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It's been a busy past couple of days.

Squee related, got tickets to Beauty and the Beast on Broadway for my birthday. \o/ So excited, saw it opening year when I was 16, 16 years ago. XD

Dragged Obachan to the Titanic Exhibit, because I hadn't actually seen it, just walked through it lots. It was okay, there's quite a bit of history they're not covering. Talks are underway for a Vegas trip in Dec.

Going back to the whole 'Corporate is trying to f*ck us over' thing, someone in the upper echelon randomly decided to change the Phone Number. The same number they've had for the past 6 months for Bodies, is on the website, and is printed on the Titanic flyers and billboards. BRILLIANT.
-makes it tricky to see if I'm scheduled for this week. ~_~

Regular job is doing well, had a lot of fun calls this week.

Got an order from a guy with the last name of 'Watson'.
-Enter squee here-
His call sign? "Evil".
He's Evil Watson!!!

*Mad Cackles*

Icka!: "Anything else I can do fer ya today?"
Guy from Hawai'i on the Phone: "Y'might wanna narrow that down a bit..."

Today is the calls from the South. Guam, Honduras, Puerto Rico.

This weekend is Tucson Comic-Con, I'll be staggering around as a Zombie, our un-dead presence was requested. Am skipping the All Souls Procession as next weekend is TusCon SciFi con, with Jim Butcher, and I'd like some peace and quiet.

For the Spinners/Weavers, this weekend is also The Tucson Wool Festival 2010.

Checking In

Nov. 1st, 2010 02:42 pm
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The other fun graffiti spotted this weekend I didn't get a chance to take a pic of was a huge sticker on a 'Do Not Enter' sign with small text.
"Come and follow me."
Followed by a small sticker: "It will be OK."

Dunno, it just seemed kinda hopeful to me. ^^;;

Halloween was fun, went over to [profile] scribe_ari's house to pass out candy and draw. I was a fish-person this year. Cheap costume, under $2: white craft glue and sequins. Glued them to the left side my face and added green eyeshadows to make it look like I was mutating.
Liked the effect, but pics didn't turn out so well, sequins are SHINY.

Best quote of the night: "I'm not a Fairy! I'm Mother Nature!"

So I'm now on-call for Titanic, in case of emergency on the weekends, they can call me. So I technically haven't left, but I still have my weekends free. (slept until 2pm on Halloween, since I had the day off.^_________^ )

... Hmm... mebbe I should do Vegas for my birthday....

Since the end of the year is coming up, am making a resolution to finish one of two fics.
Beauty and the Beast: Narrative Causality Delayed or Sky High: 25 Years.
Opinions welcome!
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General consensus after the exhibit has been open for less than a week:

Corporate is trying to f*ck us over.

It boils down to two things: Layout and Attitude.

Spoiler: The Ship Sinks. People die. )


Oct. 23rd, 2010 10:19 pm
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Because the new exhibit opened today, I went shoe shopping yesterday.

Was looking for Mary Janes. Flats, something slip on.

Got all Black Converse Hi-Tops.

... The fact that the Doctor wears that style of shoe might have a had a slight bit to do with it. No, not a geek at all.

Was expecting the new exhibit to be crowded. Opening was about 10% of what Bodies was on its first day. o_O Yeah.


I got to paint people's faces grey, and be a judge at the costume contest, then act as security on the walk. And help take over Access Tucson. <3 It was fun!

Funniest line: "I think some of the undead need deodorant."

I was a Franken Hatter. Could murder a cup of tea.
Which was funny, because it got mixed in my head and I ended up with a British accent the entire time, including to the managers at the Exhibit, and talking to people on the bus.
... And calling my Folks.

Pictures later. Dead now.
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After two and a half days of nausea, and sleeping through half the day yesterday, suddenly in a giddy happy mood. Is almost scary. I'm blaming the celery soup.

Didn't have a purple shirt for Spirit Day, so wore the next closest I have, magenta.

Got my hours for the new Exhibit this weekend. 6 on Saterday, immediately followed by The Zombie Walk @ Hotel Congress (Costume contest starts at 6:30! Walk at 7!!! This year's theme: Film Fiends!)
AND THEN! Turn around and do it on Saterday for another 4.5 hours.

And then work on Monday. Y'know, my normal job. ... May be missing scribble in exchange for sleep...

To make this the more fun?



In the meantime, last night housesitting, which leads to one of my favourite parts... CLEANING! Since I'm giddy, debating baking as well. Mmmm... baking. Or curling up and watching Dexter and drawing.
Dunno. We'll see.

Tonight's mental soundtrack is brought to you by Florence + the Machine. Drumming currently, although Rabbit Heart and Dog Days are Over remain favourites.

[Edit: Oh yeah? Rivka? Remember how I said at the end of Inception that Arthur would make an awesome catboy?
Fandom agrees with me.
mwuahahahahahaha. prawns on the last two.]


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