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Okay, so one of the things that has been bothering me with a lot of the Keroro Gunsou art I'm seeing is how young people draw the Keron characters as humans. I deal with the military (mostly Air Force) on a daily basis at work and the ranks/ages/apperances weren't matching up.

So. Data dump. And it doubled as homework to better understand the ranks I'm dealing with everyday.
Used US Army and USAF because Keroro Gunsou says they're Army, but I needed the USAF equvialant to comprehend, and Space usually falls under USAF anyway. (hello, Stargate...)
And there is jack-all on the interwebs for understanding non-english military structure. :p

Begin! )
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So the other night I finally got to see an episode of Hawaii Five-0. I think it's episode 3, there's the basketball game with the random prison inmate asking how long Danny and Steve have been married.

Was a little curious, since [personal profile] kitsune_tsuki and [personal profile] lazulisong keep rambling about it, so started checking out fic.

And have come to a profound realisation.


Short tempered blond cop, recent divorcee, suddenly risking his life in wildly bizarre because of his new partner. New partner is on the trail of their father's killers and thinks that they're freakin' superman, able to jump off of tall buildings in a single bound and bullet proof.

-Only with, y'know, pineapples, instead of snow.

I keep seeing Danny and Ray K commiserating together. And Danny threatening to kick Steve in the head. Someone please tell me that this exists out there, because I don't wanna have to writes this if there's not, but we may just have to if there's not. @_@
... I found Sentinel Crossovers-?

Failing that, any good locations online to see the series from the beginning? *hopeful*
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I should be typing up summaries of the past... um... Month? Because I've been living out of my suitcase since before the first.

Instead, am cackling over fandom things.

Onemanga.com is closing down.

Honestly? After years of having to hunt and having a variety of sites bookmarked for the latest chapters coming out, always kind of felt that Onemanga was too good to last. ^^;; Back to the bookmarks...

Those of you who are into anime and historical re-creation, I highly recommend you take the opportunity to read Otoyomegatari while you have the chance. Especially the chapter about family and embroidery, which really put it into perspective for me.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (the cartoon, not the movie) is getting a sequel!!! May 2011, we get Avatar: Legend of Korra, which is a flash forward 70 years to the next Avatar. ^____^

The Comic-con Protesters. OMG, I lurve yooooouuuu~. It's like the best parts of fandom_wank, only, y'know, live action.
There's lots of favourite signs to choose from too! Can find them at ComicsAlliance, Urlesque, Gamma Squad, Science Blog or a lot of other places. ^________________^

And I'm currently laughing at myself because I've been wanting to write Generator Rex fic, only not having any really good ideas.
Then I realised, it falls under the other alias' category. Slight mindshift and hellooooooo plunnies. XD
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"The Mad Hatter is an interesting character. You see instantly what he's feeling. Like a mood ring, his emotions are very very close to the surface."
-Johnny Depp on playing the Mad Hatter

I've been wondering since I first saw the movie about Hatter's constant colour shifts, symbolism, and what they might mean. So I did some screen caps of the trailers, pulled up a couple of Mood Ring sites and figured I'd see what it has to say.

Surprisingly Accurate, really.

Yay for colour theory! Warning: Image Heavy / Spoilers )

This was fun! crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] burtons_alice.

Oh! Also! Prompts are up at [livejournal.com profile] tentacle_fest Beware the Tentacles of March!
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Mentioned to a few people I'd found a script on line for Alice in Wonderland from Feb 2007. You can find it Here. It's a lot darker than the movie was, but the vocabulary list and background culture is AWESOME.

Am reminded of the Hemingway Quote lately: "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a keyboard typewriter and bleed." Because it feels like we've written more in the past week than in the previous several months.

Burton's Alice in Wonderland: Amore (the Cheshire cat is in love)
Gordian Knot: Air (final chapter)
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-Sorry, have the Happy Hardcore version of that song running through my head. #^^#

Impression of the movie walking out of the theatre: It's been out on the East Coast for two hours already! Where's the fic at?!
Oh gods, there's gonna be a tonne of Alice/Mad Hatter fics out there. Please don't make me write it, we've got enough stuff to finish...

Also funny as the movie starts with the overpowering 'Dolby Digital' stuff and some guy in the back shouts "What's that say?".
... He got some answers back...

cut for minor spoilers/Debate on Alice's Age )

Overall: Movie's about figuring out who you are, not a spastic drug trip. Well worth the movie ticket price. ^__^ (for the rest, apply fanfic)

[Edit: Aaaaaaaaaaaaand less than 12 since seeing the movie, We write FANFIC. ~_~ Making Hats.]
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Happy Lurker Day, all you Lurkers!

