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Icka: I sent a message out to Thamesreach asking of people wanted to meet up for drinkies, and got a lot of questions about my SCA past. Turns out one of the guys was also former Southron Gaard
Zidy: Is that good?
Icka: Uhhhh....
It was my first year in the SCA. I had a list of things I wasn't allowed to do.
Including drawing, because it wasn't SCA style. Or have my heraldry as a squid (which it is). Or introduce myself as Squid.
Or be Mongolian.
Or anything that was other than European.
.... Pretty much everything I do now.
Zidy: Oh dear... I can see where that might be problematic depending on the person who was the former Southern Guard.  
Icka!: Yup.
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I leave Tuesday for London, so put a post on FB and Twitter asking if there was anything I could bring back from England for people.

Thus far the responses are:
Matt Smith
Photos of things in Museums
Crazy stories
A Corset
Alan Rickman
The City and Buildings of Liverpool
Photos of me in a Corset
A Doll in some sort of UK clothing
Photos from the Royal Armouries of "rapiers, hilts, and any armour that's leather lookin"
-Why didn't you take any photos of swords last time?
We Will Build You A Corset.
Prince Harry

I also have requests for a pin/lanyard from Hard Rock Cafe, a rock from somewhere in London, and real Cadbury Chocolate, a jewel-toned scarf, and a mug of the London Tub that says 'Mind the Gap'.
... And my boss wants "Genetic material from the Queen".

Any other requests? Preferably small and non-living?
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Slowed down to avoid hitting what I thought was at first a strange cat, or a ferret, then it started barking and chasing me. Picked up speed once I passed it and gave some thought to stopping to see if I could find its home, but it stopped chasing me after a few houses, so I figured it was defending its turf.

But still…. My family has been cursed with Daschunds for at least two generations, and not the friendly cuddly ones either, the land-locked barracuda with teeth kind, so I tend to be wary around them. o_O Don’t mess with the badger-hunting dogs, them's got jaws!
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Trying the woodcut technique again from scratch at tonight’s scriptorium. Discovered that if you do washes, and then a more opaque layer of paint for the shadows, and re-outline in black paint, it looks a lot like stained glass, which is pretty cool.

And it took just over an hour, as opposed to the 4-8 hours it usually takes for something this size. About 5x6"

Blurry photo is blurry. *sighs*
ickaimp: Phineas and Ferb have had it with the monkey funking snakes on their monkey funking roller coaster (PnF-Snakes)
Blaming this on PeopleofMotorcity.

The idea was Phineas is asking Mike Chilton "So why DO girls like horses so much anyway?"

As I'm drawing Mike, Elinor walks by and wants to know why Centaur Mike is not anatomically correct, because that will totally answer the question. And offers to 'Improve' the pic. I point out there's kids in the pic, no way in hell. So she suggests just a 'censored' bar. On both Centaurs.

This goes back and forth for THREE HOURS. ... it was a slow day at work. And I just realised that the cut out of a dick and balls is still stuck to Ferb on the wall calendar... *facepalm*

Long story short, Elinor is not allowed to 'help' me draw cartoons. >P

[ps: Ferb's hiding his eyes because he's currently a Gorgon, not because of what Phineas is saying, although I did realise what it looked like later.]


Oct. 20th, 2012 09:21 am
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My mood this past week. Been staying up way late to work on two illuminations due for this weekend, on top of recovering from the Zombie Walk last weekend.

The plus side is that it turns out my brain really really likes painting the woodcut style, since it's big and bold, with lots of lines. It's not subtle at all! \o/ Will post them as soon as I get pics.

Have also been a good girl and went to book a room through AirBnB to stay at in London. Did have to up my budget, but think I'm much happier.

The major concern I had is that the site wants clear photos of your face on the site (which makes sense, since you're renting people's spare rooms) and the most recent one I could find was me gothed up at the Zombie Walk, grinning manically and threatening Talia's BJD Cat with a pair of scissors.

Got word back today that my booking was accepted. The host couple participated in this year's London Zombie Pub Crawl, they'll show me the pics when I get there.

And best yet? It's in Whitechapel. ^_________^
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Backstage at the Tucson Zombie Walk, just before the costume contest. 

This year we had over 10,000+ people, both Undead and Alive, and collected over 1,500 pounds of food for the Tucson Community Food Bank. 

Highlight for me was several thousand people shouting my name to get me up onstage so Bob the Zombie could ask me a question about the contest, me running up, failing my dex throw to jump up on to the stage and promptly faceplanting. ^^;; 

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For the Tumblr Halloween Monster Challenge. Monster #4: Demon 

Demons vary by region, sin, and myth, so I drew a handful out of the 1863 Dictionnaire Infernal.  

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For the Tumblr Halloween Monster Challenge. Monster #3: Manticore

I think this one came out a little weird. He may or may not be taking a dump, and considering the Manticore diet, that's not a good thing.
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... So I may have been staring at Edward Gorey's art recently, and it might have given me delusions of penwork....
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For the Tumblr Halloween Art Challenge. It's 22 monsters, I decided to do them as stick figures on post-it notes because it's silly. ^__^
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It's not released until next Friday, but thanks to a friend, got to go to a 3D pre-screening of it. Was super excited about it.

