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Jun. 12th, 2013 03:02 pm
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Icka!: And somehow the discussion went from one of the coworkers not clocking out for lunch, to the fact that the supervisor collects his toenail clippings, to dildos, to lesbians watching lesbian porn. And that's in less than 10 minutes.

Jo: Dude, what kind of work environment do you work in? XP

Icka!: We work with the military.
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Elinor: "Yay! I can do it again! Step forward, shift weight, lift foot, roundhouse kick, bam!"
*Elinor kicks the back of Icka's chair*

Icka!: "... Is this your way of showing affection?"
Elinor: "It's either this, or wedgies."
*Icka! debates*

Elinor: "Face it. You're the Baljeet to my Buford."
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Icka!: "When I grew up, my folks just didn't dance."
Elinor: "Pfft. They could dance if they want to."
Icka!: "They could leave their friends behind?"
Elinor: "Well, if their friends don't dance."
Icka!: "And if they don't dance?"
Elinor: "Then they're no friends of mine."
*Icka! and Elinor glance around the office, then Elinor silently steps back and walks away*
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1: There is a 'pet' cockroach in the silverware drawer. Mostly because we have several roach-phobic people, and no-one wants to be the one to remove it.
(usable plastic silverware has since been moved)

2: You can rent the accounts lady's PMS. She's more than happy to do so.

3: A couple of co-workers engage in competitive book listening.
(T is currently in the lead by 2 hours on Stephen King's The Stand.)
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Icka!: How's your day going?
Megs: Good. How are you?
Icka!: Pretty good. Supervisor just walked by with his fingers turning blue in a hangman's noose.
Megs: o.O
Icka!: His fingers committed suicide.
Megs: You sure you don't work in a newsroom?
Icka!: We're dealing with the US Air Force. It's enough to make anyone daffy.
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Snippets from a strange NFWS call:

"You should put my order first, cause I'm awesome!"

it goes down hill from there. )
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Last week was... Interesting.

There are 4 of us who answer the phones. One has been out with wrist surgery for a week, and may or may not be back on Monday.
One's been stuffy and hacking up a lung for over week, and finally went to the doctor on Wednesday with bronchitis which turned had into pneumonia by Friday.

Which leaves just two of us. To make things MORE fun.... the number of orders increased.

This has been a -quiet- weekend, thank you very much. Tomorrow's gonna be... Um. Yeah. ^^;;

On the upside, I got a LOT of writing done this weekend!

Was just checking out my calendar and found something kind of amusing. I'm home the 24-26 of this month. The entire rest of May... is housesitting. *laughs* And then none until the 4th of July!

Also, thinking of getting a shorter SCA e-mail address, since my current one is 27 characters, not including the @ or .com
Yasha.Poisoner, Yasha.Nomad or Yasha.SCA?

Anyway. Writing:
Hawai'i Five-0 / Due South - Insane Partners (and the sane ones who keep them alive)
DC/MK [Rooftop Conversations] - The Stars, the Sun, and what they did with the Moon, Part One. (wip warning)
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This weekend was.. exhausting. Food Poisoning on friday, Archery Championship on Sat (I had to leave teardown earlier than I would have liked because no food for 26 odd hours + dehydration = suckage) which lead to realising that another 8-10 hours outside was not a good idea, so skipped Gawd Awful Grail on Sunday to help [profile] kyrakai with setting up and tearing down an Easter feast for some elderly friends of hers, plus guests. Which was delicious and more fun than expected, but still a lot of work.

... It's kinda weird to realise that the work days are more relaxing than the weekend. ^^;;

So Sean and I started watching Hawai'i Five-O on Sat while I chugged water, and both enjoyed it quite a bit. Hawai'i is now on both of our lists as a place to visit.
-Not because of the scenery (sand, water, bleh) or the eyecandy, but because the bad guys seem competent. And don't wear their pants around their knees.

Which made for much amusement today when I got an order with the callsign "Danno".

Other series that we picked up this weekend "Tiger and Bunny". Which is kinda mecha, totally superhero reality anime. And it's full of delicious snark. and fanservice. ('Bunny' is Wild Tiger's nickname for his partner).

Speaking of snark, for [profile] kyrakai, since she mention Booster Gold is now on Smallville, THIS. THIS IS YOUR BOOSTER GOLD AND BLUE BEETLE CANON.
Especially this. This is totally canon. \o/ *loves*

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*C comes into the office, holding an order and giving Icka a look like she messed up.*
Icka!: "I'M AT LUNCH!!!!"
*Icka throws her hands into the air, flails, laughs manically, and runs out of the back office into the lobby, passing Elinor and a customer.*
*Elinor and customer trade looks. Elinor shrugs.*

Elinor: "-It's Tuesday."

And thus set the theme for the day at work.

After work, the bus driver asked if I was "a fortune-telling gypsy person". I admitted to being a bit of a gypsy-nomad, but not to the fortune telling. ~_^

Sean and I caught up on our shows, watching Transformers Prime. Scraplets are too cute, if deadly, although I wonder about where all the mass they devour goes to.
Wheeljack's appearance.... Okay. First off, where's the whole 'STAND BACK! I'M GOING TO TRY SCIENCE!" thing? Buttkicking is nice though.
On the other hand, you have Arcee asking Bulkhead who his boyfriend is when they first make radio contact with Wheeljack and Bulkhead doesn't deny it. And there is gratuitous glomping. And cute nicknames. And looks.
.... Ladies and Gentlebots, I think we have a canon bot pairing. ._.

