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Random Squee!!!!
Posted a prompt over on [community profile] disney_kink for Perry and Doofenshmirtz, classic blanket fic scenario on Saterday, because the thought made me giggle and we couldn't decide if the blanket survived or got torn to little itty bitty pieces.
And it got written by the lovely [personal profile] radondoran!!!
It's called Thermoregulation and it's up on AO3. *flails and points* Go read! It's funny!

So figured might as well post other Phineas and Ferb fics I've enjoyed.

Show Me Fifty Times And I'll Believe You by The Illustrious Crackpot
8 'Fifty Sentence' fics featuring different sets of characters. Fluffy, thoughtful and funny in turns.

Mingled Sense and Nonsense by Commander
This one isn't prolly isn't for everyone because it takes a little suspention of disbelief to work, and then it does fabulously. Runs on the idea that Phineas and Candace's father was a secret agent... who got turned into a platypus. I like the theory and the thoughtful look at the Flynn-Fletchers, and Perry and Doofenshmirtz' rivalry. Very bitter sweet.
Also in the same universe, Pushover, dealing with a recently divorced Doofenshmirtz and a coping Vanessa.

Maybe He's Just Tacturn by BlackEyedGirl.
Prolly the most often rec'd fic in the fandom. 'Every so often, some teacher or another asks why Phineas's brother doesn't talk.'

On a similar trend, All That Matters by Cherzor
'In the darkness of the night, Phineas can't help but ask a question that has been plaguing him all day - doesn't it bother Ferb when he never seems to get the acknowledgment he deserves for the work he does on their projects?'

And one slightly slashy one because I HOWLED with laughter: In Which Most Things Stay the Same by Abcooper
'Candace comes home from college to find that nothing has really changed - it's possible that some things should have.'

Anyway, we need to go finish chapter three of the current fic so we can post the whole thing. In the meantime, any other fic recs are welcome!
(weirdly, what will be chapter 4 is already posted on the fic blog... stupid abstract non-linear thinking brain always does stuff out of order ~_~)
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So I've been trying to figure out why I'm so tired lately. It's not physical energy, per se, but mental energy.

Then it was pointed out to me. I work in a 4 person office. Which has only had 3 people since the end of April.
And I just discovered why I can never seem to catch up: they're giving me more paper orders, as well as the big tricky ones, than the other girl in the office, cause they trust me (the newb!) to do them right.


*facepalm* Dad always said hard work was its own reward

In the meantime, there's the Sherlock as an Alien prompt (Done!), the Paul fic, The Stars, the Sun and what they did with the Moon, the huge Sky High fic, the Tiger & Bunny 'family' prompt, finishing up the last 2 chapters of the GenRex fic for the alias, Narrative Causality Delayed rewrite, polishing a finished Hawai'i Five-0 fic, write the other H50 fic, The Grey Agency, and figuring out a suitable murder/chase scene for a Hot Fuzz/Sherlock crossover, all popping up and saying Hello! (Danny is way too amused by Sherlock. It's freaking John out.)

Also, has anyone considered Ben 10's Omnitrix and Green Lantern's light might be the same power source? Cause that would rock.
And about 10 9 SCA pics I wanna draw, but need to sit down with a laptop for the reference first. (Hah! Derp Boar is started! Yay Sat Morning Cartoons!)

On the RL side, working on this year's Tucson Zombie Walk, 2 more housesitting jobs the rest of this month, and 30 days until I fly out to the UK.

So... If you don't see me online, it's not that I don't love you, it's just OMFG.

And since these are awesome, Vids.
Multi Fandom - Space Girl, which is kinda like a history of Women in Sci-fi, and really interesting for it, noting the contrast in roles from the beginning to the end. (the ending? Perfect!) Thanks [personal profile] lferion!
Multi-fandom - Us. Mostly sci-fi (does Due South count as 'Fantasy' with the ghost aspect?)
BBC Sherlock - Humming one of your songs. I've had the song stuck in my head all day, just one small verse in the middle of it~

Hot Fuzz - Nicholas isn't an Angel.
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The squid that lives in my card indexes at work.

And cause I feel like it, BBC Sherlock fusion fic recs.

Big Brother is Watching You by [personal profile] flawedamythyst
For their own safety, John and Sherlock are placed in the most observed safehouse in the UK... The Big Brother TV house.
... Although personally, I wanna know where Sherlock got the badger.

Title: Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc and Woe and Archniads by [personal profile] etothepii
Crossover with Addams Family. John is an Addams. In the first story, the Family teaches John and Harry how to be Addams. In the second, John teaches Wednesday how to be normal.
One word: FABULOUS.

The Republic of Heaven by [personal profile] blind_author
Crossover with His Dark Materials. Summary: Born to a witch and a human, people know Sherlock will be unusual from the start. John Watson, on the other hand, seems perfectly ordinary, except for his dæmon...
There's a few HDM/Sherlock fics, but this, this is a real treat. Love how the story unfolds, the twists and turns, the divergence and convergence of the plots. WiP, still worth the read. ^__^

On the DC/MK side, an article on How Diamond Thieves Work including several great stories of RL heists.

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Since I mentioned these as Scribble:

Most Heinous
-Bill and Ted vs Daleks.

Am also quite amused by the Doctors Who Sonic Envy.
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Okay, so this weekend was rather quiet.