Walking way, general feeling.... It's okay. Not great, not bad, it's just a cute, fun movie, but not much else.

Cut for Spoilers )
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The theme I was originally supposed to draw was 'Germanic', then it got changed to the Southern Crusades theme, 'Quest and Conquest'.

I hit a blank and asked my fellow scribes for ideas, and Ianuk suggested the Conquistadors. This is based off a statue of Don Juan de Oñate y Salazar, otherwise known as the 'Last Conquistador', he made it all the way up from Mexico into Oklahoma. He was known for being extremely strict, to the point that Spain put him on trial for cruelty against the Pueblo Indians, and I tried to get that to show in the face.

Southern Crusades is hosted by both Tir Ysigthr (boar heraldry) and Mons Tonitrus (mountains and lighting bolt heraldry), so I incorporated Mons' heraldry into the background to show both Baronies.

It was kind of interesting, doing the research on Juan de Oñate, seeing as I've been to both Acoma Mesa and Santa Fe, and hadn't put it together that he was the Conquistador mentioned in both.
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Got an email from British Airlines saying my flight out to London was cancelled, they were moving it from 19 Nov to 20 Nov, which meant only 8 days in London and two travelling.

Called them up, they moved the flight back from 29 Nov to 1 Dec, which means an EXTRA DAY IN LONDON!!!! \o/ With no fees! And I still have Sunday, 2 Dec to get over jetlag before work on Monday!!!


Holy Crap

Jul. 12th, 2012 09:54 am
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... 130 Days before I fly out to London for ten days. @_@

And I still need to figure out a place to stay. *flail* Suggestions?
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So yesterday, it was my pleasure and privilege to catch Danny Boyle's Frankenstein, Version One on the big screen at Tucson's local indie theatre, The Loft

Version One is Benedict Cumberbach (Sherlock Holmes in BBC's Sherlock) as the Creature and Jonny Lee Miller (Sherlock Holmes in CBS' Elementary) as the Doctor. Version Two airs next Sunday, Miller as the Creature and Cumberbatch as the Doctor.

Okay, flat out, I missed the first 10-15 minutes due to the fact that I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to catch the show due to my third job. I managed to leave early and drove like a mad person cross-town on my scooter to make it as close to the start as I could. On screen as I walked in was a large woman who had just seen the face of the flailing Creature, setting down a bottle of wine and informing him that "I won't scream. Ima gunna leave this right here and walk away, but m'not gunna scream."

Somehow, that struck me as somewhat sad and poignant, that the fact that she didn't scream upon seeing him is the fist act of kindness that the Creature receives.

The next few minutes were somewhat jarring, in part because I was attempting make sense of Benedict Cumberbatch flailing around in what amounts to tighty whiteys and a red cloak on a dark floor that has a three foot wide strip of grass growing down the centre and part because I was trying to find a seat in an old-fashion theatre so dark I couldn't tell where the rows began.

Which is when quite voice whispered "There's a seat here." I flailed in their direction, a tiny hand grasping mine in the darkness and directing me to a seat, which turned out to be a lawn chair against the back wall. It was... a slightly surreal moment, to be honest, that brief moment of unseen connection.

The music during this sequence was amazing. It's beautiful and slightly discordant. Later, discovered that the music is done by 'Underworld'. You may have heard of them without realising it, they did 'Born Slippy' on the Transpotting soundtrack. The piece of music here is called Dawn of Eden, the Creature flailing around and exploring his new strange surroundings, much like a toddler does. Exploring the birds flying by, playing and eating the grass, laughing at the rain. (real water from the ceiling)

The most amazing thing about the set how deceptively simple it is. A vent with the burst of fire becomes a campfire in the forest with nothing behind it. A strip of grass is a field. What looks like a large ribbon comes from the ceiling to make a wharf over a lake on which the Frankenstein Family walks, a mesh box becomes the kindly scholar's isolated house in the forest.

The rotating section also brings things from below, a two storey tall wall with windows, the floor slanted like a ship at see, so the actors are walking literally uphill as they move to the back of the 'room'. Turned one way, it is Victor's rooms. Turned the other way, it is a dark spooky laboratory.

And then, there is the ceiling. I cannot express how phenomenal the ceiling is, this giant swath of hundreds of lightbulbs, different shapes and sizes. They flicker and seem to move, forming clouds dashing across the sky, flash like lighting, twinkle like the stars. The lighting sets the mood in this play like nothing else, and those are just fantastic to watch whenever the camera zooms to them.

Cumberbatch's body language is amazing. The way he stands, he moves, he talks. The slurred speech is not the eloquent polished sentences that Sherlock snaps out, even at its most eloquent, there is a rough gutturals of half-formed syllables. Posture is never quite straight, the weight distribution off, like the spine is curved oddly, the one leg smaller than the other. The sweeping hand motions (guh, the man has gorgeous hands) remind me of the time I worked with Developmentally Disabled, having to always be ready to duck or dodge at enthusiastic or angry wild flailings, the pounding on the chest to signify self, separate from everyone else.

