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*Sean points up at the sky, then at the ground*
Sean: "Father Sky... Mother Earth... Both assholes."
Icka!: "Is that an Old Wise Indian saying?"
Sean: "Yes, yes it is."
(Sean's part native american)

Sean: "Yay! We're home! Time to start One Piece!"
Ian: "You know what I find amusing? Here we are, three grown adults, excited to rush home so we can watch cartoons."
Icka!: "One for six year old Japanese boys no less."
Sean: "Hurry up and get inside so we can start the DVD."
Icka! & Ian: "Coming!"

*Icka! walks through the front door*
Sean: "Good, cause I made pork, and you're allergic."

Icka!: "I finished the 'Thriller Bark' arc today. You know the end part with Kuma, and Zoro taking Luffy's pain?"
Sean: "'Nothing happened'."
Icka!: "Exactly. But I kinda had an evil thought while reading it."
Icka!: "If Zoro took all of Luffy's pain and grief, can Zoro now say he has a part of Luffy inside of him-?"
Sean: ".... Where's a cat? So I can throw it at you?"

Ian: "You know what I like about Zoro? Dude's fighting in the middle of the desert and still manages to get himself lost in a jungle."
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"Vlad the Stampede."

And on that note, I'm obviously tired and thereby going to bed. Night all!
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*Icka! takes a break from ficcage and wanders back to Ysabet's room*
Icka!: "You know what's a pain? When working on Gordian Knot, it's 'Hakuba' and 'Kaito'. But when I switch over to the kink fic, it's 'Saguru' and 'Kuroba'."
Ysabet: "Huh. So it switches. Last name, first name."
Icka!: "Depending on the point of view of the fic and their relationship, yeah. Gordian is from Kaito's point of view, so it's 'Kaito and Hakuba'. The kink fic is Hakuba, so it's 'Saguru and Kuroba'. And if it's the Grey Series, it's 'Kaito and 'Guru'. It's even more troublesome when switching from the Grey series to Guard Dog, cause then we get mixed up with Kaito and Kaiba, and Kuroba and Kuriboh."
Ysabet: "You know what you need? Kuriboh and the Kid."
Icka!: "I drew that one with Kaito and the hat and all the Kuribohs."
Ysabet: "Yeah, but there should be one with a Kuriboh wearing a Kid hat."
Icka!: "A Kuriboh Kid-?"
Ysabet: "Yes!"
*Icka makes a face and wanders off*

-Twelve Minutes Later-

*Icka! wanders back to Ysabet's room*
*Ysabet laughs and claps hands*
Ysabet: "Wow, that was fast."
Icka!: "Meh."
Ysabet: "And you know what the best part is? Nakamori can't hit it or he'll explode." ^____^

-and now if everyone's done laughing at Kid's furry balls, I'm going back to working on the kink fic in the hopes of getting the blasted thing done. >P
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Ysabet: Want some lotion? It's getting dry out and this stuff works great.
Icka!: *contemplates dry skin* Yeah. I should lube up. >D
*Ysabet makes a face, passes lotion bottle*
*Icka! rolls up pyjama pants leg, starts rubbing lotion on calf.*

Ysabet: *drools* Mmmmmmmmmm....
Icka!: @_@ !!!!
Ysabet: The Chocolate Cake! THE CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! *Flails and points to laptop monitor*
*Icka! gets the hiccups from laughing so hard*

-It's the birthday of one of the people she RPs worth, and they have photos of a chocolate cake o' doom, with espresso beans.

In other news today, I renewed my drivers permit at the DMV and almost made it out in under 10 minutes.
... Almost. Had the new card in hand, heading out the door and realised that the new card expires -tomorrow-. Whoops. Headed back, talked to the poor lady, got a refund, paid the correct amount, she ended up having to call tech support to get it cleared up and I drew the rough of a pic that's been bugging me. So I was out in a little over a half hour. Which, honestly, makes me feel better, because if it had only taken 10 minutes, I'd prolly be freaking out about that now.

And then missed the bus for the second time in a row coming back from the DMV, walked over and talked to Elinor for a while and got alternatively ignored and adored by the kitties. Then went to work, peoples came over, I read a book on domming, have been watching various Rockman series and over all it's been a good day.