Submitted Meg's boyfriend to the Transformers Movie. Finally finished [livejournal.com profile] spook_me fic: Magic Kaito/Transformers 2007 - Made in Japan, which topped out at 18,007 words. @_@

Started the day by scrambling eggs for breakfast and getting a double-yolked egg.
Which, after a quick search means that I'll either: Have a death in the Family (boo), a marriage is imminent (meh) or I'll double my finances soon. (please?)
Did archery, freaked everyone out with an open stance with the long bow, but managed to make one bullseye. Still need more practise, I'd like more arrows to actually hit the target m'aiming for and not the target behind it.
Ran around like mad with Johannes looking at a new potential (FREE!) archery site, went to a SCA meeting, scanned artwork and zoned out for a bit.

Um... henna'd hair?

Did laundry (thank you Linda!), went to a party at Scribble and watched Hot Fuzz. Never seen it before but am hoping to see it again in the future because the movie kicked ass.

Hot Fuzz Fic Recs )
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-[livejournal.com profile] ysabet got tired of me cackling about various fics, so some of the more amusing we've run across.

Movieverse, G1 and Animated )

ickaimp: Megatron! The Biggest Baddy is hiding on Earth! What ever shall the Elite Guard do?!
marsdejahthoris: *snicker*
ickaimp: -Leave the planet, with a Space Bridge Repair crew consisting of an Elite Guard dropout, two Boot Camp dropouts, a washed up mech and a failed ninja behind.
ickaimp: Yes. Elite Guard very SMRT.
marsdejahthoris: Yeeeah.
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After reading this interesting Danny Phantom/CSI crossover, kinda in the mood for more Danny Phantom fics.

Any one got any good Danny Phantom fanfic recs?

Fic Recs

Sep. 25th, 2005 08:11 pm
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Coupla fic recs as thank you for the recs last week. Mostly Naruto, sorry.

Asuka Kureru has a wonderful Naruto AU that quite a few people are writing for currently, the 'Saki' series, which started with 'Strawberries and Lace' .
Admittedly, I didn't care much for the first two fics, ^^;; but the universe that they've started is absolutely wonderful and very varied.
Saki is Naruto's demure gothly girlfriend. Who just happens to be Sasuke. ^___^ With corsets, Lolita-style dresses, wench boots and a bit of a split personality.

Yeah. Wrap your mind around THAT. But it works. And really, it's no weirder than some of the other ninja.
Check Here and Here for more fics by ChibiRisu-chan, Luriko-Ysabeth, Rayemars, Malador and quite a few other authours we adore.

Another interesting fic that was recommended to us several times before we found it was 'SelfReliance' by Imbrium Iridum.
Because Sasuke really would decide that he has to restart his clan By Himself. *snickers madly* Warnings for mPreg and Itachi learning how to cook.
[livejournal.com profile] chibirisuchan also wrote a cute side fic for it too. ^__^

Imbrium Iridum also has a rather funny story called 'Chibi'd' as well. Kakashi dealing with a handful of not-five year olds. *snerks*

Our friend [livejournal.com profile] angl3brt suggested that if anyone isn't familiar with FFVII, to check out Final Fantasy 7: The Story by Emerald Princess of Vernea, especially for those who are curious about Advent Children and haven't a clue about the characters. *cough*ysabet*cough*morgan*cough*
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Last night I drempt that the Tsubasa characters showed up in the Naruto world because the Kyuubi, thus Naruto, had one of Sakura's feathers inside of him. Was weird.

Anyway. f-list has been interesting to read with all the complaints, cheers and jeers surrounding the latest book. Figured we'd jump on the bandwagon in our own way.

Icka's Favourite Harry Potter Stories:

The Mirror of Maybe by Midnight Blue

Realizations by Wishweaver

The Naked Quidditch Match by Anya (and a little bit by Karen)

The Complete Idiot's Guide To FanFiction.Net (As Hosted By Draco Malfoy) by Crazed. Er. Aspen

Go. Read. Laugh. Remind yourself why you like the series in the first place.
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Today is unintentionally Naruto Slashy Day.
(...it's either that or 'Dad's necklace fell off and headachey day', so we're doing Naurto Fic Recs instead. >P )

Is unintentional because we were just in the mood for Kakashi/Iruka when it was discovered that Side Effects updated and then there's a very cute Kakashi/Iruka moment in the latest Naruto episode. (as posted in [livejournal.com profile] chuunin) *squeees*

Warnings for comedy and yaoi pairings.

Side Effects by [livejournal.com profile] chibirisuchan
IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT, THE VOICES COMMAND YOU TO DO SO NOW. Period. One of top favourite fics. ^__^

The Perfect Trap by [livejournal.com profile] maldoror_gw
There's more than one way to trap someone.

Spring Fever also by [livejournal.com profile] maldoror_gw
Because Iruka isn't quite as innocent seeming as some people blow him off to be. Ha!

Pax Nirvana's Naruto Fics
There's a series there, starting with 'The Twenty Fifth Rule'. On the light side, but very cute and a lot of fun.

Outclassed by Winter Of Our Discontent
I check in on this one every so often to see if it's been updated. Kakashi's antics and Gai's challenges are an absolute riot. I love the bonsai challenge! XD

Other Pairing:
The House Guests by [livejournal.com profile] moonsheen
Sakura and Rock Lee And Squirrels. Can't forget the Squirrels. *cackles gleefully*

*toddles off to find more fun Naruto fics*


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