Jan. 9th, 2014


Jan. 9th, 2014 09:19 pm
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Seems like when I need to do serious thinking about RL, I'm turning back to this rather than Tumblr, which is mostly fandom squee.

So... um. Yeah. In honour of discovering that my PTO at work hasn't been rolling over the past couple of years to the tune of 56 hours, and it getting fixed: Travel.

That Japan trip I was mentioning? Looks like it's a go, all cylinders firing. Neechan's spine is deteriorating to the point that it's a matter of when, not if, she becomes paralyzed, and the third person dropped out today, so we're going for it. Last 10 days of March.

She’s currently planning a couple of days in Tokyo (mostly to see the Ghibli Museum), Nikkō, and Fukuoka. Possibly other places as well, she's figuring out where she wants to visit. I... really don't have much input to be honest, just pleased to be going. Suggestions are very welcome.

She's also going to shop for doujin to re-sale, so the current plan is that I ditch her at various Mandarake and Book-offs, and go wander the area, since we learned the hard way last time that busty redheads stumbling into the hentai department makes all the guys in the area highly nervous and us escorted back to the yaoi section. True story.

Lots of flailing on my end over the realisation that I haven’t need to speak or read Japanese in almost a decade. *headdesk* I’ve forgotten so much….

Travel for the year is shaping up as: San Diego in February, Japan in March, New York City before August, and New Orleans in October, because dagnabbit, I wanna go.

Still working funds/timing for NYC, so is very flexible at this point if anyone wants to meet up. ~_^


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