Staying up way to late watching Trolljegeren, 'The Troll Hunter'. It's a Norwegian mockumentary on the existence of Trolls in Norway.
-This. Is. AWESOME.
For one thing, the mythology. From what I can remember of my Troll myths, it's RIGHT. As well as how to counter them. And the explosions are great!
It's a bit slow at parts, the ending was a bit abrupt, but I wanna watch it again. Completely satisfying. *purr*
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*Icka walks up and tries to chew on Elinor's head, but Elinor is too tall*
*Icka tries to gnaw on Elinor's shoulder instead*
*Doesn't quite work*

Icka!: "It's hard to chew on your shoulder over the boobs."
Off-key from the other room: *sings* "I LOVE BOOBIES~!"
Icka, Elinor & A: ". . . ."
M, continuing: "AND SHE LOVES ME~!!!"
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So I woke up this morning with a head injury.

One of the kittens had managed to knock my grandmother's button box (an old cookie tin full of buttons and various sewing supplies) off the shelves beside my bed and onto my forehead in the middle of the night last night.

It hurts, so therefore obviously I cannot resist poking it. ^^;; And it's finally starting to change colours. I'm hoping for a nice purple, but a good green will make me happy too. ^_^

But somehow, I don't think this is what is meant by 'Pet Abuse'.

Work's been fun. Last Friday, Caller ID popped up with a 'Lacy DeBra' and I laughed so hard one of the other girls had to take it.
... The caller was a guy, with a deep booming voice.

Then there was the guy from 'North Pole, Alaska. Tried not to giggle, but it slipped out a little and the guy informed me that he lives right next to Santa Claus. And if I laugh, he'll tell Santa on me and I'll get nothing for Christmas.
Managed to hold it together until after I hung up.
~M'getting nothing for Christmas... ^^;;

Today had the first time running across someone with my same last name.
And then a second one, less than an hour later. o_O

The 'Victoria', who I off-handedly commented sounded like a 'Victor' when passing the call along to the intended recipient.
Um. Lady is a Dude. Named Victoria. Yeah. Dunno.

And the Call Sign of the Week thus far is "VOLTRON".
Told him that I was gonna laugh if I got home and my brother was watching that. He was confused until I informed him that we're both Mecha fans, in which case he was relieved, but confused, that I got the reference.

Last week had the guy whose last name is 'English'. His call sign? 'BAD ENGLISH'. ^__^
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It's been a busy past couple of days.

Squee related, got tickets to Beauty and the Beast on Broadway for my birthday. \o/ So excited, saw it opening year when I was 16, 16 years ago. XD

Dragged Obachan to the Titanic Exhibit, because I hadn't actually seen it, just walked through it lots. It was okay, there's quite a bit of history they're not covering. Talks are underway for a Vegas trip in Dec.

Going back to the whole 'Corporate is trying to f*ck us over' thing, someone in the upper echelon randomly decided to change the Phone Number. The same number they've had for the past 6 months for Bodies, is on the website, and is printed on the Titanic flyers and billboards. BRILLIANT.
-makes it tricky to see if I'm scheduled for this week. ~_~

Regular job is doing well, had a lot of fun calls this week.

Got an order from a guy with the last name of 'Watson'.
-Enter squee here-
His call sign? "Evil".
He's Evil Watson!!!

*Mad Cackles*

Icka!: "Anything else I can do fer ya today?"
Guy from Hawai'i on the Phone: "Y'might wanna narrow that down a bit..."

Today is the calls from the South. Guam, Honduras, Puerto Rico.

This weekend is Tucson Comic-Con, I'll be staggering around as a Zombie, our un-dead presence was requested. Am skipping the All Souls Procession as next weekend is TusCon SciFi con, with Jim Butcher, and I'd like some peace and quiet.

For the Spinners/Weavers, this weekend is also The Tucson Wool Festival 2010.


Oct. 28th, 2010 10:49 am
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So apparently my wearing green lipstick makes it look like I have, quote, 'Given a blowjob to Papa Smurf'.

Just had to share that mental image. ^___^

Also, today is Viscous Giraffe Awareness Day. So Beware of Gelatinous Camelopards!!!!
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Elinor: "Icka's writing porn at work."
Icka!: "I AM NOT!"
*Elinor snickers*
Icka! *affronted*: "I would -never- write porn at work!"
N: "Why not? Everyone else does!"
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*Icka zombie staggers around the kitchen, cookie half in mouth*
*Icka stares blankly at nothing for a while*
*someone farts*

Icka!: ".... hee hee hee hee"
Micah: "You're twelve."
*Icka giggles*
*Micah giggles*

Micah: "I'm twelve!"

So, Bodies is over, new job is on. Titanic starts in 2 weeks.

New job is taking telephone orders. Thought it was local, then I took 3 phone calls from Germany. And one in Afghanistan. Yeah. Worldwide.

Squee of the day was from a guy who lives on 'Inverness St'. Just like Sherlock's coat. Apparently, I was the first one to ever get that. Muwahahaha.

The thing I'm having trouble wrapping my head around is that the fact the boss really doesn't care what we do as long as the phones are answered when they ring. It's so far out of my mindset that I'm still boggling.

Literally. Anything. I had nothing to do yesterday, so folded lots of itty bitty origami cranes out of pieces colourful used scrap paper. And then strung them on some broken white-out film into a chain that's now hanging as decoration.

Boss walked over and looked at it. "I can't believe I paid you to do that."
Me: "Yeah. Neither can I."


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