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Jun. 12th, 2013 03:02 pm
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Icka!: And somehow the discussion went from one of the coworkers not clocking out for lunch, to the fact that the supervisor collects his toenail clippings, to dildos, to lesbians watching lesbian porn. And that's in less than 10 minutes.

Jo: Dude, what kind of work environment do you work in? XP

Icka!: We work with the military.
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East: Hey, just got home?
Icka!: Yeah, was gathering art supplies. I think I broke the guy at Ace Hardware trying to figure out how to paint a silicone dildo.
East: XD
Broke in a goodway or bad way? XD
Icka!: He had his head on his arms, on the counter, shoulders shaking as he made these odd muffled sounds.
East: Sounds like a little of both then.
Icka!: And then was told to talk to the paint department, and the lady there brightened up immediately and started talking about her glass dildo collection on the fireplace and traumatising her children with giant blown up pictures of venereal diseases.
-she also informed a woman to be careful when holding the baby chicks, if you squeeze them, they poop.
It was a productive trip.
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Elinor: "Yay! I can do it again! Step forward, shift weight, lift foot, roundhouse kick, bam!"
*Elinor kicks the back of Icka's chair*

Icka!: "... Is this your way of showing affection?"
Elinor: "It's either this, or wedgies."
*Icka! debates*

Elinor: "Face it. You're the Baljeet to my Buford."
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Icka!: "When I grew up, my folks just didn't dance."
Elinor: "Pfft. They could dance if they want to."
Icka!: "They could leave their friends behind?"
Elinor: "Well, if their friends don't dance."
Icka!: "And if they don't dance?"
Elinor: "Then they're no friends of mine."
*Icka! and Elinor glance around the office, then Elinor silently steps back and walks away*
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*Sean points up at the sky, then at the ground*
Sean: "Father Sky... Mother Earth... Both assholes."
Icka!: "Is that an Old Wise Indian saying?"
Sean: "Yes, yes it is."
(Sean's part native american)

Sean: "Yay! We're home! Time to start One Piece!"
Ian: "You know what I find amusing? Here we are, three grown adults, excited to rush home so we can watch cartoons."
Icka!: "One for six year old Japanese boys no less."
Sean: "Hurry up and get inside so we can start the DVD."
Icka! & Ian: "Coming!"

*Icka! walks through the front door*
Sean: "Good, cause I made pork, and you're allergic."

Icka!: "I finished the 'Thriller Bark' arc today. You know the end part with Kuma, and Zoro taking Luffy's pain?"
Sean: "'Nothing happened'."
Icka!: "Exactly. But I kinda had an evil thought while reading it."
Icka!: "If Zoro took all of Luffy's pain and grief, can Zoro now say he has a part of Luffy inside of him-?"
Sean: ".... Where's a cat? So I can throw it at you?"

Ian: "You know what I like about Zoro? Dude's fighting in the middle of the desert and still manages to get himself lost in a jungle."
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"...You have to ride... a Pig on Fire... into the Sea of Black Tears."
"...Okay then."
"That's why they call it an achievement."
"TURN! TURN!!!!"

"You know, that Razorfire Boar would look great on the cover of the Tusker."
"...I was just thinking that."
"You do realize you're talking to the Tusker Cover Artist."
"I know. That's what I call a 'subtle' hint."

'Ride a Razorfire Boar into the Sea of Black Tears and live to tell the tale.'
"Oh! That's right! You have to jump off at the last moment!"
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CC: I was gonna buy one of the MLP shirts at Hot Topic (ugh) but they had only the lame ones ;_;
Icka!: Kinda tempted to get one of those Perry the Platypus shirts, with just Perry's face on a teal shirt except for one thing...
CC: It's Hot Topic?
Icka!: On me, his face would be 3-D. ~_~
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Snippets from a strange NFWS call:

"You should put my order first, cause I'm awesome!"

it goes down hill from there. )
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The yellow blur in the background is a Giant Banana being chased by a Large Monkey during tonight's Fighter Practise.

... I have no idea why. ._.

*Icka! staggers out into the living room and stares at the swashbucklers on the screen.*
Icka!: "Huh. Angela Lansbury."
*Icka! watches for a moment*
*Captain on-screen declares he cannot go with Frederic because he'd rather Live and Die a Pirate King*

Icka!: "... This isn't Cutthroat Island, is it?"
Sean: *sarcastic* "Naw. What was your first clue?"
Icka!: "The backdrops, actually.... And then they started to sing." o_O

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Icka!: "Can I bribe you into pulling out the sewing machine tomorrow?"
Sean: "... Why?"
Icka!: "Cause I have some garb that needs to be stitched up, and I can't do it all by hand."
*Sean glances back at the armour and bead filled dining room table.*
Sean: "-I'd say there's about a 60% chance."
Icka!: "Okay. What can I get you for a bribe?"
Sean: "Why would I need a bribe?"
Icka!: "Cause it's Fun!"
Sean: *shrug* "Get me a coke?"
Icka!: "Okay!"
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-Talking, we have come to the conclusion that the bike hated me. Between the friction zone, my left hand hitting the pain threshold where I couldn't feel where it was other than closed or open to shift the clutch, the inability to find neutral unless it was while learning to go over lumber, or the suddenly switching into 4th when trying to go to 2nd.

