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Okay! Wow. So Febuary went by fairly fast. Big thing, Ivan and Ian'ka are the next King and Queen of Atenveldt! \o/ So excited for them. ^____^

This last weekend was Estrella War, did a lot of housesitting for people going, then Daytripped up on Saterday. I usually volunteer at War, so I stopped by Volunteers and the Watch to see if they could use my help for a couple of hours and ended up working the Watch for 5 hours. Lack of Volunteers in general and this was the frazzled Shift Supervisor's first time working Estrella Watch.

Aside from the Dancing Goats, getting a lot of mocking for paying to volunteer most of my time at an event. And derision from the GDH because none of my Horde bros would volunteer while daytripping, much less assist the Watch. o_O?

Get the feeling there's some background politics that I'm unaware of, because how is it honourable to not help people when they ask for it? Starting to think it may be time to leave the Horde. When I joined, it was about Service and now it doesn't feel like it.

But basically it was a typical War, just condensed. The Banners and Shields I helped paint went over really well. ^___^ Also, got period shoes! They're green! Yay! Need to scuff the soles up a bit so I don't slide.

The Dancing Goats are also awesome and fed me beef kabasa sasuages in homemade fresh cream. Mmmmm.

This weekend is Vegas! Meeting Neechan at a Supernatural Convention and just generally exploring Vegas. Still not entirely sure what to do other than walk around, not actually attending the con, and not much of a gambler.

Anyone else gonna be in Vegas?


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