The evolution of his costuming also displays his growth. From the barely modest white wrap at the beginning to a loose dark tunic and rolled pants that gradually unroll and hide his legs, to the unbutton jacket at the end, when he is the most 'mature'. I think it is worth noting that he is always barefoot, never entirely civilised.

In contrast, Miller is crisp, the posture immaculate, body language for the most part contained. He is a gentleman, the intellectual, even in his enthusiasm. The wide sweeping coats that he wears adding a drama to the character, the lack thereof as he descends into his own personal hell as he strives to build his 'perfection'.

... I really don't have much to say about the Doctor, as much of the time I wish to throw things at him for his ceaseless lack of maturity, while the Creature's growth is fascinating. Your mileage may very.

Poor Elisabeth, I do love her. I do believe she loves Victor, even as she does not know the Doctor side of him as much as she wishes to. I wish Elisabeth had more screen time. There are such depths to her, her wish to travel, to learn, to explore. I sometimes wondered if beyond loving Victor, she views her marriage to him as the freedom to get her out of the place that she has been trapped in for most her life.

Something interesting about the cast is something that is probably not "PC" for me to comment on, but both Victor's Father (who had a lovely voice) and Elisabeth were Black, while the rest of the cast are Caucasian. I don't think it's something you'd often see Stateside, which is the only reason why I'm mentioning it.

Watching the play, remembered why I have a love-hate relationship with Frankenstein. There is such sympathy for the Creature, born innocent, yet the world and his experiences eventually becomes as twisted on the inside as he is on the outside, and worse yet, realises it and loathes himself for it. And great annoyance towards the Doctor, who manages to destroy everything he strives for (the Creature, the Bride, and Elisabeth) in his hubris, and comes to hate everyone for it.

Which really, is probably the whole point.

Next Sunday will be interesting, to see the differences in the characters as the actors switch.
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Elinor: "Yay! I can do it again! Step forward, shift weight, lift foot, roundhouse kick, bam!"
*Elinor kicks the back of Icka's chair*

Icka!: "... Is this your way of showing affection?"
Elinor: "It's either this, or wedgies."
*Icka! debates*

Elinor: "Face it. You're the Baljeet to my Buford."
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So I'm talking to Winter, and she mentions that Epcot is changing their 'Kim Possible World Showcase' to 'Agent P's World Showcase', where you get a phone and go through the various worlds in Epcot, solving riddles.

Which combines two things I really enjoy, Epcot and Phineas and Ferb.

I said we had to go sometime next year, to allow time to save up. And since [personal profile] savvyliterate had been talking about it when I saw her earlier this month, she should come too. And didn't Universal Studios just open up that Harry Potter park?

We'll call it the 'Magic and Platypus Tour'.

Otherwise, it's the 'Magic Secret Agent Tour', which would mean sulking around in fedoras with magic wands.and we'd do that anyway.

Now we have two or three more people who want to join, and it's turning into this huge giant bouncing thing of fandom squee. \o/

Elinor has given me two warnings.
1: If some guy asks if I want to see their 'Magic Wand', I should say 'No'.
2: Not everybody in a trench coat is a Secret Agent. Be leery of them.
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Fan fiction is not happening this week. Specficially, 12 Days - Golden Week.

Every time we sit down to write, my brain keeps going: OMG.
Get to see Megs.
Going to the East Coast.
Get to see Mike.
Going to New York.
Get to see Benedict Cumberbatch, Steven Moffett and Sue Vertue
Going to Canada
Get to meet Isa
Gotta put a dick in a box and paint it gold.
Gotta finish documentation.
When am I gonna sew?

... Soooo... um.... Killing people and dealing with their corpses is kinda gonna hafta wait. Sorry. I know people were looking forward to it.
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.... And the radio decided I needed to listen to Metric's 'Help, I'm Alive (my heart keeps beating like a hammer)' to write this. *laughs*

So a week or so ago, I jokingly sent Megs a link to a contest for two tickets to the premire of BBC Sherlock Season 2 in New York, saying if she won, I'd fly out. We both laughed over it and I at least, forgot about it.

Until I came back from a muffin run this afternoon to find frantic IMs and a Text message.

She won.

-I'm flying out 1 May. The intent (plans make the gods laugh) is to spend the day in NY, see the premire and have tea with fellow Sherlockians. Saterday and Sunday we're heading to Toronto Comics and Arts Festival, in Canada.
.... I've never been to Canada. *starry eyed*

And then heading back home on the 8th. Which ought to make the Baronial A&S competition on the 12th interesting, because I had originally planned (see? making gods laugh) to finish my entry over that weekend. C'est la vie.

In the meantime, need to figure out things to do/see in New York and Toronto, since Megs knows me well enough to know I'm likely to wander off and get lost and doesn't mind. ((Snuggles))



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