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BritRail Pass is what I had. Due to finances and time, got the one limited to England only, not Scotland, Wales or Europe. Any train, going anywhere. Was awesome.
BritRail Journey Planner
When taking any train randomly, this is invaluable. Or not so randomly. Which ever.

However, for London, you want an Oyster Card. I got one when I got the rail pass, but you can pick them up at the stations, highly recommended than trying to get a single ticket every time. Also work on the buses.

Outside all of the major rail stations in London, as well as inside any city centre, you should be able to find a Travel Information Center. From there, you can book accommodations, find the best local places to visit, coupons, etc.
I was able to do this for Stratford-upon-Avon, and not so successfully in London and York. (You'll want to go to Victoria Station for accommodation in London, its open til Midnight)

One of the nights I ended up in a strange unplanned city after the Visitor Center closed, I asked the Police Station for where the B&Bs are, they tend to be in groups. 10 minutes later, I had a room. ^__^
B&Bs, which included Breakfast, were between £26-40 a night.

If you've forgotten anything, head to the dollar Pound Shops. Pound World and PoundLand were the most common, followed by 99p Only.
If you've forgotten anything, these are the places to go. Not only toiletries (socks!), neat gift stuff, but luggage stuff as well (tags, straps, passport holders).
The 99p Only store also had 'Visitor to the UK' adapter plugs, the rest had 'UK visiting Europe' or 'UK visiting US' adapter plugs. (may have the chain wrong, but pretty sure it's the right one)
Which is much better than £10.99 at Curry's Electronics. (better adapter too) The Boots Pharmacy in St. Pancreas Station had them for about £5.99

As for clothing, it's not 'Thrift Stores', it's 'Charity Shops'. I had better luck with The British Heart Foundation than Oxfam, which is more of a vintage shop.

Due to it being summer, two things I noticed.
One: No one wears hats. Apparently hats are a cold weather thing, the only people I spotted wearing hats had either American or Australian accents. If you're trying to blend in, ditch the hat, enjoy the sun. (which is how I returned from chilly damp england to the hot dry arizona desert with a sunburn. the irony burns)
Two: Scarves. Light weight cotton, flimsy viscose, heavier acetate or wool, I'd guess at about half the girls under 40 were wearing some sort of scarf around their neck. If you pay more than £3, you're playing too much. Look at Charity Shops or Touristy sidewalk stalls.

Between those two and picking up about 6 different distinctive accents (including Scottish while in Scarborough), pretty much blended in as 'British, on holiday'. Which was nice, because apparently American is awful difficult for people to understand, and people would just walk away. (I got a little crazy for lack of genuine human interaction towards the end)

Food... Food was cheap. My budget was under £10 a day for food. Tesco (which, contrary to BBC Sherlock fandom, the Chip and Pin machines are easy to use) and Sainsburys both have a deal: a sandwich, a drink and a side (fruit or crisps or candy) for £3. Regular groceries were cheaper as well, even accounting for exchange.
Bakeries, such as Greggs, are a great place for a cheap meal. Meat pies and Pasties are love. West Cornwall Cornish Pasty were good for on the go, under £4 was usually a meal and a snack. In Stratford-upon-Avon, dinner was £1, I caught them at closing and got two meat (non-pork!) rolls. ^___^ Keep an eye out.

Um... Any other questions? This is all I can think of at the moment, and MOrgan would prolly like her computer back...

In England

Jul. 18th, 2011 03:51 pm
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Just a heads up, since my iPhone has an LJ App and I can't find one for DW, photos and posts for the England Trip are being posted on ickaimp @ livejournal
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Warning: This is essentially my thought process. So hard to think in linear. )

[Edit] Okay! Britrail and Oystercard got, just have to figure out where we're staying while in London!!! o_o
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So this weekend was a bit crazy.

Friday - Have driven over 1,000 miles on my scooter. An aunt needed help moving heavy concrete bricks, so threw my brother Sean in the back of Kabuto and drove to her house. First time with a passenger.
..... it was... Interesting (nerve-wracking). Plus side, did not crash, and Sean now wants a scooter too! #^^#

Saterday - Helped people move, realised how often I do that. o_O Lots of experience. ^^;; And then babysitting!