How's yours?
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Icka!: *shouts* Ysabet! How big of a diameter is my cleavage? Just one of the breasts?
Ysabet: ....
Ysabet: Wait. What?! Just a minute, I have to come in there.
*Ysabet wanders into the living room*
Icka!: How big is the diameter of one of my breasts? *holds hands up right breast to illustrate*
Ysabet: Move your hand.
Icka!: Okay.
*Ysabet gets a thoughtful air, stares and contemplates*
Icka!: Actually, the left one is bigger.
Ysabet: ... *sporfle*
Ysabet: I'd say it's about this big. *spaces hands up to illustrate*
*Icka! peers at Ysabet's hands*
Icka!: How big would you say that is?
Ysabet: I dunno. Maybe... 10 inches?
Icka!: Damn. *types furiously in chat window*
Ysabet: Okay. Now I -have- to know why you asked me that.
Icka!: You know that Colossal Squid that they're defrosting in New Zealand?
Ysabet: You mean the one they're eating?
Icka!: ...
Ysabet: No, really. They've admitted to snacking on it while it was defrosting. Omnomnomnom.
Icka!: I don't blame them. Anyway. Its eyeball is 11 inches in diameter. And Megs just called me her '11-inch eyeball wonder!', so I wanted to see if my boobs were bigger than a squid's eyeball.
Ysabet: ....
Ysabet: I have to go in the other room and type this up now.
Icka!: 'kay.

Meanwhile, back in the chat window:
Icka! N(e)rd(y): One of my breasts is almost the size of that eyeball.
Megs: *coughs on water gulp*
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From the chat window, not five minutes ago:

Megs: Dah-ling!!
Icka!: Oh my sweet snookum-wookums! What can thou doest for you my delectable cookie?
Icka!: (psst. Ysabet's comment when I read that outloud was 'OMG. Hurl of the Desert'.)
Megs: *flutters eyelashes* Oh, and as your most delectable and moist cookie, I am eager to be doused with creamy white milk and eaten!
Icka!: There is only one true response I can think of for such a delicious offer!
Icka!: *Om-nom-nom-nom*
Megs: *laughs*
Megs: (I hope that was even better for Ysabet!)
Icka!: She forgot what she was talking about and wandered off
Icka!: -her jaw was somewhere on the floor
Megs: YES!!! *gives you a high-five*
Icka!: *Cackles*

-It's all about the brain breakage, baby. ^____________^
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Woe. Safehouse, my favourite local coffee house was firebombed this morning around 2:30 am, an hour after they closed. No one was hurt, but they'll be closed for a week repairing all the cosmetic damage. They don't know who did it as of yet. >P
-Hasn't been anything in the media about it yet, we just found out because we stopped by for coffee this evening.

In the meantime, Ysabet's sitting in front of the fishtank demanding the Fish to have sex so she can have Fishie Babies. Megs is over and she wants to see Fish Porn and I want hot Fish-on-Fish action. XD
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So I spent the evening cruising 4chan and snickering over the potential brainbreakage while Ysabet napped. When she woke up, I read her this 'Wat' macro outloud to her.

Her response was a rather loud "WHAT?!".

... And then she went to go give prozac to the cat and we discussed if two of the fish in the aquarium are gay. ^__^

Ficcage: Giftfc for [livejournal.com profile] lil_1337, Ookiku Furikabutte - Rude Awakenings
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Icka!: Ysabet~! I have a daaaate tomorrow night~!
Ysabet: Really? Whatcha doing?
Icka!: Coffee~
Ysabet: Have fun~!
Icka!: Will do~!
Icka!: .... Shall I send Megs your love as well?
Ysabet: Please do.
*Icka! falls over laughing*
Ysabet: *nattering* Don't stay out too late! And call me if you're gonna stay over! And don't forget to use protection!
*Icka! Howls*

-Coffee!!! Nothing like doing stupid stuff watching silly anime faster and with more energy! XD

Oh, yeah. I got a telemarketer phonecall saying that my car warranty was about to run out. So I talked to a girl on the line and informed her that I don't have a car.
She transferred me to the Complaint Department.

