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So... The Japan trip at the end of March has changed to a trip to Ireland.

Couple of things prompted this. First one, Money.
Travelzoo keeps posting those great deals for Ireland. So for the same price as roundtrip from LAX to Narita, we can get roundtrip from NYC to Dublin, Hotels for 8 nights in 3 cities, plus an automatic car to drive around.
So even with the exchange rate and paying for gas, should be about a third cheaper in the long run.

Two: Logistics.
Neechan's spine. In Japan we were facing dealing with public transportation while carrying luggage with someone who can't take stairs. And Japan doesn't have a lot of elevators. Plus the shinkansen, and finding hotels, and various subtrips, and shopping...
Ireland, we have a car. No scrambling to carry stuff, we can take our time going where ever we want.
Not to mention language barrier...

Three: It's somewhere we've both wanted to go for years and neither of us have been. We've both been to Japan many times.
-And Ireland is supposed to be special for writers. Mebbe we'll get our mojo back. ^__^

Four: My gut is happier. Have not had a good feeling about Japan since it came up, and this feels right. It doesn't feel like bashing against an invisible wall in order to plan it.

-It's not without some crazy prep, I need to get an International Driver's Permit and research driving in Ireland so I obey the traffic laws, figure out places to visit around Dublin, Galway, and Limerick, but overall, I think it'll be a better trip.

Add bonus, we're flying out of NYC, so looking at booking a hotel for a couple of days in New York on the way back because of reasons. ~_^

Anyway. Driving out to San Diego this week to spend the weekend with friends, and getting ready to go visit a vineyard this afternoon, so will talk to all you lovely peoples later!
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