As a thank you, got the next chapter of Gordian Knot done, Cold, Cold Water. One chapter left and that series is finished!

Also, on a random fandom note, managed to stumble my way into volunteering as Artists Alley Assistant for Con-Nichiwa, a Tucson Anime Con on 26-28 March. #^^# Hope to see some people there!
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Work in Progress (WIP) meme:
Post a sentence (or two) from as many of your WIPs as you want, with no explanation attached.

Count the Fandoms! )
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Hmm... Chrome seems to want me to be my other pseudonym when logging in to LJ and DW. Interesting.

Speaking of logging on: PORN BATTLE IX!. Post yer prompts.

Ficcage: Sky High - Three Wishes.
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Dreamwidth has been experiencing a massive troll attack, basically doing what 'Warriors of Innocence' was doing that prompted LJ's Strikethrough '07. Including attacking the host servers, sponsors and affiliates.

Unlike LJ however, DW is sticking to their guns and TOS, not deleting journals or posts, and are being extremely classy about it, including not naming names. Yet another reason why I love Dreamwidth.

Some Google-fu reveals 'Parents for Responsible New Media' spamming pastebin for the past several days, accusing the DW's host server of hosting 'child pr0n' and promising retribution.

... and linking to Supernatural smut.


Ye-ah. Prolly not. ~_~ Why are people stupid?


Jan. 8th, 2010 01:41 am
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RL kinda feels like a knotted tangled mess right now and I'm not really sure which way to go, so not going there at the moment.

But was reading Yuletide recs recently and commented to [livejournal.com profile] aishuu that I hadn't seen much Sky High fic, and was nice to see it rec'd.
Long story short, it's all [livejournal.com profile] aishuu's fault. It's a Project.

In the process of getting this story started, we needed to bounce a few ideas around. And started realising just how many talented authors I not just know, but talk with.
Just by opening a chat window, I've got [livejournal.com profile] marsdejahthoris, [livejournal.com profile] wren_chan, [livejournal.com profile] magicbulletgirl, [livejournal.com profile] dqbunny, [livejournal.com profile] candy__chan and [livejournal.com profile] joisbishmyoga.

Every week, I see [livejournal.com profile] ysabet, [livejournal.com profile] lil_1337, [livejournal.com profile] morgan_idril, and [livejournal.com profile] angl3brt in person and talk fandom.

Getting on e-mail or LJ, there's at least twenty more people, all different fandoms, from all over the world, I can reach out and say 'Can I bounce plunnies off of you please?' and get answers back.

And sitting down and thinking about it, it's truly staggering.

So, thank you. Because I don't say it enough. And while yeah, can write without that feedback, it's so much more fun doing it with people. Thank you for being there for that.

And since everyone else is doing it, baa: Fandom Meme: as Icka! M. Chif )

Writing as our other Pseudonym: )

Kinda interesting though, how the answers varied. As Icka!, I write mostly mystery and comedy, the alias does PWP and sci-fi. The Sci-fi is unexpected. Huh.
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Icka: Want a kitten? They can't quite jump knee-high yet.
Dori: no. Where would I cook it

-I love my family. ^__^

So, quick things.

The Kaitou Kid Reference Page has been updated. Both with information from the latest chapter, and scripts for the first 16 chapters of Magic Kaito, translated from the Japanese, thanks to Shrimpy.
-Which is kinda a big deal because Jane's original translations were translated from Thai, and the Lincoln College Anime Appreciation Society's were translated from Chinese. Yes, watch me geek out.

Speaking of random geeking, just noticed that in the Sunset Mansion case, Mouri rents a Crown Victoria to drive to the Mansion. This is funny because, Crown Victoria are used for Police Interceptors in North America. Hee.

Summary for Movie 13, The Raven Chaser, is in the works, wanna re-watch the movie before posting and check some names and facts. Think I'm gonna go back to doing summaries on raws, the subs are distracting and I get caught up in the details.
The two main lasting impressions from the movie from flailing in chat are Heiji and Conan are fliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirting and "OMG! Slingshot! WTF?!"

.... Google is offering to translate my the Heist Notes page... huh.

Also, The Grey Agency: Rough Day which is gratuitous smut, because they insisted.

And I'm outtie!
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*gives you a high-five and goes for the pitchforks*
Icka!: I know, seriously, right?

The 'Hurt/Pain Series' over on FF.net. I've already reported it and all that.
It's pretty blatant, they're reposting the chapters as individual stories, with different author notes and threats of with-holding future chapters unless they get 'nice reviews'.

