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Oct. 3rd, 2010 10:29 pm
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The protesters that show up every morning at 9:30 and leave at 11am weren't here this morning. Instead they showed up for the last day of the Bodies Exhibit at 5pm.
To hold a Christian funeral service outside the exhibit for the Chinese bodies inside.

But it made me realise that they don't know the bodies. Nothing about them at all, never even said 'hello' to them, or 'good morning', or anything at all. Just were angry that they were here at all.

So. My own memorial service, because I do know a bit about them.

To the Bodies. )
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So after five months, the Exhibit is closing tomorrow.

... we get Titanic opening on the 23rd, the same day as the Zombie Walk. Life? Just got more chaotic.

And after WEEKS of boring questions and no one asking anything new, I get hit with two funnies.

Yesterday, a spry gentleman, after I explained to him which were the 'adult' tracks and which are the 'kids' track on the audio guides, asked which one was the 'pornography' track.
... None, there are no f*ckable orifices.
-His laughter was so loud it surprised the person in the box office out of the box office. Bwuahahaha.

Today, someone left my name in the comment book, the first time I've been mentioned since [profile] dverning and [profile] weavedancer visited.
They asked me to call them, with their cell phone number attached. No clue who, but their spelling is really bad and it's a Tempe area code. o_O
I left work to the Manager singing "Icka's got a boyfriend~! Icka's got a boyfriend~!"
... Until it was pointed out that the handwriting was on the feminine side.
It got changed to "Icka's got a girlfriend~! Icka's got a girlfriend~!"

I love working there. <3
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So.... I kinda accidentally found a new job. ^^;;

The Exhibit ends on 3 Oct.

New job starts 4 Oct. Front Desk clerk. Monday - Friday, 9-5pm job. Wow. Free weekends!

Except that at end of October, we get a new Exhibit, and I get to do that part-time on the weekends. Yays! Paid to do historical re-creation!

Adding that to Petsitting, will be juggling 3 jobs for the foreseeable future. Which means chances are there's probably something on the horizon I'm gonna need cash for. O_o

Also working Security for the Tucson Zombie Walk (23 Oct) and volunteering for Haunted Labyrinth for the All Souls Procession (6-7 Nov). Both groups are still looking for volunteers if anyone's interested.

Which puts the big question for November, if I do Southern Crusades or Tuscon Sci-Fi Con with Jim Butcher.
Tuscon's asking me to help, and after the 'Meh' for volunteering at Southern last year, leaning towards Tuscon again this year.

My warrant also expired for Archery Deputy, will not renewing it at this time. I'm done.
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My head is so full right now, not really sure where to start.

The cover for the Southern Crusades gatebook has finalised itself in my head and is currently being drawn. We'll see how the rest of the staff likes it.

But it's put me in a very artsy mindset and I'll find myself staring at stuff, entranced by the patterns and the shadows that I used to pay attention to a lot more but haven't in a while, since I haven't needed that part of my brain for a while.
Judging from pedestrians' reactions pretty sure this is leading people to think I'm stoned or something. But they're pretty. ^^;;

Just finished one housesitting job, have another starting Wednesday, that finishes Tuesday and start another one the day after. Result of this is less of a social life, especially since work is giving me more hours since we're picking up again, which means I'm not seeing much of anyone.

On the plus side, funds. The code is starting to corrupt on the decade old laptop, need new one sooner than later. All funds are going towards this. Then I can focus on more Scadian stuff, because, y'know, PLANS.

And OMG I CAN ATTEND AN EVENT!!! Knight Light is tomorrow. It's been... um... more than a handful of months. I think. estrella?

Works been kinda mellow due to low attendance, only had two interesting comments the past few weeks.
-One guy wanted to know if he could dance with the corpses.
-Another one inquired if he could play his penny whistle for them. His wife shot that down as being mean to the bodies.

Writing's been good to... for the alias. :P Over 7,000 words done and posted in the past three days, for the fic that was the last quote on the WiP meme. Gonna ride that story as long as we can, see where it takes us... ^_________^
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Please Do Not Touch, Lick, Taste, Kiss, Hug, Jump, Noogie, or Loan your Chapstick to the Bodies. Not even if they ask you to.