Icka!: "-So all that work tearing up my left hand to figure out how to use the clutch? USELESS!!! My scooter doesn't have one! I don't need to clutch the bike!!!!"
*Sean laughs and then proceeds to pantomime Icka! flailing and trying to clutch on to a bike that's getting away from her*

(Which would be funnier if it hadn't almost happened)

*Sean quips that Icka's legs wouldn't be so sore today if she'd properly stretched before hand.*
Icka!: "I had a vibrating crotch rocket between my legs all day! So shut the feck up!"
*Icka! storms down the hall, trying not to laugh*
Sean: *laughing on his words* "Then perhaps you need a vibrating crotch rocket between your legs more often!!!
Sean: "And stretch first!"
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Icka!: "I'm cleaning out the fridge if that's okay with you. I don't think we need coleslaw sauce that expired in 2005."
Sean: "... I'm surprised it's not paying rent."
Icka!: "If it was paying rent, I wouldn't be throwing it out."

Am currently making extra-strength Sleeptime Tea in the machine that was just used to make Coffee. Am wondering...
Will the coffee cancel the tea and keep me awake?
The extra-strength Sleepytime will make me sleep faster?
The two cancel each other out?
Will it taste like mint and coffee?
Is this really a good idea?

Listening to Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis. There was a [community profile] fandomsecrets on it today. The lyrics are kinda a downer, yet the whole song is upbeat.
Have to snerkingly agree with the review 'it's like if Mumford and Sons were tragic gay pirates.
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Sean was just reading an article on 'Undead Zombie Jesus Day' when I pointed out to him that Jesus is not the original zombie, Lazarus is, and since Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead, that makes Jesus his Undead Necromancer Master, which means that it's no big surprise that Jesus came back from the dead too.

At which pointed Sean declared Jesus a Litch, and MOrgan informed her son he was not allowed to put the Litch's head on a stick and put it out in the front yard to scare away the Jehovah's Witnesses, no matter how much better of a security system it would be. (because, given half a chance, Sean would have Litch heads on sticks in our front yard as a security system)

And people wonder why I live here. ^___^

Went to see Green Hornet today too. Loved it! *wiggles happily* Only loosely familiar with the old Radio and TV shows, so pretty much went in with a blank slate. The movie is FUN! The characters are quirky and the dialogue is great.

There were a few things that made me go 'hmm' about the movie. Mostly it was little, odd stuff.cut for spoilers )

All in all, in some ways, an incredibly realistic approach to being a super hero.
In other ways? Complete and utter fantasy. C'mon! Gas in Los Angeles under $3 a gallon?! Seriously?!
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Sean: *Watching House* "It's all fun and games until someone drills a hole in your head."
Icka!: "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it's just games: find the eye."
Sean: "There's an easy answer for that, you know. .... The cat always has it."
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So today at the NaNo wrap party, a guy loudly announced to the whole room:

Confused response: "What?"
"I no word good!"
"... Okay..."

Pretty sure he was one of the winners too...
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Y'know it's time to walk away when you're asked what side you're rooting for and you declare yourself Switzerland.
And -these- *points to cleavage* are the Alps.

-Have also managed to teach my younger relatives a variation of Astrisk's 'You see my fist right here/you see my foot right here' while playing pool.

"You see my stick right there?"

(the alternative variation to that is ending with "Walk Into It!"
*sniff* I'm so proud!)

In the meantime, waiting for my brother Joe to finish making mystery ravioli. One of three kinds, every piece is a surprise! (he's a great cook)


Aug. 18th, 2010 06:06 pm
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Icka!: "Since we're leaving soon, we should probably see about getting some fud."
Sean: "Fud?"
Icka!: *as though delivering a sermon* "Yes. It has been a while since we have thought about poor Elmer and should take this moment to think upon him, as well as Bugs and Daffy."
[personal profile] savvyliterate *clasps hands together and bows head*
[personal profile] savvyliterate I really should tell you though, that Elmer meat was pretty tough. Next time, I think you should go for a nice, tender Taz.
[personal profile] ickaimp Ooooooooooooooooooo
[personal profile] savvyliterate Warner Bros. cannibalism FTW


Aug. 18th, 2010 12:18 am
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Icka!: "Warning? This has a killer afterbite."
MOrgan: "... She says, adding more pepper. Not spicy enough for you?"
Icka!: *sulkily* "I like pepper..."

Felt like a curry tonight, but we're low on some ingredients, so I kinda combined this potato curry with this one and added sour cream instead of yoghurt or curry, because that's what we had.

Although next time, I'd like to try this one. Sounds nummy.

Watching BBC's Sherlock, 'A Study in Pink' right now.

Suddenly, I can understand why my f-list is going nuts and some of my favourite BNFs are writing for it. But the thing I'm loving the most is the one thing I haven't seen anyone comment on.

The floating text.

Usually during the 'examining' part of a mystery, the characters talk outloud, do a bit of banter. Sherlock? He's silent, but you get what he's looking at. 'This part of the coat is dry, this is damp, this is dry'.

I think it's a great tool, enabling the viewer to attempt solve what's on the screen before the detective delivers their deductions. The same with being able to see the text messages, it draws the eye and the viewer in, to become part of the scene.

Icka!: "Before we the next episode, can I take a shower?"
MOrgan: "I suppose so."
Sean: "No Shower For You!"
Icka!: "But I stincky!"
Sean: "It's Monsoon Season. Everyone's sticky."
MOrgan: "And sinky."

Icka!: "Has anyone seen my pants?!"
*Finds pyjama pants, takes pjs across the hall to the bathroom.*
MOrgan: "What?"
Icka!: "This is why I wear obnoxious paisley, so I can find the dang buggers."
MOrgan: "Did you find them?"
Icka!: "Yes. But don't look now, I'm stripping."
Sean: "Where's my camera?"
MOrgan: "Do you have the right batteries?"]
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Icka!: Quote of the night: "Insert Stab A into Slot B."
Megs: What is the context?
Icka!: Sean.

(Sean is pleased he is his own context.)


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