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Trying the woodcut technique again from scratch at tonight’s scriptorium. Discovered that if you do washes, and then a more opaque layer of paint for the shadows, and re-outline in black paint, it looks a lot like stained glass, which is pretty cool.

And it took just over an hour, as opposed to the 4-8 hours it usually takes for something this size. About 5x6"

Blurry photo is blurry. *sighs*
ickaimp: Phineas and Ferb have had it with the monkey funking snakes on their monkey funking roller coaster (PnF-Snakes)
Blaming this on PeopleofMotorcity.

The idea was Phineas is asking Mike Chilton "So why DO girls like horses so much anyway?"

As I'm drawing Mike, Elinor walks by and wants to know why Centaur Mike is not anatomically correct, because that will totally answer the question. And offers to 'Improve' the pic. I point out there's kids in the pic, no way in hell. So she suggests just a 'censored' bar. On both Centaurs.

This goes back and forth for THREE HOURS. ... it was a slow day at work. And I just realised that the cut out of a dick and balls is still stuck to Ferb on the wall calendar... *facepalm*

Long story short, Elinor is not allowed to 'help' me draw cartoons. >P

[ps: Ferb's hiding his eyes because he's currently a Gorgon, not because of what Phineas is saying, although I did realise what it looked like later.]


Oct. 20th, 2012 09:21 am
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My mood this past week. Been staying up way late to work on two illuminations due for this weekend, on top of recovering from the Zombie Walk last weekend.

The plus side is that it turns out my brain really really likes painting the woodcut style, since it's big and bold, with lots of lines. It's not subtle at all! \o/ Will post them as soon as I get pics.

Have also been a good girl and went to book a room through AirBnB to stay at in London. Did have to up my budget, but think I'm much happier.

The major concern I had is that the site wants clear photos of your face on the site (which makes sense, since you're renting people's spare rooms) and the most recent one I could find was me gothed up at the Zombie Walk, grinning manically and threatening Talia's BJD Cat with a pair of scissors.

Got word back today that my booking was accepted. The host couple participated in this year's London Zombie Pub Crawl, they'll show me the pics when I get there.

And best yet? It's in Whitechapel. ^_________^
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For the Tumblr Halloween Monster Challenge. Monster #3: Manticore

I think this one came out a little weird. He may or may not be taking a dump, and considering the Manticore diet, that's not a good thing.
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... So I may have been staring at Edward Gorey's art recently, and it might have given me delusions of penwork....
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For the Tumblr Halloween Art Challenge. It's 22 monsters, I decided to do them as stick figures on post-it notes because it's silly. ^__^
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Really enjoying Joisbishmyoga's Tyger Tyger AU, with both Heiji and Saguru being tiger-hanyou.

Wanted to draw Tiger!Saguru, but this is what came out instead.
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P&F in Wonderland
Phineas and Ferb cast as Alice in Wonderland characters
Because it made me giggle like a loon.
Y'know how hard it is to make a platypus smile?!

So the result of having a 4 year old in the house for the past week or so meant that we watched a lot of Phineas and Ferb.

Had caught a few episodes here and there, but never sat down and watched it. Very good series, and creatively funny too. Ended up scaring co-workers earlier this week after having Ferb's crazy dancing stuck in my head. Want that music as a ringtone.

The ficcage is already starting to eat our brains. We have Nerd Persuasion, a Baljeet and Buford friendship fic (if you get a chance, check out the lj-cut text) and Growing Old with Doofenshmirtz and Perry rivalry up on the fic blog.
.... Also have another posted to a prompt on the [community profile] disney_kink meme (prompt and response is gen) that somehow ended up being the second half of a fic, so holding off archiving until we get the first part done.

With the amount of fans of the show that are my age, rather surprised at the lack of ficcage being recommended out there. What are people's favourite stories?
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So I found my big sketch book the other day and started doodling Danny Phantom and polishing title art for a fic we just finished, and realised two things:

A: I haven't just sat around and done random story doodles in a while.
B: M'kinda tired of drawing boars.

So. I'll do doodles (nothing polished or fancy) first 5 people who request something. Please, no piggies.


