into NZ/links we figured people might like.

The Wizard of New Zealand
Um... not quite sure how to explain him, except as an amazingly inteligent man. His map is lovely however. Rumour has it that he's looking for an apprentice, but having trouble finding someone as knowledegable and witty as he is.

Alf's Imperial Army
Created by the Wizard in 1972, they battle pacifist wars with rolled up newspapers. ^__^
They occasionally fight McGillicuddy Highland Army.

Who is not to be confused with the McGillicuddy Serious Party
This was an actual political party. I espeically like the idea of choosing regional electorate candidates with a rousting game of musical chairs.
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One of the most disturbing and wonderful shows on NZ television is 'Pulp Sport'.

The hosts are Bill and Ben, who are, get this, National Synchronised Swimming Champs.
The show is really clever, in a stupid testosterone driven way. (Don't ask, it is.) And most importantly, it's a sport spoof.

Segments include:
Man Love Moments. Just what it sounds like. Sports guys huggging, kissing and fondling each other.
Can a Mascot- Last week was 'Get into a stadium for free?'. The answer is yes. If a second mascot distracts the security guards with shiny pom-poms so that the first mascot can climb the fence. (this was the third or fourth attempt to get in). This week was 'Get 8 Seconds?' and 'Blend in at a Knights Game?'. Nope, he fell off the bull at 4 seconds. And there's no one at a Knight's game. ~_~
'101 uses for-' various sports players. Such as the boxer, whom everyone lined up and he punched them in the arm. (#23: Punching in.) Baseball player jumps in the water (#38: Water depth tester)
Tui Sneak (Tui is a brand of beer.) Each week, they try to sneak cans of beer into a stadium. Putting the beer at the bottom of a recycling bin and putting empty bottles on top, yes. Putting the beer in an IV and dress as an escaped hosptial paitent? Nope.

there's some other ones, but I didn't catch the names.

This week they have the guy who won the US Fear Factor championships (then moved to NZ) wandering around and performing strange challenges under the title 'Pulp Factor'.
Challenge #1: Pretend to have a broken arm, go into a flower shop and try to get the sales woman to write the breakup letter for him. The letter says that he's breaking up with the girlfriend - for her mother.
Challenge #2: Go into a market and buy three times: A Porn Mag. A box of tissues. A jar of vaseline.
Challenge #3: Go to a music store, choose the Crazy Frog song, then sing allong outloud to it. (and dance)
He won their challenge. *snickers*

Random sports stars appear for random appearances, you never know who's going to show up. This week, they where having fantasies about liking various sports figures. LIKING various sports figures.
-Then one of them show up with a restrainting order, he doesn't want to appear in any more of the guy's fantasies. (they were working some clay on a pottery wheel, a la 'Ghost', with close ups of the hands.)
During the credits, they had some outtakes, evidently the clay kept trying to be shaped a little bit more phallic then they were trying for...
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Vocabulary Words:
Naught - Zero (as in 'from Naught to 60')

How to speak Kiwi: Speak from the back of your mouth. Put in a bunch of polished round pebbles. Now talk. Make sure to mumble -clearly- and turn all of your 'R' sounds to 'Aah' sounds.

That's right. It's not 'car'. It's 'Ka-ah.' Like it's the Car's evil twin. Aaarr.

'NZ' is pronounced 'N. Zed', not 'N.Zee', by the way.General Whinging About the Language )

Oh, yeah. Plumbing is fixed. Evidently the U-joint is too close to a large beam, which puts a lot of pressure on it, hence the fact it keeps breaking down and leaking.

16 Nov Wed

Nov. 16th, 2005 10:04 pm
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Rainy today. We're scheduled to be connected to internet on Friday. (edit: obviously, didn't happen)
The Tale of Prince Ichi is now ready to be uploaded along with the updates to Schizo.
The Black Cat Info Page is also ready to go up. (Huzzah)

Vocabulary Words:
Chilly Bin - 'Cooler' in US, 'Eski' in Oz.
Buzz Bars - Marshmallow rectangle with a layer of caramel, coated in chocolate. Can sometimes buy them with Chocolate Fish. Yum!
Cluedo - Different name for the game of 'Clue' in US.
"Dub Dub Dub" - Spoken for 'WWW' for urls.

Saw a Dancing Competition on TV today. It's absolutely hysterical. Imagine sports commentary - to Jazz and Salsa dancing.
"She's falling asleep, Oh! And she's awake again!"