True Story:

Mar. 5th, 2008 07:43 pm
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*Icka wanders into Ysabet's bedroom*
Icka!: I waaaaaaaaaaaaaant.
*Ysabet snickers*
*Icka! bounces up and down, flailing arms around and kicking her feet*
Icka!: I wAAAAaaaaAAAannnnTTTTTTT iiIIittt!!!
Ysabet: You do realise that you reverted to your inner six-year old right there?
Icka!: Yes. Don't care. I WANT it. It's like -everything- I want in a machine, right there, in my price range. I waaaaaaaaant it.
Ysabet: Wow. You're like in serious lust over this thing aren't you?
Icka! *deadpan*: Yes. I totally creamed my pants over it. >P
*Ysabet puts head on arms and laughs.*

-details later if I get it. ^___^

True Story:

Jan. 2nd, 2008 10:32 pm
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Signs the ferrets are loose:

Your nuts are missing and there's paw prints in the ice cream.
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Ysabet: "First it was experimental chicken, now it's experimental voice posting."
Icka!: "Just so long as you're not combing the two."
Ysabet: ".... Experimental voice chicken?"
Icka!: "Experimental chicken posting."

[Edit: Oh, gods. You can hear me cackle.]
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Icka!: So that fic I wrote with Sato and TakagGEEEEEEEE!!!

Icka!: And Ytak says STOP!!! Stop! Stop! stopstopstopSTOP! -encouraging her plunnies.

Ysabet: So do we know Sato's Mother's name?
Ysabet: ....
Ysabet: Interesting name.

.... Attempting to discuss comments on the Sato/Takagi fic over on [livejournal.com profile] impfics while the kitten attacks my feet.
Bob thinks this to be great fun. ~_~

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The Abominable Snowbeast fell into the fortunately occupied bathtub.

Ysabet sodomised buggered finger-banged a little itty bitty tiny owl.

All five of the kitten's braincells joined together to form a hentai team.

-and only one of those was a verbal miss-statement.

*runs and hides* m'soooooooo dead

[Edit: *Around Midnight, in the chatroom*
Icka!: "So in three days, it's Obachan's birthday. Three days after that, it's Allie's birthday and three days after that, it's my birthday! Hee!"
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Ysabet: Food... We should eat food... I'm drawing a blank here.
Icka!: .... M'trying ta get Yuugi's hand down Jounouchi's pants, so... *shrugs*

And in other news, doesn't this set your Kaitou senses tingling? >D
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Okay, Ysabet's laughing at me, which means I should prolly post this.

Icka's gleeful summary of YGO-R 41 )

And on the 'Small World' category, Janime --who runs our favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! site-- her sister Jane is the one who ran the first english Magic Kaito site and Detective Conan's Mystery Files. ^__^
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"Question. Why is the Octopus in the hallway?"

"... Because the ferrets dragged it there."

"Oh. Okay."
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*Icka! is getting ready for a shower*
*Ysabet yells from the other room, where she's trying to wind a ball of yarn*
*Icka! wraps towel around self and walks into the living room*

Icka!: Spot?
Ysabet: Spot. Damn cat was after the yarn.
*Spot wanders into the living room again, streaches, casually places one paw on the yarn, then the other.*
Ysabet: SPOT!
*Spot rolls over and attempts to look innocent.*
*Icka! glances between the cat and the bathroom a few times.*

Icka!: I'm gonna streak, if that's okay with you.
Ysabet: That's fine.
*Icka! tosses the towel over the cat, picks up the cat and the towel, scurries into the bathroom*
Icka!: I'm gonna keep her into the bathroom with me.
Ysabet: Thanks.
*Icka! shuts the door, drops the towel and the cat and dives into the shower to hide in the spray as the cat climbs out of the towel because the cat won't risk the water to attack Icka!.*

... I've been getting evil glares from the cat all night. I think she took her revenge on my skirts...

Right. New work scheduale, 3-8. Which knocks me down to 25 hours a week, but I won't be going mental anymore, which is good. Funny bit? I got a phone call from a Mr. Easter yesterday. ^_____^

... and Ysabet's attempt to clean up the fishfood that one of the ferrets knocked over due to his bizzare fixation on the fish. The ferrets think this is marvelous fun and are trying to help. Really.

I have fishfood in my shoe....

[Edit: We have now discovered that one of the ferrets will either gleefully snorkle or bob for guppies if given half a chance.
And then run around and frantically attempt to dry his head off on any avaliable surface... *howls with laughter*]
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Currently, Icka! is reading Good Omens smut outloud while Ysabet is ironing.

The cat is also sitting on my lap, looking like she's reading it. o_0

...Ysabet says it makes the ironing go by faster.... I didn't realise I was doing it until we got to the clothing removal part. #._.#
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... Ysabet wants to find a 'Dominatrix for Dummies' book now....

(she's cheerfully saying this while ironing clothing, which somehow makes it worse)


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