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For Kosagi: Black Cat - Fishies!

Black Cat - Pet Me.

TGZ - Still a dork

Kaitou Kong (warning, larger file size than usual, but only if you click for the full image)

Also got to meet The Wizard of New Zealand yesterday and today. He's really a very interesting fellow, he makes you think in a very unconventional way.
Such as 'feminists' don't like women, they just hate men. He also believes that they are wonderful wonderful people because it enables men to lay around and be lazy bastards while the women are proud to worry about things such as morgages, fixing fuses and carry the heavy bags.

Hmm... also need a Scadian name... 'Icka' isn't period. >_O
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(Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] faded_neko for the reminder)


"Creed-sama?" Echinda smiled. "Happy Birthday, Creed-sama."

Creed gave her a look that not-so-politely requested what was so good about it.

The smile never faded from the actress' face.

"Since it is your birthday." Shiki spoke up, leaving out the 'And Christmas' part "We all teamed up and got you a little something."

This garnered a little bit of interest from the leader of the Hoshi no Shito. The members all parted, revealing a bound figure, chained, gagged and a red ribbon around it's neck.

Train made a confused sound behind the gag in his mouth as he looked around in mild alarm.

Echinda handed Creed a bottle of chocolate sauce. "We hope you enjoy."

Creed took the offered can and wiped a fond tear from his eye. "I love you guys."

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Got some of the artwork scanned and coloured. Huzzah! WORSHIP ME!!! -or not. ^__^;;

New Zealand Photos - Remember when I said a Kea ate my skirt? There's the proof.

Icka in Kaikoura- It's WET!!!

MK: This is Not the Narnia You Are Looking For.

BC: Sven's Bishi Too!

DC: Nudie Holiday Pic. Yeah. We did it. >P
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The kitten seems to have adopted us. Slept on my bed last night too.
Yes, yes. Feel free to laugh. >P
Weird part is that I'm NOT a cat person, I'm a dog person, Doc's the cat person, yet the cat follows ME around. o_O And climbs on my shoulder happily. -_-
Since it's a Jellico cat, we've decided to nick name it Train for the moment. Think it's part Siamese, very vocal kitten. Still has the squeaks when it purrs too.
Still don't know who it really belongs to. *listens to cat playing 'Rampaging Buffalo Across the Serengeti' upstairs*

Finished watching Black Cat episodes 9 and 10 today.
Kyoko + Ice = our new OTP. XD

Kosagi? Have you been watching it? You totally need to see Creed in episode 10 if you haven't. He's so lovably psychotic about Train! XD XD XD

Black Cat Ficcage: Ice (think pronunication 'Aisu') )
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Hey, Kosagi?
In case you weren't sure or anything, I do absolutely ABHOR you. Y'know. Just had to mention it and all that. ^__^

Warnings for CHOCOLATE SYRUP. )

Cause we're supposed to be working on our CV, which is like a Resume only not, and this isn't helping! >P

[Edit: The cat came back, snooped around the lower floor, realised there was no gooshie food and left. ^^;]
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Black Cat: Reasons )
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[livejournal.com profile] natsutsuki ask us to write more Black Cat fics.
...Um. Okay.
Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dogmatix_san for betaing. ^__^

Black Cat: Teeth )
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Being a pervert. BECAUSE WE CAN.

So there. )
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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] kiena_tesedale!!! XD ((GLOMPS!)) Hope it's a good one!

Hate you, [livejournal.com profile] kosaginolegion. Hate you.
Warnings for a DIRTY MIND.

Black Cat: Weapons )
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Black Cat - Creed tempting Train.
Heeeeeeeeere Kitty Kitty Kitty... *snickers*

Random Kid Pic.
I have no idea what's up with this pic. It doesn't want more details, it doesn't want colour, Kid just wants to sit there and contemplate the meaning of his life. And possibly jumping, but he's got the hang glider, I don't know... ¬_¬
Was happy when I drew this, really I was.

Kaitou Hakuba?!
Ha! WHO'S the thief NOW?! ^________^

[livejournal.com profile] vikki has a lovely rant about Fanart.
Our two cents about it:
We once heard that the reason why you don't find 'offical' (i.e.: scans, screencaps, etc) artwork on fansites is because it is forbidden to use copyrighted works on a fan site in Japan. Evidently they're fairly strict about this.
Hence the large amount of fanart found on the Japanese net.
This is the primary reason why the ONLY non-fanart on Mischif.net and it's subsites (KID & Ahou) are 2 awards we have gotten. Every other scrap of artwork, including the backgrounds, were either drawn by someone else and given to us (treasure) or we have done ourselves.
And really, keep thinking that I should go back all our LJ icons being fanart instead of scanned. ^^;;
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Was just thinking... we should make a Kaitou Kid icon that says 'Jailbait' on it. *Snickers*

Spoilers for Black Cat Chapter 91+

Four Ways the Lucifer Nano-machines did not Effect Train and One Possible Way It Could Have. )
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Argh. Beginning to feel like we're spamming y'all with Black Cat ficcage. Sorry. *wails* but it won't stoooop...

But we need to work on MK today. And lookie!!! [livejournal.com profile] socchan wrote us PRON!!! Hakuba/Kid PRON!!! *Squees!* *gets an nosebleed and falls over* XD XD XD

Icka!: Neko Neko Neko says:
what's another word for 'calm' 'placid' or 'subservient'?
MOrgan: ankle hates me and so do my toes says:

Life with Eve:
Shirt )

Haircut )

The Impression that I Get )

The Talk )
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Icka Attempts to Explain Train and Sven's first meeting:
"Then Train gets off the motorcycle and Sven's all like 'Whoa! Check out THAT aura!' and... SHUT UP!"
*Ysabet howls and makes rude comments about psychics checking each other out*

Icka Attempts to Explain Train's inability to call River by his proper name:
"Remember the guy who fights Gerbil Style... ARGH!"
*Ysabet howls with laughter and walks into a wall*

I SWORE I wasn't gonna do another Data File after Kid Reference Page and Ahou Calling. Especially since we've got 14 days before flying outta Tucson, things to do before we leave the country and an essay due tomorrow.
-so guess what we did today. *smucks self*

EXTREMELY Rough draft, Romanji spellings taken from Matatabi, the fact/art book whenever possible, with alternate spellings from various scanlation groups posted as well.
We did this because we wanted information on the Hoshi no Shito, only to discover those were the characters that were the hardest to find stuff on. ;_;

:: SPOILERS :: Up to Chapter 161.

Locations )

Background )

Main Characters )

Sweeper's Alliance )

Hoshi no Shito / Messengers of the Stars )

Chronos )

Minor Characters )
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Another Short Black Cat ficlet. ^^;; Just shoot me.

Okay! Questions!! Does anyone have a cast/stats list for Black Cat or do I need to make one? Cause we're kinda messing up on names, espeically Hoshi no Shito. ~_~ Cause all we can find are the main characters. >P

BC: Hidden Talents )
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Actually have about 2 other BC plunnies nagging, but currently lacking the energy to get them out.

Cat Fight )
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These are all [livejournal.com profile] kosaginolegion's fault. She complained that there wasn't enough Black Cat ficcage. And after a quick net search, hadta agree with her.
So this is allllllllllllllll her fault!!!

... wow. Feels kinda good to be able to blame someone else for the plunnies instead of being blamed for them for a change...

Apologies to Dark Helmet )

Birthdays with the Hoshi no Shito )

Eve's New Attack )

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