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So I'm beating my head against the proverbial brick wall when Mati asks if we can write a drabble.

Kami-Kaitou, helping someone against bullies and/or to hide/find something.
Extra points for mentioning being warded off by fish.
spirit/ghost/kami Thief.

Well, we got some of that. )

And back to wrestling with Aoko. *sighs*
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Being a pervert. BECAUSE WE CAN.

So there. )
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*sings* Fic~ Dump~!!! Hee hee hee

Series: Corpse Bride
Pairing: Victor/Victoria
Length: 100 words
Spoilers: Yes.
Corpse Bride. Spoilers for the Movie. )

Series: Tsubasa:RC
Pairing: Fai+Kurogane
Length: 158 words.
Spoilers: chapters 57-70, while Kurogane and Fai are with Yasha-oh's tribe, before Sayoran and Sakura show up.

Tsubasa snippet )

[livejournal.com profile] sakurazuka_jae requested Avengers crossover in TGZ, but I don't know Avengers. Hope this works!!! ^^;;

TGZ: For Jaelle )
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(no, I don't know how the universes crossed)

“Didja know…” Genta cheerfully informed Naruto as the Shonen Tantei happily followed the brightly clad ninja “That from behind, your head looks like a giant pineapple?”

“Omae…” The blond ninja glanced back at them, one eye twitching in mute testimony that if Iruka-sensei hadn’t taught him that it wasn’t a good idea to start randomly stabbing people with kunai, they’d all have multiple holes in them.

“That’s okay.” Ayumi blithely informed Naruto, oblivious to the looming threat of physical violence. “From the back, Conan-kun’s head looks like an eggplant. His cowlick even forms the stem, see?”

This time Conan twitched.

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DC/Detective Academy Q )


MK/Angry Johnny )

*scratches back of head* *sighs* *wanders off*
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I gave Ysabet a doujinshi. And somehow, I get plunnies instead of her. That seems horribly backwards.

A Breif Overview of Relationships in DC/MK (as according to Icka! & Co.)

Shin'ichi/Conan: Mine! Mine! Mine!
Ran: Mine, Dammit!!

Makoto: ... mine.
Sonoko: *heart* *heart* *heart*

Kaito: Mine, but can't let her know that.
Aoko: Why won't anyone talk to me?

(Unless you're in the SoG/TGZ Universe where it's:
Hakuba: Mine!
Kid: ...Idiot.
Kuroba: What are we doing again? )

Kazuha: Back off!!! He's MINE!!!
Heiji: Bwuh?

Drabble: Yup )
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Random: HK Bad Subtitle Award goes to re-naming Luffy from One Piece's 'Gumu-gumu Shotgun' attack as 'Latex Strap'.

So we ended up reading the last half of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne today (Must now go back and re-read all of [livejournal.com profile] lazulisong's KKJ fics ^__^), the latest two chapters of the FullMetal Alchemist Manga (OMG! OMG! OMFG!!!!!) and reread Meg's [livejournal.com profile] mydec while doing laundry.
Because doing laundry meant we had no bras or sports undershirts we use as night gowns and it's damn uncomfortable walking around doing what appears to be holding in your guts to keep something the size of two large grapefruit from bouncing around. Reading's easy to do one-handedly. Bless who ever invented bras, amen.

But after which, Voices woke up and decided they wanna write.
After I finished screaming in horror, we compromised. ^^;; See below. *cackles*

... forgot to do art. Dangit. Sorry. Will post scans tomorrow. Gomen nasai.

TGZ Snippet: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne )

TGZ: Piercings. -this was supposed to be a light fluffy piece until Saguru freaked out. o_O )

TGZ Drabble: Darts )
Saw Howl's Moving Castle Saterday night. Loved it. Lotta fun, some major deviations from the book (which we've read), but loved the visuals (the castle moving, Howl's bird form *drools*) and the characters. Some minor plot WTF towards the end.
The only problems we had with it were one: it was advertised as subbed, and we got dubbed. Two: The audio and visual cut out three times.
-but we got our money back. ^^;;
Wanna see it again, subtitled and without the afore mentioned problems. *Wiggles happily*
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Fic dump. All entries posted on [livejournal.com profile] manycases1truth

Life With Ran #1 )

ManyCases1Truth Weekly Challenge #4: Rum Drabble )

Life With Ran #2 )

Looks like we're leaving for Tucson on Friday around 2:30 in the afternoon, which means that we're schedualed to reach Tucson about half past midnight. o_o
-the rails usually run pretty close to on time going that way too. Oi.
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The Grey Zone Drabble: Cliché )

Ysabet just got a new fish tank. It's been loads of fun. )
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Went to collect the short stuff we've posted here to put into a file and found a drabble we hadn't posted...


"Man..." Honda grumbled to Jounouchi as they watched the duelists fight. "Yuugi's got a yami, Bakura's got a yami, Malik’s got a psycho yami, Mai might as well be a yami, it’s like EVERYBODY has a yami except for you and me!"

"I don't know what you're talkin' about." Jounouchi shrugged easily. "I've got a yami too, y’know."

The pointy haired teen's jaw dropped as he looked around. "You do?! Where?! How come you never told me!?"

The blond casually motioned behind them to where Kaiba was glowering. "Him."

Honda facefaulted as Kaiba raised an eyebrow and sweatdropped in response.


... think we've got enough for another 'Fic Snippets' thing... Soooo behind in posting to ff.net


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