Derp Boar

Aug. 9th, 2011 10:31 pm
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Baron Zhigmun' and Baroness Aleyd on a Speshul Boar.
Based on 'Proud Finland from the Webcomic 'Scandinavia and the World' by Humon, with input from various Dancing Goats, because it made me giggle for more than 10 minutes. ^^;;

Was reminded at FP tonight that I hadn't posted this, it's been done over a month. Whoops.
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Listening to Detective Conan World Podcasts and the comment was made:

... and realising that I really should leave the backgrounds alone unless I'm playing with pencils.
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Doodle at work. The only non-ballpoint pen I could find was a bright blue fine point sharpie, so we went with that. For that whole 'Kid summer wear' plunnie.
.... Apparently, no one can sprawl like Kid. ^^;;

note to self )
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Shirtless Heiji seemed to work. ^^;;

Random Ficcage: The Grey Agency - Tied Up (Mature)


Aug. 26th, 2010 12:29 am
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[personal profile] ickaimp ... I just hit the point where I know it's time to go to sleep.
[personal profile] savvyliterate And how did you determine that point?
[personal profile] ickaimp Reading a Sherlock Holmes movie fic summary, where the person comments 'It's Fluffy. It's Watson. I like that.' and getting a mental image of chibi Sherlock squealing "HE'S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE!!!" is the point I know that it's time to log off and get some sleep.
[personal profile] ickaimp"HE'S SO FLUFFFFFFFFFFYYYYYY~!"
Seriously. Chibi flailing Sherlock.
[personal profile] ickaimp It kills.
[personal profile] savvyliterate Yes, and why aren't you sketching this?
[personal profile] ickaimp ... bed.

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So I made a deal with myself. If I got the iphone connected to the net first, would post funky Mongolian skeleton pants. If I got the laptop set up, would post more art.

Guess Which One I Got Up First? )

In other news, the Magic Kaito Reference Page is finally getting new art, am working on getting new profile pictures up. Kaito, Kid, Aoko and Akako are done and posted, still debating if we need to re-draw Kaito.
Those of you who look, please lemme know what you think. I'm changing the sizes of the images, because I'm tired of art getting stolen from that site. :b Neh.

Also, since it mentioned as being a pretty good idea, this account is now mirrored on Dreamwidth. Ickaimp.dreamwidth.org. Feel free to friend.

And speaking of Dreamwidth, random Magic Kaito crack on the fic journal, Asleep at the Wheel, which despite it being a self challenge to me, 'Handcuffs as part of Saguru's bedside manner', is not full of yaoi-goodness.
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There are some parts of this picture I am totally in love with, and some that I am not, leaving me with a rather mixed feeling about it. But it captures a mood, and in that, I am pleased.

Speaking of moods, my apologies to those I startled with the solitude warning. It was a matter of a number of things piling up, and while it may appear that I am an extrovert, I truly am an introvert who happens to have people skills.
... People skills that will only stretch so far, and then a solitary recharge is required. I just went a little too long without recharging this time around.
Once again, apologies if I worried you, that was not my intention.
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Borrowing [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari's scanner. And OMG. O.M.G. LOOK at that!!!

That is TWO pages in the middle of a sketch book on CREAM coloured paper. And it scanned like B&W. (I drew the image around the crease of the book, it's the pillar)

Is that not AMAZING?!!?! No shadows or anything! A Clean Scan!


... art is from Gordian Knot: Be like Water, BTW. Drawn April 2009. Yeah, my backlog is that old. ~_~

Okay! Off to scan some more! Next up! One with Pencil Shadings! Let's see how that turns out!

For Comparison, a Photo of the Sketchbook. )
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For [livejournal.com profile] aishuu, who requested something about Akira from Hikaru no Go being Spirited Away's Haku, reborn.

And since everyone seems to be very negative lately, have some grins:

Four labels from the Bruce Campbell's Soup Company
I like the 'Cream of Darkness'.

Wil Wheaton/John Scalzi Fan Fiction Contest
The picture commands you. As does the clown sweater.
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Since we are currently t-minus 5 and a half hours before the movers arrive and still awake...

Wanted a kind of chaotic scene of Tarrant 's workshop In the White Queen's palace, but stark white didn't seem to fit, so it got kind of this strange colouring.

Hats include Kaitou Kid's, Hattori Heji's and Darkwing Duck's.


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