-If the Bodies do talk or reach out and touch you first, please notify me at once, I wanna see. ^____^

Yes, Sir. Just because you are old enough to be my father does not mean that you "don't need" the rules. You sulking like a 3-year old in front of your wife when you are called on it does not improve matters.

Dear Lady with the Wiccan Tattoo, despite your venomous shout of "The Bodies are Asian! The Ghosts Don't Like This!" before you stormed out of the building, there has been no sign of paranormal activity at the exhibit, even among the staff.
However, the Titanic exhibit, should we get it, is rumoured to be haunted.

You sir, with the Teenage Son. You are a Father, this means that you should be teaching and acting as proper role model when going on excursions with him. Not laughing as you grab the skeleton's arm and jerk it around to make the hand flap like a chicken wing.

As much as I love my job, am looking forward to going up to Phoenix this weekend. ^^;;
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The sweet flamboyantly gay boy who decided my name was 'Honey'.

Icka!: "The Bodies are fragile, so please, no touching them."
Three-year old girl: "Or eating 'em."

The on-going DC vs Marvel Comics debate has now turned into the Comics vs Twilight debate.
The reaction is the same on both sides. "You read that rubbish?!"
... Comics are winning. 6 to 1. Mwuahahahahaa.
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Three military guys came in to see the exhibit, commenting that they were going out to dinner afterwards.

I commented that a lot of carnivores leave the exhibit hungry, and one of the guys admitted that he likes meat.

His friend commented that he doesn't like meat as much as he likes the bone.

... It took me ten minutes to stop laughing.
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So today started out by my missing the bus and being asked at the bus stop by who I'm pretty sure was an undercover cop where to buy meth locally. Or pot. Either/or.

At work, it was 'Pet the Icka!' Day. Random guests touching me. Don't know why. I don't think I've had that much physical contact since the last Horde meeting. o_O

But the Weird of the Day is due to a visitor's visual-mix-up-turned-question between 'No Photography' and 'No Pornography'.

New Rule for the Extra Special: 'No F*cking the Dead Bodies'.

... No filming it either.

... Because they ASKED.

And when the air you exhale is cooler than the ambient temp, y'know it's a wee bit warm.


Jun. 4th, 2010 09:22 pm
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Nothing warms my little slash fangirl heart quite like a cheerful little old lady gleefully cackling to her girlfriends that she now knows where to find the prostate.

The interesting fact of the day is that you cannot use a Swiffer duster to clean bodies. They're too bumpy and textured. But you can use one to clean skeletons!

And today I got to wander around and answer questions, rather than being in the front. It was amusing and a nice change of pace.

But I will have to be picker about packing lunches. There's some downsides to having a graphics-based memory.

After 4 hours of staring at preserved bodies, limbs, bones, ligaments, capillaries, veins and fats, chunks of roast chicken on the bone and creamy yellow cheesy potatoes were kinda hard to stomach. I had to skip lunch. ^^;;


Speaking of food, new fanfic! Kamen Rider Kabuto: The Joy of Snax. In which Tendou is distracted making food.
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Mom: "There's nothing to be afraid of sweetheart, they're made of plastic."
*Small boy whimpers and clings closer to Mom*
Icka!: "Actually, the bodies here are preserved with silicone."
Mom: "Did you hear that? They're made out of the same thing as your Aunt's boobies!"
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"Any questions, you can just ask [livejournal.com profile] weavedancer or one of the docents!" (Fabulous to see you and everyone darling!)

Visitor: "My favourite flavour: Formaldehyde!" (this is after yesterday's "Mmmmmm... Formaldehyde" comment)

Guy came in today who had hinges tattooed to the INSIDES of his elbows. ^_^

"New Rule! No giving noogies to the dead bodies!"

-One of the docent is convinced that the main reason why I get all the weirdos is because I have a personality.

Since when did Beautiful Things by Tiesto feat Andain fall under 'terror' genre?!

