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Cake AND Death! (thanks to Neep for the pic!)

So on Wednesday, I was informed at the Scriptorium that I -had- to display my arts and stuff at Art Symposiums, because how else was I going to gain a reptuation in the SCA?
.... Once I stopped cackling, pointed out I already have a reputation. Was given the name 'Poisoner'.
Was told that I was mocking a Laurel and I'd 'never get any nice scrolls that way'.

Some other comments were made, and after I got over being bloody furious, (1: don't do this for awards and 2: Hi? Deputy Scribe? Can paint my own if I was interested) decided you know what? I should live up to my name.

Poison Cake.

Found a 15th century recipie for Chocolate Cake, and went looking for Marzipan for the skulls. Could only find chocolate-covered Marzipan, so peeled off the chocolate and sculpted the almond paste into skulls and bones. The chocolate that got peeled off was then put on top of the frosting as further decoration.

The recipie itself is easy and straightforward. The only problem was that the cake ended up over-cooked and kind of hard. Less time in the oven the next time we try this. The icing recipie (which is FABULOUS) was altered slightly, putting almond extract in instead of vanilla.

The tag on the little glass bottle reads 'Cyanide', and for giggles, the inside of the bottle was coated in almond oil. If you picked up and sniffed, it smelled like almonds, which made people really really paranoid. To aid in this effort, at the bottom of the print out for the recipie, I added the fact that only 20-40% of the population can actually smell 'bitter almonds' when smelling cyanide. It's a ressisive genetic trait, everyone else it's odour/tasteless.

-Which was researched a while ago, and again last night because it came up while preparing to record the Detective Conan World Podcast. (makes you wonder about Conan/Hakuba/Heiji, that they can all do that).

Unsurprisingly, no one wanted cake, so I have cake to eat here at home, which is nommy, aside from the hardness thing. Mmm... Almond skulls.

Amusingly, one of the scrolls I painted was handed out in court today. It's a decaying skeleton. Go figure.

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Long Unbound Hair + Strong Breeze = TENTACLE HEAD!!!

Icka M Chif Needs to stop quoting Gir while discussing Baba Yaga's House. "ITS GOTS CHICKEN LEGS!!! EEEEEE HEEE HEE HEE HEE HOO!!!"


Had a real day off today! It was glorious! Woke up, then Baka sat on me, then I took a nap with the cat on me, went walkies, got in contact with some friends I haven't seen in a while, christened the new oven with molasses cookies which came out good (wanna try it with butter though) and got some work done on a fic!

TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY. ^____________^
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Kurosagi Conan, cause I felt like drawing him.

Current housesitting job is in Vail, 26 miles away one way, so I'm borrowing a 1990 Ram Charger to get back and forth.

Saterday, I did a k-turn, the engine when thunk, the gas pedal went soft and the gear indicator went missing. Over 50 is now questionable, the engine attempts to stall.

It's probably the tranny. Things kinda go downhill from there. )


Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies )

So tomorrow, I nurse the car home, have a hamburger since there's no protein in the house unless I eat one of the many cats, and either go to the demo or get drunk with police officers. I haven't decided yet.


Aug. 18th, 2010 12:18 am
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Icka!: "Warning? This has a killer afterbite."
MOrgan: "... She says, adding more pepper. Not spicy enough for you?"
Icka!: *sulkily* "I like pepper..."

Felt like a curry tonight, but we're low on some ingredients, so I kinda combined this potato curry with this one and added sour cream instead of yoghurt or curry, because that's what we had.

Although next time, I'd like to try this one. Sounds nummy.

Watching BBC's Sherlock, 'A Study in Pink' right now.

Suddenly, I can understand why my f-list is going nuts and some of my favourite BNFs are writing for it. But the thing I'm loving the most is the one thing I haven't seen anyone comment on.

The floating text.

Usually during the 'examining' part of a mystery, the characters talk outloud, do a bit of banter. Sherlock? He's silent, but you get what he's looking at. 'This part of the coat is dry, this is damp, this is dry'.

I think it's a great tool, enabling the viewer to attempt solve what's on the screen before the detective delivers their deductions. The same with being able to see the text messages, it draws the eye and the viewer in, to become part of the scene.