I'm not usually one for Quiz Shows, but there's one called 'Snatch our Booty' that's absolutely wonderful. You've got two guys, Oscar and Nate, who have 'The Booty' that people try to win by being smarter than them. There's different segments to the show, the Quick Quiz (answer questions as fast as you can), the Ring Tones (you have to identify the song from the ring tone, it's not always easy) the Rasta (last week was 'Pasta') Mon segment, where you have to answer with an accent and wearing a funny hat. There's the Ringer Round, where someone gets to win a third person for their team, a Ringer. Last week it was an actor from hamburger commercials, this week was a member of Parliament. (can't remember his name, he of the massive dreads, Green Party, known for wanting to legalise pot. Neat guy.)

Sample Question, from their 'Games with James' segment:
James: "If I'm wearing this (blonde) wig, standing next to this broken car in Auckland, how long is it going to take before someone stops to help me?"
-it took 11 minutes 18 seconds before a tow truck driver did. (last week it was how long would it take for him to stop after he bungie-jumped off a bridge)
It should be noted that James was not in drag. However, he did try wiggling his ass. *snickers* (no, I won't describe it, you pervs.)

An object on a memory game: Poo on a plate. Ewww.
Most of the questions have to do with New Zealand, so I suck on a lot of them. But I'm learning! I like the fact that they have 'Booty-ettes', three women on stage in formal dress who sing jingles for each of the different segments.
It's just a very clever and fun show. And even if you don't win the Booty, you still get a shirt that says 'I Lost to Nate and Oscar'. Or something like that. Seems like everyone has a fun time on it.



Nov. 15th, 2005 05:48 pm
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Warmer today, huzzah! (edit: Nope, it's not, it just feels that way due to the fact sunlight today) Woke up early and went to Akaroa so the the Maintenance guy could work on the plumbing. He removed a couple of ceiling tiles so you can now see the plumbing. Kinda cool. (It's an old flat, but evidently this has been an on-going problem)

Morning TV Show Host: "So how well do you two guys get along?"
Musican *completely deadpan*: I love Shawn more than life itself.
Morning TV Show Host: Very well then I see.

Vocabulary Words:

Paua - New Zealand Abalone. The entire shell can be polished. You can get carved Paua jewellery too.
Blue Pearls Pearls made by Paua. Unlike normal pearls, they're kind of a half-dome shape because they're formed on the inside of the shell, not in the middle of the meaty area.

While in Christchurch, was talking about Summer Church Camp, we stopped at a red light. And realised that the licence plate in front of us read: "2 Kinky". -_-

Trip to Akaroa (about 75km out of Christchurch):
"Look Ray! Sheep!" "I don't think he'd be interested" (due south joke)
*Interrupts conversation to point out they just passed a cow taking a dump*
"Sheep! Wow. Those need a shave.

In Akaroa, we stopped while passing by a picturesque little stream burbling over rocks with vegetation all around it. And a little bridge leading to someone's house over it, with a small platform with the sign "Lebon Accord Bungy" on it.
Hanging by a rope attached to the platform was a grinning rag doll, hanging from her ankles over the steam. Her skirt miraculously resisted gravity. o_O

Akaroa is a very French town (Christchurch is very English, Dunedin is very Scottish, Akaroa is very French) , all the streets signs start with 'Rue'. One of the big local attractions is seeing and swimming with the Dolphins, which are an endangered species.
The beach was filled with shells, a few muscle, oyster and snail shells, but mostly these conical spiral unicorn-horn shaped shells. They came in all sorts of muted browns, occasionally with some lovely lavender. Evidently the Southerly we had yesterday brought them up from the sea floor.

Trip back from Akaroa:
"I think those were Quail you nearly ran over."
"Hey, what are those flowers? Hollyhocks?"
"Look, Ray! Cows!"
"Sheep have longer tails than I would have thought."
"Suicidal Gosling.
... Why did the Gosling cross the road? To get horribly splated by a car? No, that's not quite right...."

Tonight we're going to a Scadian get together, meet some new people. ^__^
Am thinking I need to visit a bird watching or a botanical group, learn the names of all these plants and birds. It's kind of odd not knowing them.
On the other hand, just realised we have a Japanese Maple tree right by our parking space. Huzzah!

[ profile] dogmatix_san, have been watching the AMVs you sent. Dammit, now want to watch more YGO. (no gay. no gay there.) Or at the very least, finish our YGO WiP. Meanie!!!

Oh, yeah... more serious question... was playing with the idea of starting a second LJ for fics (since we're actually using this as a blog instead of a fic blog lately). Thoughts?


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