You know longfic is gonna be long when you're only at the beginning, less than 2,000 words, and have already started building a FST.

Insanejournal sending me lots of spam for shoes (SHOES!?!?!) has been taken care of by turning comments friends-only, then telling Dreamwidth when it cross-posts to put little links back to the original DW posts so anons can comment.
-Instead of deleting the InJ account out of annoyance. Yay compromise.

Voice from the computer: "-NEGATIVE FIVE INCHES!"
Icka!: "... Are they talking penis size...?"
Sean: *laughing* "YES!"
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Icka!: "Today, when I said 'please don't touch the exhibits', a spritely elderly gentleman asked me if it was okay to make out with the bodies."
*Silence continues*
*Icka! checks the phone, it's still connected and working*
*More silence*

Youngest Sister: -"So I'm making oatmeal cookies right now..."
Icka!: "Got any good recipes?"

Also had another vomiting boy (before getting inside, even) and an almost fainting guy (ditto).
`And there was a lady making balloon animals on the bus.

Then! Stitch and Bitch at Dom and Willa's which was a great deal of fun! Never seen 'The IT Crowd' before, and it was a hoot! ... As was Top Gear. Mwhahahahahahaha! <3


May. 21st, 2010 09:47 pm
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So been at work a week, and we're up to one fainter and one small child vomiting.
The fainter is the amusing one, guy's girlfriend had to carry him out, then came back to check to see if she could come back at a later date to finish the exhibit. (yes.)

Am totally keeping score of the fainters. Just cause. ^_________^

So at work today, was talking with one of the other girls about how her phone randomly turns on, and she said it's cause she dropped it in the toilet a couple of times.

I laughed because I've never done that.

Until today.

Now the iphone is randomly flashing on, fading to a white screen, turning itself off and repeating.

... Who knew toilet water encouraged ghostly possession?

[edit: and now it just turned itself on and is fine. o_O]
[edit2: Sean says the phone is pissed at me.]
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So the fun one today was the lady who came to visit for her 84th birthday.

Lady: "And I've been told I don't look older than a day over 87."
Icka!: "Growing up, I was taught to ask how 'young' someone was, not how 'old' someone was."
Lady: "Then by the fact that you only have one ring (on the right hand) I'd say that you must be in your 20s."

-I'm not, but it's a nice thought. ^^;;

Turns out every Monday, there's Meet Me At Maynards, which is a 2-4 mile group run/walk, followed by live music at the Train Depot. Lots of strollers and dogs, everyone was happy to be there.

Then there was the crazy homeless guy wandering around. When I didn't have 75cents to give him, he informed me "God grant you... nothing. And may I never see your face again!"
... Which... was strange. o_O Thought he was gonna hit me for a second or two.

Family coming out of the exhibit, Dad clapped his hands and broadly announced "Who wants Ice Cream?!" (my first thought upon seeing dead bodies too)

And the capper for the day was a guy in the very back of the bus informing the guy next to him that he had just gotten out of jail and he couldn't wait to get to the 7-11. If the clerk recognised him, he wasn't gonna do anything. If it was a different clerk or the clerk didn't recognise him, he was going to steal from them.
-I told the bus driver. The bus driver looked alarmed and didn't really seem to know what to do... ^^;; So much for SunTran's 'extra set of eyes' safety posters.
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Wow. I am wiped. As one of my sisters would say, 'like a butt.'

Opening Day was NUTS. They needed two people for greeting *waves* but most of the time only had little old me explaining rules and passing out audio guides (Free for this weekend only).

Highlight of the morning was bellowing for the crowd of 50+ people outside the doors to please get into a single file line after they'd ignored 2 of my supervisors with the same request, only this time they did it.

... There's a reason I'm an Archery Range Marshal. Mwuahahahahaaa.

Bad question of the day was after I informed people 'No Touching the Exhibits': "Can we lick the bodies?"
*Icka! gets to step two of the Plastination process*
Visitor: "Stop! Stop! You had me at 'Formaldehyde'!!!"

-Fortunately, I think they were just trying to pull my leg. ^__^


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