*Rests head on desk and laughs*

This has been the glowing high point of the day thus far. ^^;

[Edit: The stories have been taken own, the author has changed their name, and taken to posting mildly disparaging reviews under the guise of 'flames'.
*Facepalm* Dude.]
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OMG. I just realised who Stewie Griffin grows up to be. Graham Norton.

And why is the opening song to Megas XLR not on Guitar Hero?

Eh, might as well make it a fandom entry:

[livejournal.com profile] lil_1337 has been introducing us to several very good gay films. Apparently Logo is the opposite of the Sci-Fi channel, the TV shows are camp, but the movies are made of awesome. Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss stars Sean Hayes, who is prolly best known as 'Jack' from 'Will and Grace'. It's about a photographer and that's reflected in the cinematography, lovely used of colour and light. Kind of bitter-sweet, but a nice unexpected ending.

Shelter is just a really sweet fluffy romance, good pick-me up type movie. Also some really nice surfing eye-candy.

Sean's been watching The Venture Brothers lately. Must admit, not so keen on the first season, but seasons two and three have been awesome. There's over all story lines, character backstory and development and some really interesting plot twists.

He's also taken to watching Basquash!, which is (wait for it...) an anime about playing basketball in giant mechs.
No, seriously. And best yet, it's financed by Nike. The mecha wear Nike-brand sneakers.
And while seems like a recipe for massive fail, have really been enjoying the series. The characters are fun, the plot is enjoyable and I'm pretty sure Iceman Hotty (*giggles*) and Falcon are ex-boyfriends. It would explain so much.

Fic: The Grey Agency - Grey Conversations
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I found Baron Egan!!! He was halfway between Lafayette and Baton Rouge! (and yes, he has seen it)

Also, I should have posted this DAYS ago, my apologies to [livejournal.com profile] purplevks.


It is made of of AWESOME and WIN. \o/ OMG. *wibbles while listening*
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Pre-show: "Do you want to taste the colours of my rainbow?

Random Guy as the Paramount Stars go flying past: "Marco!"
Half the Audience: "POLO!"
Random Guy: ".... Thank You!"

Cut for Spoilers )

... and my brain is tired, so I'm going to bed.

In short: Massive action, little sketchy sometimes, still fun. Wanna re-watch it sometime in the future to make sure I got all the new characters right, cause I'm still massively confused.
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When the Transformers 2007 movie came out, they did a viral campaign starting in April to promote the movie, based around the idea that Sector 7 was trying to hide the existence of extra-terrestrials among us' with the cartoon and movie.

-Last year's [livejournal.com profile] spook_me fic, Made in Japan had a great deal of fun with that.

Been wondering if they were going to do anything with that premise for the 2009 movie, since it was so interesting and they did such a good job with it. Kept an eye out during April, saw nothing, but it turns out they launched it in May this year.

The Real Effing Deal and GiantEffingRobots continue with the premise that Aliens/Transformers live among us.

-Who knows for sure? *shrugs*

^___^ *cackles manically*

... sorry, my geekery is showing.
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So saw Star Trek yesterday. Yep, it lived up to the hype on f-list. It's one I get the feeling takes some re-watching before getting all the little details, and bares re-watching.

2 things:
Showing the Transformers trailer right before the movie? When the first ship arrived, I thought it was Unicron. Omnomnomnom.

The Red Shirt? Was an Aussie. XD (sorry guys)

GI Joe looks like a lot of explosive action that's light on the plot too. 

-watching High School Musical 2 with [info]lil_1337 and Obachan. I think it says something when we use the Troy/Gabrellia moments for bathroom and food breaks cause they're boring. Chad and Ryan are better dancers and more interesting to watch. ^^;;

[Edit: Was planning on doing Yuletide Treasure New Years Resolutions anyway, but now I have a new reason to do so. Can earn money for charity by doing so.

Also, PORN BATTLE VIII!!! (bigger, longer, and uncut) Prompts are currently being taken. Now held on Dreamwidth. ]


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Decade 18, or what crack are they on? )

If you liked 'Total Drama Island', 'Total Drama Action' doesn't disapoint. It's as weird, twisted and snarky as TDI. Chris, if anything, is more sadistic than last season. I'm wondering what they're going to do with the awards ceremony as things go on, and where the losers go now. (edit: Chocolate covered Chris! XD)
Still wanna be like Izzy when I grow up. Doing random cartwheels, chasing bears and dating large robotic monsters. ^___^
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- I just realised, KAITO HAS A CARDGUN. omg.
What's up with the Detective References?! )


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