Icka!: "Before we the next episode, can I take a shower?"
MOrgan: "I suppose so."
Sean: "No Shower For You!"
Icka!: "But I stincky!"
Sean: "It's Monsoon Season. Everyone's sticky."
MOrgan: "And sinky."

Icka!: "Has anyone seen my pants?!"
*Finds pyjama pants, takes pjs across the hall to the bathroom.*
MOrgan: "What?"
Icka!: "This is why I wear obnoxious paisley, so I can find the dang buggers."
MOrgan: "Did you find them?"
Icka!: "Yes. But don't look now, I'm stripping."
Sean: "Where's my camera?"
MOrgan: "Do you have the right batteries?"]
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So a while back, I raved about a Strawberry Bread recipe that is DELICIOUS.

Peaches came into season. I did a bit of poking and did an experiment.

Same recipe as before with 2 changes.

1: Peaches instead of Strawberries.
2: 1 tsp of Vanilla.

Made 3 loaves, one of which was gifted, one of which disappeared at a potluck, and one we've been slowly savouring our way through.

... The longer the bread sits, the richer the flavour is. It's good fresh and warm, but after having sat for several days, it's starting to approach 'spice cake' levels.

Mmmm.... spice cake.....

(btw? 'i am delicious.' is the cooking/recipe tag. Because squid is tasty!)
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Irony in graffiti.

Thanks to Ianuk for help with Yellow Curry!! It works a lot better with Coconut Milk. ^__^
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Hah! Been trying to find this recipe for a while now.

[livejournal.com profile] calger459's Okonomiyaki recipe. Using instant noodles, such as ramen, if that's what you have on hand.

David and I used to make this in NZ, with venison sausage and various toppings, because it's a good 'cleaning out the fridge' dinner. Really filling.
Tonight, I used chopped hot dogs and peas, it worked really well. We used various sauces that were in the fridge, sweet chili and ketchup was my favourite.

The trick, I have found, is to make each serving individually. Giant pancakes of 3 packets of ramen isn't easy to handle and makes more of a mess than it's worth.

Switching topics:
Thanks to the awesome [livejournal.com profile] yukitsukihana, who got to see the movie opening week, we have a summary for Detective Conan Movie 14!!

It's up on The Kaitou Kid Reference Page. ^__^
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Okay, I have two qualifications for cooking. Simple and Lots of Flavour. Usually this means 6 main ingredients or less, and spices don't always count. And there WILL be spices. Mwuahahahahaaa.

Last Friday: Strawberry Bread
Conclusion: EPIC WIN.
Thoughts: Wasn't entirely sure on this one, was afraid it was gonna be kinda bland with only a tablespoon of cinnamon. Almost added nutmeg, just to jazz things up, but didn't need to.
Really moist, nice flavoured bread. TOTALLY MAKING THIS AGAIN. And with an a bumper strawberry crop this year, probably will be doing so here shortly. Recipe makes 2 loaves, which is awesome.

Wednesday: Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies
Conclusion: Win!
Problems/Things to do again: Cooked on two trays. One tray came out perfect, the other was... gooey. Think hot fresh mozzarella cheese stick gooey, even after putting back in the oven for a few more minutes. Still nom.
Resulted in the bad line of, "Do you like gooey tacos?" when the brain crossfired with the current conversation during Girls Night. Embarrassment and facebook posting followed.
Next time, bake one tray at a time. Although I'm still trying to figure out where the second tray of cookies went...

Yesterday: Honey Spice Bread
Conclusion: Do over.
Problems/Things to do again: Use a properly working oven.
I get the feeling this is a milder spiced bread, which is nice, but I used a friend's oven that burns half and doesn't quite cook the other, resulting in an edible, but a heavier, darker bread than I think it should be. One more try on this one, not sure it's a keeper.

Today: Molasses Spice Cookies
Problems/Things to do again: This was the I-D-TEN-T error recipe this week. Gooey cookies where they should be crisp due to an extra half-cup of sugar in the batter.
1: When reading instructions, make sure friends are not in kitchen with you, distracting you with cackling over Stargate: Atlantis fanfiction.
2: 'Walnut Size' differs. Apparently, I am used to larger nuts.
Solution: No pr0n in the kitchen while baking, smaller nuts.

-Sean actually liked these cookies, will try again with the above solutions. ^__^


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