Sunday - Ditto, but with looking at showerheads too.

Monday - Got bookshelves, Cleaned my room, Painted the gutters, put the blankets Grandpa hand-wove into spacebags, and realised that Great-Grandpa's chest (which he made as a seat for his ox-drawn cart) has essentially turned into a Hope Chest, holding the blankets and dishes I can't currently use. ^^;;

.... and this was my time OFF?! Think there's something wrong in my head.

Leave for England in 40 days. Got renewed passport on Friday, which is a huge stress off my back.

To Do:
Possibility get some nicer tops. ^^;;
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Woke up in London yesterday
Found myself in the city near Piccadilly
Don't really know how I got here
I got some pictures on my phone

... 2 months before we fly out, exactly.

Lyrics are Good Life by OneRepublic. Thought they were fitting. ^^;;
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Think I'm with several other people when commenting that I keep meaning to post here, then forget or do little things, and owe a big post.

So, the Highlights.

Back in January, [personal profile] savvyliterate and [personal profile] gigabahamut666 invited me to visit them in Liverpool, England in July. and after some flailing and figuring of finances, I said yes.
Friday, I hit the halfway point of my budget, also the price of a roundtrip ticket from Tucson. (and no, it's not cheaper from Phoenix or LAX, already checked)

And as it was pointed out to me, it's not gonna cost me more to leave the UK a week later than previous planned, something which I already cleared with work.

.... Which means I have a week spending time with friends I don't get to see often, and a week kicking around England by myself on the cheap. Hence, the question of what to do.

Definitely doing: Tower of London, Sherlock Holmes Museum, watch Catherine Tate & David Tennant in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. (WE HAVE TICKETS, BITCHES!!!!)
Want to do: Bath, Stonehenge and/or Avebury, Staffordshire Hoard and/or Sutton Hoo, Victoria & Albert Museum and/or The British Museum -both with an emphasis on ancient history.
If I can: London Eye, which would make the best locked room murder mystery EVER, Sherlock Holmes Pub comes recommended, and a Jack the Ripper Walking Tour.
Not open to the public, dammit: New Scotland Yard's Crime Museum, aka 'The Black Museum'. 2 wings, historical and current, the first having the original Jack the Ripper letters.

Don't really have an itinerary, just kinda making it up as I go along right now. Do know that I'm going to be bloody cold, London averages 20c during the day in July, while Tucson is about 39c. ^^;

In other news, my laptop Kuroba died, which has been an ongoing saga. Went to take a shower, came back, dead. Will not turn on (it is beyond tier one tech support), and the guy at OfficeMax says it's likely the internal power supply.
-Acer will fix it for free once he's sent to them, but the first thing they'll do is completely wipe the harddrive to 'protect my privacy'. Including the fics that were in progress when it unexpectedly died. (according to their cust service, the fact that I didn't have those backed up is totally my fault. am totally not amused)
So need to back it up first, which I'm working on. In the meantime, using the Old Lady (approaching 11 years old!), who is slow and unexpectedly quits the internet, so I'm not doing as much online right now.

Kabuto's up and running, and it's nice to have transportation of my own. ^__^
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Have about 3 major things I need to post about covering the past two weeks, but this is getting done first, because OMG GUESS WHAT IN JULY?!

If you had a week to wander around Britain, where would you go?
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Megs: So, other temptations of Liverpool ... Beatles stuff.
Megs: Docks. Harbors. Tunnels.
Icka!: Food.
Icka!: Language.
Icka!: History.
Icka!: ..... Food.
Megs: Food.
Megs: Real fish and chips.
Icka!: *laughs*
Megs: Did we mention food?
Icka!: Mmmmm... food.
Icka!: I think it must be dinner time
Megs: *laugh*

-So... Megs asked if I'd like to go to Liverpool with her in July, for Mike's Graduation. (I was Mike's best man when they got married last year)
After flailing for a bit, realised that if I don't have to save up funds for Estrella, and fates willing, I can save up enough to go.

*rests head between knees and hyperventilates*

Well, told myself that this year I'd like to go somewhere we'd never been before.

... And may have just talked Megs into visiting the Sherlock Holmes Museum. ^______^


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